A general confrontation about Egyptian workers in Kuwait… this week’s harvest from the Ministry of Manpower

Posted on: Friday 26 August 2022 – 16:43 | Last update: Friday 26 August 2022 – 16:43

The Ministry of Manpower during this week, “the period from 19 to 25 August 2022”, saw a series of meetings and activities that revealed the acumen of Minister Hassan Shehata in urging all departments inside and outside to work – and as soon as possible – to restore trust between the “citizen” and the ministry. Dealing with citizens with credibility and transparency, and presenting real numbers and data to “public opinion”.

In addition to the Minister’s assertion that “Manpower” is a service that has human capabilities, as well as tools and capabilities that qualify it to provide more service to the citizen, protect and rehabilitate his legal rights, and integrate him into the internal and external labor market, since it belongs to a state that believes that the “new republic” It means a “dignified life” for every citizen, and its explanation that these “abilities” and “abilities” are achievable and benefit from it , provided that some files on labor issues or “the workforce” are handled in a scientific and orderly manner.

• Pension recipients in Iraq:

The “Ministry” translated the preceding trends with a set of activities, the most prominent of which is a problem with a long history, whose roots go back to the beginning of the nineties of the last century, as the Minister of Manpower, Hassan Shehata , seeks to address this, and therefore he listened to his owners to crystallize a clear vision in the direction of “confrontation” during His meeting – at the headquarters of the “Ministry” – representatives of the beneficiaries of pensions in Iraq or their heirs who previously worked in the government sector or the private sector in the State of Iraq, to ​​discuss the latest developments in the payment of these rights and to resolve the obstacles that prevent them from obtaining them.

The minister emphasized that the ministry will spare no effort to complete this file, and ordered the Central Department of Foreign Relations to follow up the moment with the labor attaché of the ministry in the labor representation office at the Egyptian embassy in the state of Iraq and take serious steps in this regard, and said that communication will be made by the ministry with the relevant Iraqi authorities, and discuss all the problems faced by pensioners and work to overcome them.

• Egyptian Labor Services Abroad Unit:

Also, in practice, and to facilitate the citizens, the Minister ordered the speedy opening of the Egyptian labor services unit abroad, during his inspection of the process of documenting contracts for workers abroad, to the progress of check work and provide the best service for those who want to document work contracts and obtain work permits for travel, within the framework of presidential directives with the importance of regular communication with citizens, and to provide them with the best services in the field of work from to provide the Ministry.

He also ordered the speedy opening of the “Unit of Egyptian Labor Services Abroad” attached to the Ministry’s General Office Building, which the ministry has prepared and equipped to receive the public who want to document work contracts abroad to facilitate it .

• Meeting with the heads of central departments:

As part of his plan to promote and activate the role of central departments within the Ministry of Manpower, the Minister heard from the undersecretaries of the ministry, heads of central departments about the nature of the work of each department, the challenges that it faces, and its future vision, and promised to hold individual meetings with each department separately to discuss all files, And the implementation of action plans, which will restore trust between the citizen and the “Ministry” and a message will deliver that the “Ministry” – which is part of the state – is eager to provide the best services to the citizen in a dignified and humane manner, within the framework of the culture of the “new republic” that was founded She rules is President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.

He emphasized the importance of being credible in the presentation of information, data and services, especially in relation to the files of job opportunities, irregular employment, training and employment, and the follow-up of citizens’ complaints, among others.

The minister explained that the Ministry of Manpower is a service ministry and one of its top priorities is to provide real and decent employment opportunities for young people of both sexes and to rehabilitate and train them in the professions required by the internal and external labor market. required, in collaboration with the inspection bodies in the directorates and the private and investment sector institutions within the governorates.

During this important meeting, the minister in his speech to the “undersecretaries of the ministry” pointed out the importance of expanding the database of irregular workers to include the largest number of this category in preparation for providing all means of care for them, the assignment of the formation of a committee of legal and financial staff in the ministry to review and analyze the data of irregular workers. Regularly registered with the Ministry’s base, which includes approximately 305 thousand irregular workers, in order to provide care to those who deserve it, and to follow up allowances paid for health and social care, and on holidays and events.

He also emphasized the importance of following up the Ministry’s manpower directorates in the governorates, to follow up the progress of work in various sectors, including labor inspection, occupational safety and health inspection, employment, vocational training, and the organization of labor relations between the two production parties.

