A shocking message from the founder of “Huawei”

Huawei factory in Duangdong Province, China (getty)

Ren Zheng, founder of the Chinese group Huawei, sent a message that “spread like wildfire” on Chinese social media on Tuesday evening, August 23.

The ex-intelligence man, the godfather of China’s information and communications technology giant – who launched an empire from nothing – rang as he predicted the world would go through a “very painful historical decade”.
The man’s words, which caused goosebumps in the hearts of all who saw the message, before the censors deleted it, from social networks, came in an internal telegram addressed to his employees, hours before it was leaked, and tell them that Huawei’s survival at stake, during the next two years, Due to the global recession “that will not leave a bright spot anywhere on earth, in three to five years.”
Ren’s warnings did not come out of nowhere. The growth rate of the Chinese economy is falling, by 2.6%, from a predetermined 5.5%, and there is a crisis in the real estate industry, which represents about 30% of GDP, large losses in technology companies, deteriorating productivity and increasing unemployment. Especially among the youth, a contraction in global demand, sending the world economy into a terrifying recession.
The founder of the Chinese group Huawei has set one goal for the workers, who make up the company’s general meeting, is to do everything they can to keep the information and communication technology giant alive in the next three years, which he considered difficult years.
Ren predicted that the global economy will continue to deteriorate, due to the impact of the war in Ukraine and US pressure on Chinese companies, which will lead to a significant reduction in consumption.
The man said: “We will only have space to breathe in 2023 and 2024, and a little hope in 2025, which makes us think of only one thing, which is to survive, even if it leads to the reduction or stop of businesses and investments that do not achieve cash flow and profit.”

global retreat
Ren expects to close the group’s subsidiaries around the world, send its employees back to China, stop any projects related to the production of the electric car, reduce the budget for research on it, the company’s research findings to others to sell and move the company away. of marginal businesses not related to technology and communication, And to reevaluate the projects owned by the company, to get rid of everything that does not make a profit, and to ensure the cash flow of the group.

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Ren aimed to shrink the market by abandoning the ideal of “serving all humanity under globalization” to survive, making money wherever Huawei could. He asked to focus on profitable markets and profitable customers, and to remain a group of workers in some markets in which the company will suffer, to gain experiences that can be learned from the crisis, to share their experiences with their colleagues in China, and benefit from them in the continuation of their work.
Ren expects that “Huawei” will begin to overcome the serious crisis in 2025, and if the winds do not match the ships, he asks his employees to “confront with it the cold winds that will pass on everyone”. Ren decided to prioritize the payment of fixed and stable wages to workers, to strengthen the trust and cohesion between them and the management, and to repay loans to banks, to strengthen society’s trust in the institution .
Ren, the founder of the Chinese Huawei group, promised to redistribute profit in each subsidiary separately, instead of equality, which he applies in the distribution of incentives, with the aim of “not feeling cold in winter, after all had covered themselves with blankets. , some of which were thicker and others thinner.” Ren admits that Huawei is going through a survival crisis, which requires sacrifice from everyone.
I was personally invited several times to visit Huawei’s headquarters in Shanghai, during which I learned about the different stages of the group’s development. In each visit, we saw a radical change in the company’s business and the performance of its employees, who numbered more than 70,000 people, who became owners of the company’s shares traded on local and international stock exchanges.
An employee in Huawei, whose annual profit over the past decade amounted to 65 billion dollars, considers his company, his house and temple, in which he works for life, and in retirement he receives a net profit, which is a villa and ‘ a car is , and shares in the company are not less than one million yuan. When that icon is subjected to this stormy shock to the mind, the hearts of all within it, and those who closely follow his work, will surely tremble.

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President Xi tightens his grip on the Communist Party (Getty)

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It is clear that the unexpected message of Ren, founder of the Chinese Huawei Group, which was neither denied nor confirmed by Huawei to the Chinese newspapers and media that republished it, implying the correctness of what he said, in a country where the media operates. under a tight security grip, shows the extent of the disaster he was exposed to. The Chinese economy, and the global economy’s repercussions. The “Huawei” crisis and what the Chinese economy is going through will affect Egypt and other Arab countries and emerging markets that still dream of China as the alternative source for the flow of foreign investment to their markets, and the budgets of countries on the brink of financial collapse.
China has been going through an economic crisis for three years, but the Russian war against Ukraine has shown the extent of the fragility in the markets of countries that have continued to seize debt and play on international disputes, in the arms of those to fall who give them loans that they spend on useless projects, and whose value is wasted by corruption groups, Without investing these terms in supporting development programs and improving investment opportunities, industry and agriculture, and they are the basis of progress in civilized countries.

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