Rules for choosing wall colors for your comfort and the comfort of your family

The stage of rules for choosing the colors of the walls in the house is one of the most difficult stages, since there are many colors, and you need to choose one of them very carefully, which is suitable for the color of furniture, furniture, decor, curtains, etc., and therefore you can follow a set of instructions and rules that help you choose the right color What is appropriate in your home, as well as getting to know the latest colors that keep up with the times and modernity so you can choose the right colors, and then learn about the steps to organize the house in terms of colors, that is, the paint for the walls is chosen first or the colors of the furniture are chosen, so it’s ‘ an important step before you start it Essential rules and advice.

What are the rules for choosing wall colors?

One of the most common questions in the field of painting and decor is what are the rules for choosing wall colors, and you can find out the answer to the question by following:

Rules for choosing wall colors

Rules for choosing wall colors

  • You can first learn about the international fashion in painting and decorating to keep up with the world.
  • You should see a lot for some of the different designs, paints, latest graphics and things.
  • Turn to a specialist in the world of decoration and furniture to learn about the latest international trends and colors.
  • Choose a company that is good in colors and paints to get the desired grade that you want.
  • Choosing the company to be good and international ensures that you get high quality material, which helps in the appearance of the color and shape that you want.
  • Knowing the effect of each color on the soul and comfort is one of the most important steps to take care of to spread comfort and tranquility in the place.
Rules for choosing wall colors

Rules for choosing wall colors

Stages of choosing the right paint color for the room

If the room in which the decorator will start is determined, here you can follow a set of steps and stages through which you will finally choose the color of the room, and the most important rules for choosing wall colors are:

  • First, you need to determine the colors you prefer and like in your clothes, your room, and so on.
  • One of the most important stages and steps you need to follow in choosing a color is to choose the furniture first, because based on that the room paint colors are determined.
  • After that, determine the area of ​​the room. If the room is spacious, you should choose light and dark colors as you like.
Rules for choosing wall colors

Rules for choosing wall colors

  • If the area of ​​the room is small, you should choose light colors that increase the area of ​​the room and do not show its small area.
  • After that, the different grades must be entered. You cannot make the paint the same grade as the curtains or a piece of furniture, as the grading of colors shows its beauty.
  • See all shades of colors from the catalog of the company you are going to deal with and choose the grade with its number.
Rules for choosing wall colors

Rules for choosing wall colors

Choose the color according to the character’s style

One of the most important rules for choosing wall colors is the personality style, as we find that:

  • Many psychologists have proven that we cannot live in a place with colors or things that we do not like or do not like for us.
  • Therefore, each character has a specific style and has a favorite color for her, so there are characters who like light colors and characters who prefer black and dark colors.
  • We have to choose the colors according to the type of room. If the room is for children, then the light colors are chosen here.
  • The girls’ room is characterized by interesting colors like pink, mauve, pink, etc., and some drawings that girls like.
  • The boy’s room is known for the colors milky, beige, violet, blue and green, and so on.
  • If it is a bedroom, it will be by choosing the owner of the room according to the general taste, beige, Simone, Vanilla Latte according to the fashion.
Rules for choosing wall colors

Rules for choosing wall colors

Paint colors suitable for rooms

There is a set of colors from which you can choose the best according to the type of rooms, thereby spreading all the rules for choosing wall colors for the whole house, including:

  • Yellow: This color is very suitable in the kitchen, bathroom, dining room and small halls, a radiant color that gives light like the sun and thus increases the joy of the place.
  • Blue: One of the colors that gives a sense of comfort and relaxation, it is suitable for bedrooms and living rooms with the integration of other light colors.
  • Red color: It gives more energy so it suits the living rooms and is not suitable for the bedrooms and the hall.
  • Orange: One of the most suitable colors for non-routine personalities who like to be different, it suits living rooms as it gives an atmosphere of energy and activity.
  • Violet: It is one of the most elegant and very calm colors, and you can use it in the bedrooms in its different shades.
Rules for choosing wall colors

Rules for choosing wall colors

The latest paint colors for 2022

So you can choose Salon paint color Or bedrooms and kids, you can learn about the best and latest color combinations for this year, including:

  • Light brown and beige shades are the latest fashion this year.
  • The color of cashmere is considered one of the most modern colors, although it appeared in previous years, but it still keeps up with fashion in its various forms and grades.
  • Vanilla latte is one of the latest trends in the world of decoration and painting for 2022 to paint the whole house, as it is suitable and coordinates with all colors of furniture and furnishings.
  • You can combine a group of colors together to give an attractive and modern look, including gold with brown, silver with black, or gold and stone.
  • We also find that most of the light, solid colors such as white, sugar and beige, and their shades, are very suitable for the modern style.
Rules for choosing wall colors

Rules for choosing wall colors

  • The noble color is very suitable for the walls in the event that the furniture and furnishings are of a light and calm color, such as light cashmere or beige and white.
  • You can choose light colors if the ceiling of the house is low, such as sky blue or pale yellow.
  • Also more modern colors for this year are Classic Blue, Soft Clay, and Deep Petrol (peacock).
  • Put modern touches in your home to keep up with fashion and the world of decor and paint.
Choose wall colors

Choose wall colors

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