The Israeli Ikab and the infographic

Published on: 25/08/2022 (last update: 25/08/2022 time: 15:24 )

Author: Heba Beydoun

If the concept of the Holocaust means the genocide that took place during the Second World War, in which almost six million European Jews were killed by Nazi Germany and its allies, then what happened and is happening in Palestine against the defenseless Palestinian people, and what the Palestinian people have been subjected throughout history and since before the establishment of the state of the Zionist entity “Israel”, since the Zionist gangs such as the military organization called the Haganah, and the Zionist organization, which is considered one of the most fierce Zionist. militias known as “Stern”, were active on the land of Palestine, and what happened and is happening in terms of destruction and removal of towns and cities, and the policy of killing Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank, including East Jerusalem , on a daily basis and in different ways, the displacement of Palestinian families and the forced relocation of residential communities in Area C in the West Bank, and genocide, such as those that occurred in massacres such as Deir Yassin, which removed entire families from the civil registry , including children, minors, women and the elderly, who committed no crime or sin except that they were Palestinians, and many like them, were arrested, arrested and tortured every day from all over the West Bank, including O Jerusalem, the eternal capital of Palestine, and the continuation of wars, aggression and the siege imposed on the glorified Gaza, and the internationally prohibited weapons, explosive bombs and bullets of all shapes and types w that pierces and breaks bones, penetrates and tears organs, disrupts the performance of their function, strikes and paralyzes nerves, all these crimes amount to war crimes, crimes against humanity, and the waste water (sewage) that is pumped onto farmers’ fields to polluting their agricultural crops, which is the first of their efforts and planted them throughout the year with their sweat, and the intimidation of the security forces from intruders in their homes at all times, including midnight and after and at dawn, to threaten women, scaring children, turning household furniture upside down, invading the privacy of bedrooms without warning, humiliating men in front of their wives and children, children and minors, and premeditated, planned, systematic and deliberate assassinations of journalists, as happened recently with The martyr Sherine Abu Aqleh, and the persecution of detainees, and the application of a policy of deliberate medical negligence against them, which ns claimed tens, if not hundreds, of detainees, who were arrested with healthy bodies and with a disability or chronic diseases, including those who were tortured as a result of the intended wrong treatment, or the failure to give treatment, and the raids and closures practiced by the occupying authorities of human rights institutions in Palestine to silence the voice of truth and conscience, as happened recently, and in an attempt to refute the evidence and suspicions that condemn the entity state through evidence and reports delete. and what about the settlers who attack defenseless Palestinians armed with weapons, commit, destroy and steal Palestinian agricultural crops and properties, and find olives, not to mention the storming of Al-Aqsa Mosque Systematically and continuously by religious groups, settlers and extremists, not everyone. with the support and under the protection of the occupying army, which provides them with a safe environment to commit their crimes and provocations, and with the blessing of rabbis who issue inflammatory fatwas condemning the killing of Palestinians, men, children, women and the elderly , and the curricula taught in religious schools that require the killing of Arabs, and the policy of demolishing houses under the pretext of not having a license, and forcing their residents to demolish them by hand. They or they bear the expenses of demolition exceeding their capacity, and other violations of human rights.

All of the above, and many others not mentioned, are conclusive evidence that Israel is the only country in the world that acts with impunity against United Nations resolutions, international legitimacy and international law, and commits the most heinous crimes against the Palestinians, like that practiced by the Nazis against the Jews, if not His superiority in its cruelty and its ugliness, in other words and in short, Israel practiced and still practices the policy of ethnic cleansing and racial discrimination against Palestinians, i.e. Ethnic Cleaning. and Apartheid Against Palestinians, which is called the Israeli ECCAP, which must be documented in a visual way by all Palestinian ministries, institutions, bodies and organizations in order to inform the whole world in an effective and simplified way about what is happening in the occupied Palestinian territories happen. way, by displaying the infographic inventory explaining the violations and crimes of the occupation against the Palestinians and the Israeli ICAP, through official and unofficial channels and social media, and the infographic to international human rights organizations and bodies and to the people of the world, to denounce the occupation and its practices and to explain the process of genocide to which the Palestinian people have been subjected, and to hold a conference T and press conferences that in an organized manner publicly publish.

There will be no peace unless the Israeli grieving against the Palestinians stops.

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