How can your online writing help reveal your identity?

  • Lama Khair
  • BBC Arabic – London

photo released, Getty Images

After the identification of people in criminal and forensic investigations was done using their fingerprints, then DNA analysis, voice analysis, and then eye print, today we see the identification of a text writer on electronic platforms, perhaps with the same accuracy, using making the so-called “text fingerprint” analysis “.

Developers within a US intelligence research unit are attempting to use a technology built to combat online disinformation to identify a person by how they type on social media using artificial intelligence.

What is a “text fingerprint”?

According to the specialized US “Nextgov” website, experts in the Advanced Intelligence Research Projects Unit “IARPA”, a research wing of the US intelligence services, are working to use artificial intelligence within a program called “HIATUS” to reveal the hidden structure of the text over the internet, and assign it to its owner,

The new text fingerprinting technology will work similar to the way forensic experts currently identify someone based on their handwriting, just as people have small individual differences between them that define their uniqueness in the way they write a word, so online authors have their own texts. And their own methods when composing sentences online, and what the program does is to identify writing features such as: word placement and syntax, which can determine who wrote a certain text, just like your fingerprint.

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