Who is lighting the fire of class anger?

Villa ads burn the blood of the middle class, unlike the real estate business game

It is undeniable that real estate has been and continues to be a haven for money laundering in Egypt and a large number of countries around the world.

Wealth in Egypt is like a bull without a legal father

When the former finance minister, dr. Youssef Boutros Ghali, tried to impose a property tax in Egypt, the world rose between the elite and the rich, even a number of Yusef’s colleagues in the government and leaders of the ruling National Party stood against the bill , and the friendship between the minister, businessmen and the rich evaporated. Ghali carried out the largest operation A tax reconciliation is known to Egypt, and he is the Minister of Finance who reduced the income tax, and despite the issuance of the law, it falters year after year.

I remember one of Ghali’s assistants telling me a significant incident. Ghali presented the draft law to the late speaker of the Shura Council at the time, Safwat al-Sharif, and with the project there was a table showing the value of the tax on each category, or rather the price of real estate. Until he reached the highest tax rate on palaces, he shook his head in agreement and repeated: Reasonable, reasonable.

Ghali wanted to introduce a law like property tax laws all over the world, but he failed because the bill lost its substance and effect due to amendments and interventions until the law lost its teeth and was paralyzed by quadrangle, and the people of Marina were on the forefront of the attack on the law when it was still the jewel of the coast.

Now the map of the coast has changed to a good coast and a bad one, and the degree of class discontent has increased due to the mythical increases in the prices of villas and chalets in the towns of the evil coast and the prices of services. Lemons, beans and thistles are heating up the July heat on social media.

There is no doubt that many of the inhabitants of the North Coast are respectable citizens who bought the chalet or villa by the sweat of their brow, whether they were abroad or worked in Egypt, and these people suffer from the new class in the evil coast, insanely high prices, and if they did not own chalets or villas, it would have been easier for them to travel to Lebanon or Greece or Morocco, but the issue of liquid funds on some beaches causes surprise and concern , and the logical question is why the owners of real estate development companies insist on advertising apartments and chalets of not less than 4 or 5 million and villas of not less than 8 or 10 million on regular television stations directed in The basis for the middle class, most of whom do not own a quarter of the price of a chalet, as well as villas?

I think that this question is logical and scientific, the first basic principles of marketing science is to determine the category or class that you target to buy the good or service that you provide, and often the target groups are divided into three categories, symbolized by the letters ABC in English, therefore the behavior of real estate companies increases Surprise and anger, why the need to provoke a citizen who may find a crisis in the replacement of his apartment with a larger apartment with a room or not a house of his own with tens does not find advertising for villas worth millions of pounds, and the spending of tens of millions for singers and actors to promote very luxurious and very expensive housing units for the groups closest to the middle class, and it began One of the major real estate development companies collected its advertising from Egyptian satellite channels to display platforms and satellite TV websites on the Internet, because all marketing studies es confirms that the rich have stopped watching series or movies on satellite TV screens.

I remember that after graduating from the Faculty of Mass Communication, I had the opportunity to take a course in marketing of all kinds. We have been studying that golf, horse and business magazines are the natural place to promote and market expensive luxury goods. The most prominent example we study is the advertisement of the famous Rolex watch and that it is absurd to publish the watch advertisement or promote it in popular newspapers or Eve magazine, for example.

Therefore, the continuation of these advertisements, especially the advertisements of villas and chalets on the evil coast, offer nothing but provocation, anger and a feeling that Egypt has become for two peoples and two countries, or in the sad, shameful, painful expression , Egypt remained (coastal and desert), increasing the consequences, or rather the catastrophic consequences, of the economic crisis experienced by Egyptians from the middle classes and the poor, and this opens the door to a serious question of who buys ‘ a villa for a stay of two months for 10 or 20 pounds in addition to the 50 million pounds, and what is the source of income for those who pay 100 pounds and 250 pounds for a large number of figs or juice for 100 or 200 pounds , as well as food prices, Of course the law was repealed, where did you get it? Because the constitution obliges the government to prove that the wealth of any citizen is illegal and not the other way around. The principle is that the wealth is legitimate by analogy with the principle that man is innocent, but where does the abolition of a law come from you it? Doesn’t society, people’s minds, social media platforms and coffee shops and cafes have this question about the sources of some people’s wealth?

