Hind Rostom leads the trend for a strange reason, despite her departure from life

The artist, Hind Rostom, trended on the Google search engine, despite her departure from life, but not because of her memory or because of her artwork, which is one of the treasures of Egyptian cinema, but it came after information was disseminated. for the first time about her late father, to bring back the talk about the late star Hind Rostom at once Beautiful art.

The star Hind Rostom

Who is the father of Hind Rostom?

The father of the late artist Hind Rostom was one of the main security men who had white hands to resist drug abuse and its trade in Egypt, and he had the idea of ​​using police dogs in drug cases, and when he proposed this idea , he was serving as a railway police officer at the time.

Hind Rostom's father
Hind Rostom’s father

The life of the late Hind Rostom

Hind Rostom was born in the Muharram Bey neighborhood of Alexandria into an aristocratic family, and her father was a police officer of Circassian origin, while the mother was Egyptian.

Hind Rostom presented more than 74 films, and her first artistic appearance was in 1947, and in 1949, she appeared for two minutes in the song “Atmakhtari Ya Khel” as “compare”, riding a horse behind Laila Murad in drove the movie. Ghazl Al Banat” with Najib Al-Rihani and Youssef Wehbe Then she played small roles, until she met the director Hassan Reda, who later married her, and she began her star journey in the cinema.

Known for her roles of seduction in Egyptian films during the 1950s, Hind Rostom was known by various titles, including “Queen of Seduction”, “Marilyn Monroe of the East”, for the apparent resemblance between her and the American actress, with her famous blonde hair.

Hind Rostom presented her latest work in 1979, during the movie “My Life is Torment”, after which she decided to retire from art forever.

Actress Hind Rostom
Actress Hind Rostom

Hind Rostom family

The artist, Hind Rostom, married twice, the first to the director Hassan Reda, and gave birth to her daughter “Basant” from him, but then divorced him, and with Dr. Muhammad Fayyad, an obstetrician and gynecologist, married after they met during Hind’s reluctance to doctors following her delusion that she had uterine cancer. And after her husband’s attempts to convince her that she was one hundred percent healthy, the obsessions and delusions continued.

He loved dr. Muhammad Fayyad, and proposed to her in 1961, and “Hind” described the marriage as “salons”. She admired his elegance and organization of his life and affairs, and his success in his specialization.

Basant, daughter of Hind Rostom
Basant, daughter of Hind Rostom

About her decision to retire from film work, Hind Rostom said in previous statements: “I do not regret my feeling for my home, my husband, my daughter, my grandson and myself surpass all stars, so now I see ‘ a rosy picture of the life, love and happiness that my husband has provided me.Hind Rostom also expressed her reluctance to give up something that disturbs her life with her husband, after he accompanied her to the top in the field of medical specialty rose thanks to her presence, saying: “I will not leave my husband at home, even if he is going to receive the Oscar.”

She stated that her husband, “Fayyad”, taught her the calmness that characterizes her, after being nervous and honest, which annoys many in the artistic community and others outside it.

The artist, Hind Rostom, traded with her husband “Fayyad” on the basis of “Si El-Sayed” and was very happy as the wife of Dr. Fayyad, he is a famous and successful doctor. She said, “In the end, I am a woman, even though I am Hind Rostom, a woman likes to have a man beside her reassure her, Then don’t blame Dr. Fayyad, it is not an easy thing, he is a famous doctor in the whole world, and which one will you brag and respect?

Her daughter, Basant Reda, confirmed this in an interview on the “Hana Al-Asema” program and said: My mother has a great love story with her husband, dr. Fayyad, lived after she retired from the theater due to the deterioration of her circumstances, and the young artists abandoned the assets and discipline to which she had been accustomed all her life.

Hend Rostom and Muhammad Fayyad
Hend Rostom and Muhammad Fayyad

Hind Rostom and the dogs

The actress Hend Rostom had a special relationship with dogs, to such an extent that she surrounded herself with a large group of dogs and lived the happiest moments with them. She even thought of making herself a movie to produce with their participation.

This is after Hind Rostom decided since the beginning of her artistic career to stay away from the atmosphere of the artistic community and made it a basic principle for her with her respect and love for everyone in the middle. Therefore the relationship of the artist Hind Rostom with dogs was one of the rare relationships, which she revealed in previous statements, where she confirmed that the reason for her love for dogs is that they are loyal and faithful creatures, who show gratitude and love to their owner offers, or he gives them. special care or not, and she is willing to die to defend him without interest or purpose, and she went through a serious psychological crisis when the one she describes as the most beautiful dog in her group died, and she not overcome The crisis only passed after two months, during which she took sedatives and tranquilizers.

Hind Rostom’s death

After the death of her husband, Dr. Muhammad Fayyad, the artist Hind Rostom went into depression for two years, and her son “Basant” told that her mother was waiting for death after his death, and she hated life, “and closed her bedroom, and sleeping next to her daughter in her room.”

In August 2011, Hind Rostom died at the age of 79 in one of the major hospitals in Giza, after a short battle with the disease that lasted no more than two days.

Hind Rostom after retiring

Hind Rostom after retiring


The star Hind Rostom

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