The bride’s crazy cry on the wedding night reveals the big scandal that broke the groom’s back and made him fall in shock!!

Haitham” is an Egyptian young man, in his twenties, who dreamed, like other young people, of finding the girl of his dreams with whom he would complete the text of his religion, and with her float in the world of happiness and family life, but he did not know that fate had written him an unexpected surprise.

One night, “Haitham” sat next to his mother to look with her at the pictures of the girls he had met in the last period to choose his life partner, and he turned his attention to a quiet girl who was among the folds of her rational and respectful features, so he asked his mother to get to know her, so she made an appointment to meet her and surprised her with the presence of “Haitham”, so they sat together. They exchanged conversations and discussions on common topics, and he liked her and asked his mother to marry her. After a few days, he proposed to her, and her family agreed with great welcome, and they decided to get married after a few months until they finished buying the supplies for the marriage nest. To a large extent, not shy not, as was shown by her conduct, when she entered her room and changed her clothes for pyjamas, and sat half-naked as if they had been married for several months and not for nearly two hours. He did not pay much attention to this that night, and the couple had dinner, and when it was bedtime, fear appeared on his wife’s face. The pain, to take the advice of doctors and clergy about the etiquette of the wedding night forget Islam, but his excitement made him think that this pain is normal for the girl in the first relationship, but as soon as they settled the matter, he found her hard and made her cry hard and tried to calm down, but the pain was stronger than his efforts He asked her to go to the hospital, but she refused, and with her increasing crying, he beat her talk against the wall and called the doctor and asked him to come quickly, and here he found the truth of this perceived exaggerated pain. , the doctor confirmed that it was the result of an internal wound that had not yet healed. Some medications are off.

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The bride’s crazy cry on the wedding night reveals the big scandal that broke the groom’s back and made him fall in shock!!

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