In pictures.. Misr University of Science and Technology organizes a grand graduation ceremony for a new batch of the Faculty of Information Technology

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21:47 – Thursday 25 August 2022

* Honor the star Dora and the artist Ahmed Al-Saadani .. The artist congratulates the students and confirms: “Information technology is a very important and difficult college.”

* The star Dora: I am proud of my honor from Misr University of Science and Technology and happy to be among the graduates

*Dr. Ashraf Haidar, Acting President of the University, praises the level of graduates.

*Dr. Rania El Gohary, Dean of the College: We apply the latest technological methods and provide the best learning environment to increase the efficiency of students

In a grand celebration and an impressive atmosphere, the Faculty of Information Technology at the Misr University of Science and Technology celebrated the graduation of students for the academic year 2021-2022.Refaat, vice president for community service and environmental development, dr. Rania El-Gohary, dean of the college, dr. Heba Saleh, president of the Information Technology Institute, dr. Hisham Farouk, Assistant Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research for Digital Transformation, Maben China, Executive Director of Public Relations at Huawei, and Engineer Marwa Abbas, Executive and Regional Director For IBM Egypt, Eng. Mohamed Magdy El-Araby, Head of Research and Development Group, El-Araby Group, Eng. Ahmed Farouk, Regional CEO of Cisco, Eng. Reham Hisham, Director of Business Development at the Ministry of Communications, Eng. Amr Zayed, Executive Director of the Huawei Academy, and Engineer Asmaa Siraj R Head of the training sector at the Huawei Academy, in addition to the artist Dora, and the artist Ahmed Al-Saadani.

Dr. Ashraf Haidar Ghaleb, acting president of Misr University of Science and Technology, said that Misr University of Science and Technology is proud of what it offers to the labor market in terms of graduates that it rehabilitates at the highest level and in accordance with modern. educational methods, explaining that graduation ceremonies are a coronation day for all students for their efforts during their studies. , and congratulated the parents and said: “Congratulations to the parents for this great work you have done for your children.”

Dr. welcomed. Haider, along with the guests of the ceremony, who were eager to share their joy with the students after completing their educational journey and preparing for practical life experiences armed with science and advanced programs in the field of computer science and software. He said: “We salute the support you have provided to your students throughout their educational journey. He also congratulated the parents and emphasized that the joy today affects parents more than graduates because they are the real owners of this ceremony.

While dr. Rania El-Gohary, Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology, gave her speech by means of the hologram feature, which is applied for the first time in graduation ceremonies at Misr University of Science and Technology, and greeted the guests of the ceremony. level within the college by providing them with all the support of programs that keep pace with the modern era in computer science and software, and enabling them to possess the tools that help them arm themselves with all that is new in the labor market so that they can go through practical experiences with full force, and the college works to support faculty members and their assistants in developing their knowledge and skills at the same time as improving the quality of graduates, by providing them with specialized books and references to provide, which their participation in local and international conferences and the participation of students through practical industrial training within their factories.

Dr. explain. Rania that the university offers a highly qualified and effective graduate to serve the information technology sector, aiming to serve Egypt’s vision 2030, while working to provide the student with an appropriate amount of knowledge and skills through leading provide educational and training programs, while providing academic and practical support to students to ensure the quality of education, provide the student with specialized knowledge and provide him with the necessary skills to serve society and the surrounding environment practice In addition, the college is eager for its effective participation in the promising development of information, since this technological field has a real impact on the development of personal abilities, the broadening of mental horizons, and the increase of the human capacity to think, discussion and debate.

On the sidelines of the ceremony, Misr University of Science and Technology honored artist Dora, who expressed her happiness at being honored by a giant educational building. Honored by the Misr University of Science and Technology,” and artist Ahmed El-Saadani was keen to congratulate the graduates, saying: “Unfortunately, you are a generation whose luck is a monster, especially with the Corona- crisis at the time of your studies, but the best life begins after graduation and I wish you a beautiful life. What you are doing means software science is a very difficult science. Congratulations to all of you.”

Misr University of Science and Technology is one of the oldest and first private universities in Egypt as it celebrated its silver jubilee and the passage of 25 years since its recent establishment. The prestigious universities that are emulated by their reputation and the efficiency of their graduates.

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