Participation in Golf LIV results in suspension from the Phil Mickelson PGA Tour

Phil Mickelson plays for the LIV Golf Invitational at the Centurion Club on June 9, 2022 in England. Mickelson and 16 other PGA players were suspended from the tour for participating in the Saudi Golf League. (Photo by Matthew Lewis/Getty Images)

PHOENIX – Hometown champion Phil Mickelson has always drawn big in February at the Phoenix Open in Scottsdale. But those days may be over: Lefty and 16 other PGA players were also suspended for participating in the controversial Saudi-backed LIV Series of golf.

Tour commissioner Jay Monahan announced the decision Thursday after 17 players participated in a new tournament in London that is part of the All-Star Series.

“Their participation in the Saudi Golf League / LIV golf event violates our tournament regulations,” Monahan said in a statement, noting that the golfers’ rights have not been released to the media.

Mickelson, who always promises a big draw at the Phoenix Open at TBC Scottsdale, announced his commitment to play in London on Monday. On social networks He said he has not resigned from his PGA membership and still hopes to be a part of the tour.

Alan Shipnock, who is writing a Mickelson biography, reported in February that an ASU graduate had made heated comments about both the LIV and the PGA Tour, noting that the PGA Tour was full of “outrageous greed” and described the Saudis as “frightening”.

Shortly after, Mickelson took a hiatus from the PGA Tour and lost the US Open and Masters for the first time in decades.

“We know that they (Washington Post reporter and US resident Jamal) killed Hachouchi, and they have a terrible human rights record,” Michelson said by phone. They execute people there for being gay. Knowing all this, why am I thinking about it? Because this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to recreate the PGA Tour.

“They were able to overcome manipulative tactics, coercion and powerful weapons because we, the players, had no escape. Seems like a nice guy like Monahan, unless you have influence, won’t do what’s right. The Saudi money finally gave us “I’m not sure I want LIV to succeed at all, but just the idea that it allows us to do things with the PGA Tour.”

After feedback emerged, Callaway, Workday, KPMG and Heineken stopped sponsoring the 45-time PGA Tour winner. Rory McIlroy, Tiger Woods and other prominent cast members defended the tour and challenged Mickelson’s comments.

Before he won six major championships on the PGA Tour, Mickelson was “without a doubt the greatest golfer ever.” According to the PGA. During his four years at Arizona (1988-92), he won 16 of the 51 championships he competed in, won three NCAA championships and was a first-team four-year selection.

Mickelson played 30 matches at the Phoenix Open and won them three times – the highest even percentage ever, according to Golfweek. His last win was in Scottsdale in 2013, and he has not competed in any event since missing out on the 2019 edition.

Officials couldn’t seem to get an answer.

Mickelson heads the field for the first LIV event in London. The LIV International Golf League, founded by former PGA Tour player Greg Norman, aims to challenge PGA Tour umpiring.

What is the LIV International Golf Series?

The Leaf Golf Series is a 12-team, 48-person, startup-style tournament funded by the Saudi Public Investment Fund, which has pledged $250 million in prize money. The Leaf X goal is to “comprehensively improve the health of the professional golfer on a global scale and support existing stakeholders to help tap into the untapped potential of the sport.”

Although the league may reinvent golf for a faster and more exciting game, there are ethical dilemmas with the Saudi-funded league.

The head of the Public Investment Fund is the trustee, Mohammed bin Salman, who confirmed Hashokci’s death in Turkey in 2018, according to a US intelligence report.

“The entire golf league is completely part of Ma Sports,” said Heather Dichter, Lester Professor at Monfort University with experience in international sports and diplomacy. “This is another example that only Saudi Arabia, but a few countries are trying to use their support, sponsorship and financial power to get people to think positively about this country, and hope that these human rights abuses will be forgotten. ”

שחקני גולפים פיפם שם שכעם חקון המעשלים וועם Organizations Organizations שלא כמו גביע ו הולימפיאדה של פיפ פיפ פיפ שם עדה משערטיםת בגערת אתירים המארחים המארחים המארחים. עם ה-LIV, said: “הספורטאים דיכטר, “הספורטאים ישיקו בועלים בו ויודים עם ומי מארגן himself.”

Critics said the athletes put aside ethics for the money.

During Mickelson’s 30-year career in the PGA, he amassed $94,955,060 in tourism revenue – not including sponsorships and deals. That’s second only to Tiger Woods ($120,895,206). Dustin Johnson, who was also boycotted by the AGM, is the third largest with $74,276,710. Details of LIV’s contract have not been disclosed, but there is speculation that Mickelson and Johnson’s deals exceed $100 million.

Dichter said the NHL and NFL limit the money athletes can earn, and that’s the origin of the Premier League, but LIV Golf has “ridiculous contracts that we’ve never seen before in golf,” noting that “on the long term, they are not sustainable.” “

How does this affect the PGA?

Former New York Times sportswriter Karen Cruz said LIV Golf is “the first real existential threat on the PGA Tour.”

“When Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer took away the mission of the US PGA Tour and created the PGA Tour, their focus was on winning titles and majors,” Cruz said in an email. “Today’s stars may have different motives.”

The LIV Golf Series has found itself in an unparalleled position, and it starts with golf’s favorite color – green.

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