Genesis officially unveils the X-Speedium Coupe

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Eleventh: Genesis unveiled the interior of the Genesis X Speedium Coupe on August 21 at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, confirming its continued development of the design concept of the Grand Tourer, which combines power and spaciousness in the interior.

The Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance is a premier automotive event held every August at the Pebble Beach Golf Course on the Monterey Peninsula in California. Monterey Cars.

As part of its approach to a new era in electric mobility, Genesis has introduced the X-Speedium Coupe, and the car is designed to demonstrate the design language of future electric vehicles from the Korean brand, to provide an exceptional driving experience. offer.

Genesis first previewed the X-Speedium Coupe in April at Huis New York, where the exterior design was shown, and the interior was developed over the past five months by the Genesis Design Group.

The exterior design embodies the timeless design identity of Genesis
The model’s exterior design is the DNA of Genesis, and what sets the X-Speedium Coupe apart is its sophisticated and more attractive exterior design with full-width lights accentuating the ‘Crest Grille’.

The bodywork of the car is shaped like an hourglass when viewed from above. It emphasizes the wheel arches and exemplifies the brand’s strong presence and performance. The main line that emphasizes the style’s personality, called the parabola, runs along the sides. The side design retains the distinctive character of the Genesis cars, thanks to the curved design lines that run along the sides and the rest of the car to create an impression of dynamism and elegance like any unique classic car.

Genesis enhanced the new car’s sporty feel through a unique anti-wedge design to appear in integrated and harmonious images, with a streamlined appearance that exudes simple elegance. The V-shaped brake lights and tailgates are combined in a circular shape to create a clear and striking contrast, like a carefully drawn geometric painting.

The Genesis X Speedium Coupe is named after the famous ENGIE Speedium in Korea, which embodies the passion of the Genesis designers for motorsport. Inspired by the race track in Korea and the mountainous landscape surrounding the track, an emerald green metallic “Inje Green” was chosen for the displayed car, complementing the image of a classic car that embodies dynamism, speed and elegance.

Driver-friendly design and front-end user-friendly concept

The interior of the Genesis X Speedium Coupe embodies the classic Korean beauty concept known as ‘White Space Beauty’, inspired by Korean architecture. It is closely aligned with the principle of minimalist design, which is expressed by a simple and pure style with strong design elements.

The model features an asymmetrical design that meets all driver needs to provide an unparalleled driving experience, as all control systems and displays surround the driver.

The instrument panel and floating center console wrap around the driver’s cabin, giving a distinctive driving experience inspired by the new era of electric cars.

Genesis offers a series of contrasting colors that add beauty to the interior, and in an innovative way that differentiates the driver’s area from the passenger space, as the green color of the driver’s seat area has been chosen, harmonizing with the exterior appearance of the car, which is emerald green metallic “Inje Green”. Gold “Monterey” was added to the driver’s seat to increase the harmony of colors, creating a palette of colors inspired by the landscapes along the Northern California coast, and decorated with yellow flowers surrounded by golden sand on each side .

The Genesis X Speedium Coupe is equipped with a modern sound system that offers an unparalleled sound space that combines technology and art in a modern way. The sound system was equipped in collaboration with audio expert Guk-il Yu, President of Metal Sound Design, a company that specializes in speakers Performance, thoughtfully and strategically placed speakers fill the cabin with rich, clear sound.

The standard and mid-range speakers and subwoofer are all focused in carefully selected locations to provide the best audio experience. The speakers are also made of aluminum metal, which gives clear and loud sounds, by adopting pioneering technology to improve sound performance in an unpredictable way.

The interior cabin in the area in front of the driver includes a large curved OLED screen, and includes a full set of driving instructions and directions, easy to use and provides absolute comfort to control various media. The display also features an engine status indicator and speedometer designed in “newtro” style, with the RPM standards found on ICE models.

The display on the right side of the driver’s seat features integrated technology with an improved user interface design. The screen also includes the start button as well as multimedia functions and vehicle control.

Manufacturing expertise and craftsmanship lie in the smallest details
The boot of the Genesis X Speedium Coupe has X-belts with high packing and loading space, and these details are inspired by the G-Matrix, which emphasizes the dynamics of the coupe experience. This design feature is derived from the Genesis Mint concept.

Genesis has built a richly detailed model that exudes luxury and luxury, from the natural quilted leather that covers the seats and door edges, made of a high quality material, which gives the impression of a classic sports car, to the leather steering wheel of recycled and woven car seat material. In an accurate and innovative way.

Two types of leather are used, the interior consists of vegan tanned leather and a new innovative breathable grain leather. Plant-tanned leather is processed with plant-derived materials such as citrus and mimosa, and is processed without chromium. The breathable grain leather used in the upper cabin requires less water and lower levels of chemicals to manufacture, and the threads used in the finishing process are made from recycled plastic, making the synthetic leather more durable and water resistant.

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