Revitalizing the economy and increasing the quality of life. China Smart Fair gets big attention –

August 24, 2022 / China Network / Artificial intelligence has contributed to revitalizing the economy and making life more wonderful. The annual Smart China Fair is an important window to monitor the new development momentum of China’s digital economy.

From August 22 to 24, the Chongqing Municipality in southwest China hosted the activities of the Smart China Exhibition. And the media observed during the field tour that digital technology has seen rapid and tremendous transformations in the country, and the number of new technologies, business forms and platforms has rapidly increased and been more deeply integrated into traditional industries. lead the people to a “beautiful smart life”, and it has also become an important point in International cooperation, economic and social development is driven by the development of digitalization.

New technologies, businesses and platforms unleash new vitality

The remote cockpit supported by fifth generation technologies at the Smart China exhibition attracted the attention of many visitors as it represented a new breakthrough in the field of automated driving.

An official in the company that developed the remote cabin said that the panoramic view around the car can be monitored and the road traffic situation can be monitored through the screen through the fifth generation technologies, which makes it easier to install the car on remote control.

This stand is a microcosm of the evolution of new technologies, business forms and platforms through the development of the digital economy. Thanks to the rapid and tremendous transformations observed by digital technologies in China, including the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and others in recent years, the number of new technologies, business forms and platforms has increased rapidly, unleashing more new ones. vitality.

The White Paper on “The Digital Economy Around the World for 2022” issued by the Information and Communication Technology Research Institute stated that the added value of the digital economy in the 47 major countries of the world for the year 2021 amounted to 38.1 trillion US dollars . , of which the size of the Chinese digital economy has reached 7.1 trillion dollars, ranking second in the world.

Speaking at the virtual summit of the Smart China Expo, Mi Hong said that with the advent of the digital economy era, digital transformation has become an inevitable option for the development of human society.

With the innovation of modern technologies and the development of new business forms and platforms, digital technologies are increasingly integrated into traditional industries, becoming a driving force that stimulates the digital transformation of traditional industries.

During the work of the Smart China exhibition, a smart production line attracted the attention of visitors, as it provides smart solutions for factories, and contributes to reducing the cost of labor by more than 70%, and increasing production efficiency by more than 50%, according to preliminary statistics.

More evidence suggests that traditional industries are witnessing a new vitality thanks to digital technologies, showing that the digital economy has become an important force driving China’s economic development.

The 2022 White Paper on the World’s Digital Economy showed that the average growth of China’s digital economy reached 15.9 percent, and its share of China’s GDP increased from 20.9 percent to 39.8 percent, and the average rate increased by approximately 2.1 percentage points annually. .

New applications, experiences and scenes that lead to a beautiful smart life

After digital technologies have been integrated into everyday life, a host of new applications, experiences and scenes have emerged, driving the trend towards a new life filled with unlimited possibilities.

Dr Wang Yukai, a professor at the Communist Party of China Central School, said smart cities are a “digital university”, which will achieve scientific, accurate and intelligent management to ensure high-quality urban development and high-level industry.

On the sidelines of the smart exhibition, the driverless driving simulation system, which provides a vivid driverless driving experience, the smart system for managing and coordinating public bus services that helps reduce traffic congestion, and other innovative applications that revealed the latest technology and provided visitors. with a distinctive smart life experience.

Yi Xiaoguang, head of the Chongqing Municipal Macroeconomic Research Institute, said digital technologies are deeply integrated into all aspects of Chinese life, creating unique new scenes in the digital age that contribute to people’s sense of profit, happiness and security. increase.

New scope, new opportunities: pushing openness to a higher level

During the Smart China exhibition, the Singaporean company, Adikas, displayed a smart system that helps people with stroke and nerve damage to carry out motor rehabilitation through various games.

Singapore organized 56 companies and institutions for field and virtual participation in the smart exhibition, and particularly focused on presenting the country’s achievements in technology, trade and sustainable development, as it is one of the co-organizers of the exhibition .

Singapore is confident in the Chinese market, and Smart China provides a good platform to improve communication and cooperation between Chinese and Singaporean enterprises and institutions, said Chuang Qingwei, China Region Director of the Singapore Information Media Development Authority.

The emerging digital economy has become a new important point in international cooperation, and China is more deeply involved in international cooperation through the digital economy, which strengthens the role of digitization, the Internet and artificial intelligence in stimulating economic and social development and the creating a new space for cooperation in the field of digital economy.

The data showed the attractiveness of the Chinese market, with more than 550 enterprises and enterprises from 19 countries and regions participating in the current session of the China Smart Fair, bringing their latest smart products and presenting more than 1,500 application scenes.

And 10 Austrian companies and institutions working in the fields of environmental protection, medical care and smart manufacturing participated in the current session of the smart exhibition.

An officer at the Austrian MUT Environmental Technologies and Mechanical Equipment Engineering Company, which participates in the exhibition, has a sewage treatment system in the form of a container and a small size, that this system can be used in remote towns, tourist destinations, highways and other sites, highlights the company’s desire In strengthening cooperation with more Chinese companies and institutions.

Gu Yiming, Senior Project Manager of the Trade Office of the Austrian Consulate General in Chengdu, noted that China is currently pursuing green development and high-quality development, and would like to let more Chinese learn about Austria’s strength in relevant fields through the exhibition window , and help companies and institutions to find a foothold in the Chinese market.

Ruan Zongze, Executive Vice President of the China Institute of International Studies, emphasized that China is expanding its openness to the world in the face of the opposite current of economic globalization, which reflects its ambition and willingness to seize the development opportunity. sharing with multiple parties.

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