Beautifying Riyadh’s image does not work because of the suppression of freedoms

published The British newspaper “The Guardian”, an editorial in which she said; “Beautifying the image of Saudi Arabia does not work with the oppression it practices.”

In its article, the newspaper criticized the sentencing of the Saudi student of the University of “Leeds” Salma Al-Shehab to thirty-four years in prison, just because she tweeted messages via “Twitter”.

she said; It “must be denied by governments and institutions of the world.”

She emphasized that “the changes brought by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman are merely cosmetic reforms, such as building a glamorous new city and holding dance festivals, as an alternative to respecting basic human rights.”

Here is the full text of the article as translated:Arabic21“:

Hosting the Olympic Games is “the desired goal”, according to the sports minister of Saudi Arabia. Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki Al-Faisal spoke as Anthony Joshua fought Ukrainian player Oleksandr Usyk in Jeddah on Sunday, a day after the United Nations Human Rights Office upheld the 34-year prison sentence against Salma Al-Shehab, a doctoral student at the Leeds University condemned. , just because She participated in the publication of tweets on Twitter, in what is considered to be the longest prison sentence imposed on a woman, an activist in the field of human rights in the Kingdom.

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It should come as no surprise that she’s covering a heavyweight wrestling match on her cause. The state of terror and resentment that gripped the world after the murder of Jamal Khashoggi inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul did not last long, although the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) concluded that the crime was ordered of Mohammed bin Salman was carried out. himself.

The crown prince and the de facto ruler of the country are reported to deny any responsibility for the crime. Joe Biden has vowed to turn the kingdom into a pariah country, but last month he visited the country and met the crown prince, prompting human rights groups to warn at the time that the meeting would further embolden the regime.

According to Riyadh, initiatives such as the Leaf golf tournament, planning to host the Olympic Games, and other sporting endeavors show progress rather than simply washing up and improving reputation. However, the changes brought about by the crown prince are merely cosmetic reforms, such as building a glamorous new city and holding dance festivals, instead of respecting basic human rights.

When the government lifted the ban on women driving, it immediately arrested and imprisoned the activists who demanded it. The message is clear, to the effect that freedom is nothing but a gift that the regime gives whenever it wants. It is well known that repression and persecution of activists is practiced within the country, while opponents are persecuted abroad. Mrs. However, Salma Al-Shehab was not a widely known opposition, and her voice was not loud, but it seems that her case was intended to shock and intimidate others.

The Saudi national, who is a mother of two young sons, was arrested last year while visiting family. She then spoke of abuse and mistreatment behind bars, and was initially sentenced to three years in prison, but this month the Court of Appeal handed down the new unfair verdict, which is followed by a 34-year travel ban.

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss must certainly intervene in the case of the student who studies at a British university, and her only crime was that she expressed and contributed to legitimate opinions. But, despite her promise to create a “network of freedom”, Ms. Truss did not once challenge any of the Gulf states on human rights when she was questioned by members of parliament in June.

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Mr. Biden, who has supposedly received “promises” that the kingdom will take action to prevent shocking human rights abuses in the future, must also release Ms. Salma Al-Shehab claims.

Twitter, which has not yet commented on the matter, should reconsider. Saudi Arabia has targeted users of social media platforms in the country, while its sovereign wealth fund controls an indirect stake in the organization.

Indeed, one of the crown prince’s top aides still maintains an official account on it, despite the US government accusing him of being behind its illegal penetration, which led to the identification of a number of users and they were then captured. Many other businesses, and also their advocates, must also accept some responsibility.

There is no doubt that the large amount of money that the Kingdom invests in tourism, sports and other initiatives proves its desire to buy international approval, which we do not need to give it.

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