The Queen Elizabeth II ship celebrates 4 years since it was transformed into the largest floating hotel in Dubai

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At the time, Buckingham Palace completed its platinum jubilee celebrations marking the seven decades since the ascension of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II to the throne of the United Kingdom; The historic ship “Queen Elizabeth 2”, located in the far east, specifically in the berth of Mina Rashid, was celebrating the four-year anniversary of the transformation of its helm and its opening as the largest and unique floating luxury hotel. Dubai.

The Emirates News Agency / WAM / toured its landmarks on board and learned about its ancient history through the interactive QE2 exhibition and museum, which displays the history of its flights during its heyday in the sixties, where it has a large balance of memories collected during his forty years at sea, After almost half a century and the end of her journey, she chose to retire in the Emirate of Dubai in Port Rashid.

And “Queen Elizabeth 2” QE2 – the largest floating hotel in Dubai – which was launched by the Queen of Britain in 1967, and began her transatlantic journey two years after its launch, and completed 25 world voyages, the Atlantic Ocean more than 806 crossed times, and the ship completed its last voyages on 11 November 2008 When I went from the UK to the UAE.

Our immersive journey inside the legendary ship began with the ship’s officials, from the moment we set foot in the port, the smell of old wooden oak crept into us, waddling with its unique aesthetics on the waters of Dubai, after the restoration of it with approximately 100 million dollars in order to restore its former glory and preserve the interior design of old pieces of furniture and its paintings. The famous, you feel in your entity the flavor of history and time for that royal ship, which has resisted the hustle and bustle of the waves for decades, to become a piece full of the secrets of the sea and its worlds.

We sailed on a tour full of magic and treasures, so we saw for example: a picture of Queen Elizabeth the Mother, worth 2.6 million pounds, and another picture of the current Queen, drawn by artist Edward Hiladi, which is estimated at 1.5 million. pounds, while shipbuilder QE2 has offered another model of a ship about 6 meters long, said to have been made in 1906, Mortiana, the old wooden model, is estimated to cost almost £4 million, in addition to a sumptuous pure bronze statue of Queen Elizabeth dating from 1969.

Constantia Bagiorocchi, the hotel officer on the “Queen Elizabeth 2” ship, told “WAM” that the ship came back to life in October 2018, as a floating hotel docked permanently in Dubai, after more than two and half a million passengers, including politicians and celebrities, and landed. She has called in more than 200 ports around the world, so the ship’s main attractions focus on the past, plus the opportunity to walk through the corridors of Nelson Mandela, David Bowie, Elizabeth to walk. Taylor and Buzz Aldrin, plus an exclusive experience to visit the Queen’s royal suites Elizabeth and her mother.

Aesthetic vocabulary full of magic; Inside, the ship is characterized by the same amount of detail: its rudder, its cabin, its bulkheads, its engine room, its relief and old living facilities. Of the 447 rooms and suites, and two Royal Invitational Suites, each suite includes a private balcony, a conservatory, a dining room and a luxurious bedroom.

The ship’s original round windows still add a sea feel to the attractively renovated guest rooms, with ‘Septuary’ jazz audible; A group of its original restaurants have preserved their names and decorations as in previous years, and while the ship has preserved the flavor of its original elements, it is also equipped with the latest technology.

The QE2 was the last oil-powered passenger ship to cross the Atlantic in liner service until it was refitted with a modern diesel engine in 1986, and operated as a transatlantic and liner from 1969 to 2008. The British vessel was designed for the sea. Atlantic from her home in Southampton to New York, until she was succeeded by “Queen Mary 2” in 2004.

Port Rashid has been considered the number one tourist destination in the Middle East, according to the World Travel Awards, over the past years, so the ship is currently witnessing many events and parties, as if everyone is blessed with this royal ship that has pages of history and unforgettable scenes on board that ship that accumulated many good memories.


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