• Denies a rumor about “Egyptian labor in Kuwait”:

In order to face the fourth generation of wars that depend on the spread of rumours, the Ministry of Manpower came across a rumor published by some media about the State of Kuwait firing nearly 2 million Egyptian workers . The Ministry quickly denied this rumor and the “ministerial statement” on Egyptian websites Arabic and foreign.

Where the “Ministry” has confirmed that it has received no notification from the sister state of Kuwait – so far – to dispense with any Egyptian worker, and that this figure circulating about the size of Egyptian labor in Kuwait is incorrect, and that if any Egyptian worker leaves his job under any decision, it will defend “The Ministry” for his right through legal means.

The ministry revealed the content of a report by the head of the Labor Representation Office in the State of Kuwait, Ahmed Ibrahim, in which he explained that the decision issued by the Ministry of State for Municipal Affairs in Kuwait preceded the issuance of similar decisions has. by some authorities in 2017 and 2020, regarding the Kuwaitization of many positions in government agencies, noting that many working Egyptians whose services were terminated by previous “Kuwaitization” decisions were rehired on contracts for the assistance of other Kuwaiti bodies .

He explained that the number of Egyptian workers in the government sector in the State of Kuwait does not exceed 31,000 Egyptian workers, and that those working in the Ministry of State for Municipal Affairs and its departments – which made the ongoing decision – do not exceed a thousand workers, “not all of whom will be affected if the decision is implemented.”

The Ministry of Manpower appealed to all media sections not to be drawn into rumors and to investigate the accuracy of the transmission of information and numbers, saying that what was published on some websites about the size of Egyptian labor in Kuwait, is wrong, and that the total number of Egyptian workers in that “sister country” in all sectors. And the regions, about 456 thousand and 515 workers.

• Cooperation with international migration:

In order to activate the role of the “Ministry” in cooperation with international organizations with common goals, and to benefit from these organizations in the service of the “manpower” file and issues in Egypt, the Minister in his office at the Ministry’s General Diwan, a delegation of the International Organization for Migration, affiliated to the United Nations, led by Laurent D. Bok, “head of the delegation”, where talks were held on aspects of cooperation between the ministry and the organization in general, and within the framework of the project “For a comprehensive approach to managing labor migration and labor mobility in North Africa THAMM” in particular, where the minister confirmed the ministry’s readiness to work with all entities with common national goals and want to support the ministry’s work efforts in employment and training for the youth category t is willing to work, and to implement training and development programs and projects that benefit the Egyptian community.

He pointed to the importance of cooperation between the Ministry and the Organization, and to the importance of accelerating joint work, of associating one of the Ministry’s vocational training centers with a training center in a European country, unifying work mechanisms, adopt curricula, issue internationally. accredited certificates, and benefit from support. Provided by the organization in building the institutional capacities of a group of employees in the ministry in the field of English language.

For his part, the head of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) mission conveyed his thanks, appreciation and congratulations to the minister on his acceptance of the new post, indicating that the organization is ready to support the ministry in the establishment of a pre-departure guidance unit within the general office with the aim of providing support in the field of pre-departure information and consultation, and providing data on international employment opportunities Administrative procedures and immigration services by providing logistical support for the establishment of the unit provided, as well as training of the work team.

The head of the mission added that a project is currently underway to design a pilot model that will be submitted to the “Ministry” for pre-trip training for Egyptian workers who are expected to travel to Libya to work in the field of construction work, as studies of the labor market – according to the words of the international official – indicated the importance of that sector. This is done in collaboration and partnership with training agencies and trade unions, provided that this model is expanded if it proves successful.

To explain the nature of the activity of this organization, a press release from the Ministry revealed that the THAMM project is between the Ministry and the International Organization, funded by the European Union in three countries: Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco, implemented by the International Organization for Migration, the International Labor Organization and the German Agency. For international cooperation, in collaboration with various ministries, to develop a regional guide to train and guide migrant workers before they travel, and to develop a joint action plan between the Organization and the International Labor Organization to raise awareness of the principles of ethical recruitment of employers and workers.

It is also worth noting that the Organization is participating with the Ministry in holding a training program for labor supporters in 2022, which aims to provide the necessary knowledge on issues of labor migration, fair and ethical recruitment and negotiation of providing bilateral labor migration to fans. similarities.

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