While he emphasizes again and again that there are honorable people who have built up their wealth through legal means, toil and the result of talent or knowledge, however, throughout the seventies until the January 25 revolution, Egypt knew people and families who built up enormous wealth without fatigue, intelligence, exclusiveness or alienation, and that there were hundreds of thousands who benefited from the fact that they were close to the authorities, they accumulated their wealth by once taking advantage of waves of looting of Egypt’s lands, loans a second time to loot, and a wave of looting the people’s wealth through privatization scandals a third time. These three great waves have enabled those close to and connected to power to accumulate wealth in the millions of pounds, and sometimes millions of dollars, and many of them prefer not to appear in the media or work in politics , only that they are always on the line of contact with the people in power, and are not affected by the risks of high prices or inflation, because their wealth is greater than the jumps in inflation rates or insane prices, and they find pleasure in it to spend lavishly with money that they did not tire of In that, they never dreamed of owning it, and this category was only deterred by a high-rate wealth tax similar to the wealth tax in France and some European countries, this category that tells with great bravado of its adventures in spending money on Goods or services, regardless of their prices or the extent of their need, because they find pleasure in buying the most expensive, or honor telling everyone that they buy the most expensive and scatter their money left and right.

In Egypt, and for millions of honest people, property is a container for saving and safe investment together, especially after the repeated strikes of scammers, the painful stock market losses and the absence of participation in government investment, similar to the new Suez Canal Certificates. , but this fact does not deny that there are also millions who take from the purchase of real estate, especially luxury, a safe way to hide bribes or illicit trade, and dirty money has often been used in real estate to launder it and to give it legitimacy, and especially this category is one of the reasons for increasing real estate prices because it is willing to pay higher than the fair price of the property so that its illegal money is hidden in it, and this category represents a significant part of the increase in demand for the purchase of luxury property, either in the coast or resorts in Egypt, and I remember that the late great economist, Dr. Society because of the property tax, and he told me: A lot of bribes in Egypt takes place through real estate, whether it is a small corruption of an employee who received a bribe and bought a villa or a chalet, or Big corruption for those who invested their money in luxury real estate, and he believed that ee One of the main reasons for resisting the property tax law is due to the lobbying of corrupt people, young and old, because they do not want all real estate. estate to be listed and registered in Egypt. With Dr. Youssef Boutros Ghaly in the midst of the legal crisis: that Ghaly does not realize the extent of the money laundering base in real estate, and therefore most of the opposition is due to refusal or rather the fear of to disclose the real estate they own, which could lead to their corruption being exposed in one way or another, and on that day Dr. Mustafa bet Even if the housing was exempt from the property tax, the opposition did not don’t calm down , because the biggest reason for the resurrection of the property tax law is the inventory of real estate and land in Egypt, and the government retreated one step after another until the property tax law lost its force.

Before one of the idiots regales us with the story of everyone who is free with his money as long as he pays his taxes, I want to mention that even in the world of billionaires who have achieved wealth through work, efficiency and intelligence, lavish spending brings shame and ridicule for any billionaire who spends foolishly, whether he or his children, and even Bill Gates and other billionaires and the world’s richest people boast that he raises his children a normal education and teaches them to save, work and self-reliance, because the rule that can be applied in the whole world is that whoever gets his money from the sky spends it in the (neck), but whoever works and knows how much money is not He boasts that he buys at exorbitant prices, and therefore random capitalism stares in the face, or, as one of the former ministers said, “Egypt has capital, but there are no capitalists.”

Therefore, a large part of the solution to the crisis of Sahel and Mesool, or the two countries that border each other despite the walls, is to activate the wealth tax and the property tax so that the space for social provocation that leads to class conflict in society is reduced, because the sense of justice is one of the main reasons or forces of community cohesion on the one hand, and satisfaction with the social difference on the other hand Where wealth is justified and not like a bully without a legal father, and when wealth reflected the talent, efficiency and intelligence of its owners, the Egyptians did not feel angry with the evil coastal state.

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