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Year after year, Emirati women continue to shine, advance and innovate, proving their ability to contribute to the development of the national economy and confidently make their mark in key sectors such as technology, telecommunications and banking . They are an essential partner for men. in the construction and development process that the country is witnessing, benefiting from the great support provided by the wise leadership who believed With its capabilities and ability to cross with steady steps in the era of the fourth industrial revolution whose functions are based on automation, digitization, electronic platforms and entrepreneurship.

Emirati women confirm that thanks to the wise leadership’s guidelines and strategies aimed at supporting and empowering women, the percentage of women working in the private sector and technology-related fields today is seeing an unprecedented increase, while the statistics of the Emirates Council for Gender Balance for the year 2021 shows that Emirati women have become 46.6% of the labor market in the country.


Dr. Dalia Al Muthanna, President of General Electric in the UAE and Global Head of Strategy and Operations in Global Markets, said: “Emirati Women’s Day represents a distinguished annual event in which we celebrate her achievements and her prominent feature and constructive role in the renaissance and prosperity of the UAE, and we celebrate this year’s edition under the slogan “Inspiring Reality.. A Sustainable Future”, given the wonderful examples of Emirati women’s work for the homeland, continuing the pioneering approach laid down by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God rest his soul, and his belief that the progress and prosperity of nations is achieved through the solidarity of their daughters and her children.


Azza Al Marzouqi, Director of Human Resources at Hewlett Packard Enterprise in the UAE, is proud to be an Emirati woman working in the technology sector, and one of the many Emirati women who are an essential partner in the country’s development process, as Azza oversees the summer training program and the Emiratization program.

She says: “Based on our belief in the role of women, Hewlett Packard Enterprise is proud to receive 60% women in the first batch of training programs. Today we are working to develop training programs and professional workshops in the “Digital Life Garage” with young schoolgirls to encourage curiosity in the world of technology. Today, thanks to the joint efforts of its employees, the company is considered one of the most prominent companies contributing to the support of institutions in the country in their journey towards digital transformation.


Fatima Ashkanani, Head of Corporate Affairs for Khazna Data Centers, which specializes in establishing high-capacity data centers in the country, highlighted the UAE’s drive to empower women and develop their capabilities and talents in every field, with its continuous pursuit of greater integration of all segments of society in the Information and Communication technology sector, especially Emirati women, as this sector is highly knowledge-based, and its potential for growth depends on the combined efforts of aspiring men and women .

She explained that the information and communication technology sector holds great opportunities to further integrate women into it and give women a vibrant and promising future, noting that the benefits of the diversity of cadres working in this sector not only raise awareness and will not only increase community participation, but will also lead to an upgrade in the level of expertise and the consolidation of gender equality.


Engineer Amna Al Shamsi, Senior Licensing and Interconnection Specialist at the Communications Regulatory Authority and Digital Government, said: Emirati women are strongly present in leadership positions, as the UAE Cabinet includes nine women ministers, and Emirati women today chair the Supreme Committee for Digital Government Transformation in the country, represented in the person of Her Excellency Ohoud bint Khalfan Al Roumi, and the UAE presented to the world Noura Al Matrooshi, as the first Arab astronaut, and Emirati women hold 75% of the total positions in the education and health care sectors, and 23,000 Emirati women entrepreneurs manage projects worth more than 50 billion dirhams.

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Ahlam El-Fil, Director of the Corporate Communications Department at the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority and Digital Government, said that whoever reviews the history of the country since the declaration of the union until today, can easily discern the great role played by Emirati women played in the great civilized renaissance that the country witnessed, as today she is a minister, director and a woman, Entrepreneur, Investor and Astronaut.

And she continued: If we want to talk about the role of women in the telecommunications sector, we can say that women have been one of the main reasons for the state’s leadership in this sector, and the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority and the Digital Government are proud of their female cadres, and of their great efforts to develop work and performance and deliver the best services, where they reach The percentage of women in the authority is 42% of the total number of employees.

She pointed out that Emirati women, with their common sense and with the support and guidance of the wise leadership, realized the importance of their participation in the technology sectors, and therefore they turned to specialize in these sectors, and that is what the figures were published on. the Emirates Council for Gender Balance website shows. Universities in the country, and women make up 56% of graduates of science, technology, engineering and mathematics majors in public universities, and more than 10,000 students of the Higher Colleges of Technology are female, and at the prestigious Masdar Institute of Science and Technology in Abu Dhabi, 60% of Emirati graduates from women.


Mona Salem Al-Hamid, Director of Development and Operation at Falak Tayyib Center for Government Services, said: From the first moment of the establishment of the Union, the wise leadership approved the principle of equality between women and men as a method to achieve social renaissance in various sectors, to start facilitating the brilliant achievements of Emirati women in various fields and levels. The term “women leaders” began to appear in various discourses and themes, emphasizing that Emirati women have succeeded in establishing their position deeply in the fields of creativity and innovation.


Huda Sabeel Abdullah, Chief Financial Officer at Emirates Islamic Bank, said: “In line with the wise vision and wise directives of the late Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, may his soul rest in peace, the UAE has established itself as a beacon of prosperity and progress supported by concepts of inclusivity and diversity, inspiring countries around the world on the need to integrate Women into leadership positions. Today we stand side by side to celebrate the contributions of Emirati women, who have become an example for future generations to rise to the top and achieve the country’s progress and progress.

As for Shamsa Al Falasi, CEO and Head of Global Corporate Branches at Citibank in the UAE, the Gulf Cooperation Council and Iraq, she says that Emirati women are one of the pillars of the UAE’s growth today, and we have changes in seen from all angles. of the banking sector in recent years under the banner of the Women’s Union Public and the Central Bank to strengthen the pioneering role of women, and to achieve global indicators in various areas.


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