Tips to ensure healthy sleep for students as the school year approaches

A few days and the school year starts again, and the children return to their schools.. This means going to bed at a specific time and waking up at an agreed upon hour, and with that comes the cycle of waking riots back for some children, causing inconvenience to mothers and anxiety to children, here educators and specialists confirm that the matter seems normal; The child at this age increases awareness and awareness, and looks forward to more knowledge and new experiences, in addition to increasing his ability to move and enjoy activity, and the most important issue: How does the mother ensure a healthy sleep for her child during that period? The meeting and consultant pediatrician Dr. Ibrahim Shukri to explain and give some advice.

1- Simple details.. to ensure a healthy sleep for the child

Prepare the child an hour before bedtime to relax.. by reading
  1. Avoid energy drinks and caffeinated drinks during the day.
  2. Avoid exposure to high temperatures and be careful to prevent this by drinking enough fluids. This is to avoid heat stress, heat stroke and skin rash.
  3. It is necessary to establish a daily routine for the child related to his food, sleep and study time.
  4. Always prepare the child an hour before bedtime to relax; Listen to music or read.
  5. Stop talking.. Take a hot bath.. Avoid sleeping during the day.. Stay away from noise.

2- The ideal sleeping hours for a child

Between 10-13 hours before the child reaches the age of 7 years
  • Recent studies show that the ideal sleeping hours for a child, especially before he reaches the age of 7 years, varies from 10 to 13 hours a day, and early and continuous sleep is one of the most important growth factors.
  • To achieve this, experts advise the necessity of establishing a regular daily routine for the child, related to his going and coming back, his food and his sleep, and to always prepare the child an hour before bedtime to to relax and sleep.
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3- A healthy sleep for students = an attentive, awake student

A regular sleep for a child means an active, alert child
  • Organization of meals.. Establishing a diet with specific times for meals for the child, which helps him to sleep early and for long hours.
  • Turn off electronic devices.. Preventing the child from playing electronic games during the night gives him the opportunity to sleep deeply.
  • Excessive use of electronic devices is a source of stress in children and refusal to go to sleep on a regular basis.
  • Stop talking.. If the child wakes up several times at night, the mother should stop talking to him at night, especially if the dialogue impresses him and has caught his attention in such a way that it affects his normal sleeping hours.
  • A warm bath.. A child’s sleep usually requires steps to help him relax. One of these steps is to change the body’s temperature with a warm bath.

4- Keep your child away from smart devices before bedtime

Avoid being busy with your phone before you go to sleep
  • Some mothers may not realize that choosing a child’s bedroom requires care and focus regarding lighting and colors, and it is even advised that the child should be involved in choosing the color and furniture of his room.
  • Prevent sleep during the day.. Some do not realize that a child’s afternoon nap negatively affects his sleep at night, and therefore require mothers and fathers to occupy their children’s time through the hours before they go to bed.
  • Noise.. If you change your child’s daily routine by going out late, or staying outside for longer hours, his sleep schedule must also be maintained by getting the child used to natural noise sources inside the house.
  • Sleep alone.. A child’s independence in sleep is not considered cruelty or neglect, but rather the beginning of his understanding of the importance of an organized daily routine, and doctors recommend it at this age.
  • Avoid sources of stress.. The child’s constant feeling of fear and tension increases the state of insomnia and his refusal to sleep early or at night.. The child should be spared all sources of stress and anxiety.. And the use of smart devices such as e.g. cellphones before bed, or hearing sharp family discussions that heighten his fear.

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5- Tips to ensure a healthy sleep for students

The number of hours the child sleeps does not exceed: 11 hours in a row
  • Avoid that the child enters the bed to sleep before seven o’clock in the evening, the number of hours of sleep for children does not exceed 11 hours continuously.
  • Try to delay the time of milking until the early hours of the morning with breakfast, which makes them feel hungry and prompts them to wake up with a good appetite.
  • Keep your child away from naps so you can help him sleep longer at night instead of worrying about him… and waking up for several hours throughout the night.
  • Stay calm when you get up early in the morning – before that – when you have to get up to prepare breakfast and bags of food.
  • In the early hours of the morning, the sleep is not deep, and a little noise pushes the child to wake up… which affects the degree of his concentration at school.

6- The child goes to sleep.. only if he sleeps

Do not wake your child before the agreed time
  • Do not wake your child before the agreed time to go to school, for whatever reasons, so as not to tire him and push him to sleep while explaining lessons at school.
  • When the child stays awake in bed for long periods at night, try to convince him to go to bed shortly before he sleeps, and wake him up at the usual time, so as not to compensate for the lack of sleep during the day.
  • A child at this age discovers new things daily, and these are processed in the brain at night, prompting the child to wake up often.
  • If the nature of your child is that he does not sleep continuously, and wakes up almost every hour, you should reduce the time your child spends in bed at night and limit him to just sleep.

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