Egypt launches the international competition for startups in the field of climate action technology

The Ministries of International Cooperation, Environment, Communication and Information Technology have announced the launch of the International Climatech Run 2022 competition, targeting emerging companies working in the field of climate technology from the African continent and around the world, with the aim to stimulate and the encouragement of innovative and sustainable digital and technological solutions to promote climate action and face the economic consequences and social consequences.

The launch ceremony was attended by Dr. Rania Al-Mashat, Minister of International Cooperation, Dr. Yasmine Fouad, Minister of Environment, and Dr. Amr Talaat, Minister of Communications and Information Technology. Nicole Champagne, Chargé d’Affairs of the US Ambassador in Cairo, Kanayo Awani, Executive Vice President of Afrixim Bank, and Pravin Agrawal also participated in the launch. WFP’s country director in Egypt, Hisham El Nazer, director of Google Egypt, Frederica Maser, country representative of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), and Ahmed Rizk, resident representative of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization.

This comes within the framework of the Egyptian state’s preparations to preside over and organize the COP27 climate summit and the efforts made to involve all relevant parties in promoting climate action, and encouraging innovative ideas and sustainable solutions.

The International Climatech Run 2022 competition is an example of constructive partnerships between the government, development partners, the private sector and large technology companies, in order to open up prospects for climate action for start-ups, as the competition is implemented in partnership with the US agency for start-ups become International Development, the World Food Programme, the United Nations Development Program and the Bank. The African export-import “Afrixim Bank”, Google, the United Nations Population Fund, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, Microsoft Corporation, and among the accelerators FalakStartApps , Entrepreneur Network, AfriLabs and many other partners.

The competition comes in response to the global call for the need to address climate change and innovative sustainable solutions aimed at preserving the environment and giving priority to environmentally friendly technologies that support solutions for adaptation and mitigating the repercussions of climate change. To contribute with their solutions for providing sustainable and innovative mechanisms to deal with climate change and to raise awareness of its seriousness and how to face the economic and social challenges it causes. The second track is targeting specialists in the field of digital art.

Al-Mashat: We aim to turn climate promises into realistic measures

Dr. Rania Al-Mashat, Minister of International Cooperation, in her comments highlighted the essential role that start-ups can play through innovative ideas to combat the repercussions of climate change by reducing emissions in the energy sectors, improving food security and stimulating smart and sustainable transport , explaining that Egypt aims to stimulate stakeholder participation to turn climate pledges into action and concrete measures during COP27 for the transition to a green economy.

The Minister of International Cooperation indicated that the initiative we are going to come about as a result of partnerships between the government, the private sector, development partners and business accelerators in order to stimulate emerging companies working in the field of climate technology, and to receive the best. ideas from around the world, especially the African continent, explaining that the initiative is among a number of One of the axes that the Ministry is working on in preparation for the Climate Summit, and in line with the government’s effort to transition from promises to implementation.

Minister of the Environment: The competition is aimed at young entrepreneurs and startups

Dr. Yasmine Fouad, Minister of the Environment, emphasized that the launch of this competition, which targets young entrepreneurs and emerging companies from around the world in the application of communication technology to face the challenge of climate change, confirms the role that this sector can play with youth visions and innovations in advancing climate action.

She explained that the phenomenon of the climate challenge has become a reality recognized worldwide after the clear consecutive effects on the planet, which require rapid action from all, and on the way to the upcoming COP27 climate conference, which Egypt is hosting as an implementation conference . and the Egyptian presidency’s vision of it as a path to a just ambitious transition, meaning the translation of this path to ambitious implementation, through the implementation of urgent measures on the ground and how to implement them, and ambition, meaning that the level of our aspirations, which cannot be done without the power of voices asking to address climate change, and in the Sharm El-Sheikh climate conference, the voices of young entrepreneurs and owners of companies will. .

Minister of Communications: Climatech Run 2022 competition embodies the joint efforts of the government

Dr. Amr Talaat, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, emphasized that the Climatech Run 2022 international competition is an embodiment of the joint efforts of the government represented in the three ministries with international organizations, local and global companies, civil society, entrepreneurs and innovators. to build effective innovative solutions to face the effects of climate change. It also highlights the strength and importance of innovation and technological solutions provided by start-ups to preserve the environment.

He praised the award of the competition as part of encouraging innovation in Africa, as well as focusing on digital art specialization to meet the challenges posed by climate change. He explained that digital arts is one of the priority disciplines in the ministry’s technical training strategy, where the Faculty of Digital Arts was established at the Misr Informatics University, and several initiatives to build capacity in this specialty were launched.

Dr. Amr Talaat pointed out that the ICT sector is based on innovation; Point out the ministry’s efforts to provide a stimulating environment for technological innovation and entrepreneurship through the establishment of 12 Digital Egypt Innovation Centers in the governorates which include technological incubators to transform innovative ideas into ground-based projects.

During the ClimaTech Run global competition launch event, US Embassy Chargé d’Affairs Nicole Champagne said: “Climate change is a never-ending threat and the United States is committed to addressing the climate crisis and working with our global partners to meet our shared promote climate ambition.”

Conditions to apply for beginners
The competition opened its doors to startups in the field of climate technology, to apply on August 22, 2022, and it continues to receive ideas and advanced companies for a period of one month, after which a number of events and seminars will be held with all applicants from around the world to launch the initiative, before the qualified companies are selected to the final stages.

The second phase of the international competition begins during the COP27 climate summit, where the qualified companies will have the opportunity to present their ideas and participate in the activities that will be implemented during the climate conference in front of the various participating parties of governments, the private sector and development partners.

As the third and final phase begins after the COP27 climate summit, during which the partners work to support and guide start-ups and digital art specialists, through a high-level group of consultants, arbitrators and international experts, to improve their ability to reach the markets . and implement their ideas on the ground.

The International Climatech Run 2022 competition sets a number of conditions for beginners who wish to apply, which are:-

1- Have a real action plan for more than two years

2- A work team consisting of two or more members

3- That the idea is characterized by sustainability and innovation, and that it applies one or more emerging technologies

4- Not to be a subsidiary of an existing company

5- The company has a prototype or prototype product; The applicant team must have the ability to communicate, present and present the project in English.

The winning teams will have a chance to win a number of prizes, the grand prize of up to $100,000, the second prize of $50,000, and the third prize of $25,000.

Special interest in Africa

Given the importance of climate action in the African continent and its role in stimulating the transition to a green economy, and the lack of technology start-ups on the continent receiving the necessary funding and investments, only 0.2% receive compared to 94% of investments for companies in the United States, Canada, China and Europe, the competition Climatech Run 2022 will award two African startups, and the top 5 African startups will be invited to pitch their ideas during the world event within the COP27 climate summit. The best African start-up will receive a prize of $50,000, while the company in second place will receive a prize of $25,000.

Conditions for applying for the digital art track

As for the digital art track, the competition requires the applicant to be over 18 years of age at the time of applying to the competition, that the maximum number of pieces in which he participates is 3 pieces of art, and that only the original work is submitted.

First place in the digital artist competition receives a grand prize of $5,000, second prize of approximately $3,000, and third prize of $2,000. The submission for the digital artwork is scheduled to end on September 22nd.

An interactive electronic platform for the ClimaTech Run global competition will be made available in three languages, Arabic, English and French, to provide opportunities to apply for beginners and those involved in the competition, to respond to all inquiries and to communicate with experts and arbitrators.

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