Amr Talaat meets with the Minister of Economy of Lithuania to discuss cooperation in the field of digital transformation

During his visit to Lithuania, Dr. Amr Talaat, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, held an extended meeting with Lithuania’s Minister of Economy and Creativity, Ozrini Armonati; During which they discussed ways of joint cooperation between the two countries in the field of digital transformation, the development of innovative technological solutions to achieve digital transformation in government services provided to citizens, and the support of start-ups in the field of information- and communication technology work. The meeting was attended by Karim Sherif, Egypt’s ambassador to Denmark, the non-resident ambassador to Lithuania, and Arturas Galonas, Lithuanian ambassador to Cairo.

During the meeting; Dr. Amr Talaat emphasized that Egypt sets digital transformation as a strategic goal to improve and manage government services provided to citizens. The availability of digital services to citizens is a top priority for the Egyptian government. Point out the ministry’s zeal to adopt modern technologies, support research and development and encourage technological innovation to develop applications that support digital transformation processes in all fields in a way that contributes to building a digital Egypt; Point out that nearly 150 government services have been launched on Egypt’s digital platform and made available to citizens through various outlets.

Talaat also explained the efforts made to develop the communication infrastructure and increase the efficiency of the Internet at the level of the Republic, which led to an increase in the average fixed Internet speed, making Egypt the first in Africa make with the average fixed internet speed; Take note of the Ministry’s participation in the implementation of a decent life initiative by connecting fiber optic cable networks to provide high speed internet services to more than 3.5 million homes; He pointed to the prosperity of the entrepreneurship sector and emerging companies in Egypt in light of the state’s interest in supporting technological innovation and entrepreneurship.

From his side; The Minister of Economy and Creativity of the State of Lithuania expressed her aspiration to promote Egyptian-Lithuanian cooperation in the field of digital transformation and digital capacity building. It called for coordination between the two countries to enhance joint cooperation in the field of communication and information technology.

It also welcomed Lithuanian companies to invest in Egypt in the field of digital transformation and to take advantage of the abundance of outstanding young Egyptian cadres in the field of providing digital services.

Dr. Amr Talaat also met with Mendogas Oppertas, director of Infobalt. INFOBALT Lithuanian and a number of Lithuanian companies specializing in the communication and information technology industry; The meeting highlighted the promising investment opportunities in the Egyptian ICT sector and the incentives and facilities that Egypt offers to attract foreign investment. The meeting was attended by Karim Sherif, Egypt’s ambassador to Denmark, non-resident ambassador to Lithuania, and Arturas Galonas, Lithuanian ambassador to Cairo.

It is reported that Infobalt INFOBALTWith more than 160 local and international companies, educational and research institutions, the institution serves as a platform that brings together around 10,000 professionals with expertise in the field of information and communication technology.

Dr. Amr Talaat emphasized that Egypt is an attractive destination for investments in the ICT industry due to its multiple competitive advantages, especially the state’s zeal to provide the appropriate climate for the growth of investments through investment incentives in addition to the availability of young digital frameworks, which shows the interest of international companies working in the field. The ICT industry expands and develops its investments in Egypt.

Dr. Amr Talaat referred to the initiatives of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology aimed at building the digital capabilities of the youth and improving their competitiveness in the regional and global labor markets; Point out that Egypt is rich in highly qualified youth capable of performing value-added technology services efficiently and at competitive costs.

The meeting also witnessed a review of Egypt’s digital strategy for the outsourcing industry, which aims to improve Egypt’s position in providing value-added information technology services and cross-border services and encouraging foreign investment in Egypt. The mechanisms to organize the visit of private sector companies in Lithuania to Egypt by the Information Technology Industry Development Authority were also discussed, to carefully identify investment opportunities in the Egyptian ICT sector, and to discuss opportunities for establishing partnerships and networks between Egyptian companies and their Lithuanian counterparts.

It is worth noting that Dr. Amr Taat is currently visiting Lithuania for two days at the head of a high-level delegation. This visit comes in response to the invitation received by the Minister to visit Lithuania to get acquainted with Lithuania’s technological development and related practices, and to hold discussions to improve cooperation opportunities in areas of common interest.

The meetings were attended by the Egyptian side; Dr Ahmed Tantawy, supervisor of the Center for Applied Innovation, Eng Hazem Nabil, Executive Vice President of the Information Technology Industry Development Authority to secure electronic transactions, and a number of leaders from the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

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