Designer Radwan Hakim: The algorithm will interfere more in our future work

A young man who possessed an elegant taste and creative intelligence to define the landmarks of the place in a creative way, through his interest in all the big and small details… His childhood curiosity drove him to hide in his father’s room, who works in the same field, and when the father noticed his son’s passion, he began to explain to him the importance of Decoration and what it meant for the place, he in this field found a world in which he takes his first steps.. He is the Syrian interior designer Radwan Hakim, who entered the field of projects, construction and interior design in the Emirates about 15 years ago, and worked in the first five years of them as a manager for one of the companies representing international brands, until he opened his company, Aura interior decoration.


How do you emulate the modernity of interior design? What culture do you get your design inspiration from?

Interior design should be accompanied by sophistication in architecture

The interior design must accompany the development in architecture, so that I can make my mark through the art of distributing furniture in the place and beautifying it, and I usually imitate it by translating the style of the comfortable ones, from the architectural drawings, until the last touch. The interior design is a charming world as a charming woman, whose features combine Western and Eastern cultures, leaving the designer the freedom to choose the colors of her dress, accessories and the way she appears.

A cup of coffee

The biggest challenge is understanding the fluctuations in customer psychology

What challenge do you face in your designs?

I enjoy being challenged in this world, and the biggest challenge is to understand the fluctuations in the psychology of customers, which differ according to the culture they come from, everyone has their taste, especially here in Dubai, and this has me promise to be social and love to meet the largest number of people, and the diversity of people possible, which is what It allows me to leave my mark, and at the same time learn from them, but sometimes I am surprised by the intransigence of the customer in a way that excites nervousness, and I usually ask his permission to drink a cup of coffee in the building’s cafe, and allow some workers to show him the latest catalogs, and come then back with calmer nerves.

What is your design philosophy?

I believe that success is a shortcut to a strong response

To make the product above all useful. I focus on function and form, and then empathize with the user. I believe success is the shortcut to strong response. I create my designs that flow seamlessly into, and merge with, the surrounding terrain, as if melting into the ground I am obsessed with deconstructing, destroying all tradition, and re-creating To build things according to my own vision, after I El- Zion persuaded with it and respected his budget.

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Copper stores

Do you use precious materials in your options? And why? How is it imported?

The quality of materials varies, as everyone knows, in terms of form, quality and prices. We use all materials in relation to the project, the style followed, and of course the project budget. And importing materials from different countries requires a long search process that took years to build a database of factories and international companies.
Every time a project is designed, factories are sent to manufacture and supply materials according to designs and specifications, and their shipping and supply is tracked until they reach the site and begin the installation process.

How creative in oriental designs? What artistic sense attracts you to it?

Every time I visited Damascus, I went around coppersmith shops looking for things suitable for reuse, such as old doors, mashrabiyas, trays and glass jugs; Where I can use it differently from its original use. In the house I design, I may need no more than one piece to begin my journey to the world of the East, and place some of its features in an eastern corner; Where I choose dark colors such as: red and green in the upholstery, curtains and paint, and I use accessories and fabrics with Arabic motifs that contain precious stones in their golden colors.

The oriental style is not limited to the Arabs, and every woman should open up to the Turkish, Iranian and Indian oriental style

Perfection is overrated

Our work from Dubai gives us greater motivation to offer sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions

Do you have your fingerprints in sustainable design, have you designed a villa on this basis?

At the moment, we always strive to offer alternative options of sustainable materials, in accordance with our era and its requirements and the vision of developed countries that always strive to increase the level of human happiness, and I do not reveal a secret when I say that the United Arab Emirates comes to the forefront of these countries. This gives us greater motivation and inspiration to follow this approach in providing sustainable and environmentally friendly materials and solutions, and smart solutions that increase the level of projects, and therefore human happiness.

Which of the world’s designers take you into their worlds?

The American designer, Victoria Hagan, was the first to coin the term “decorative designer”; It has a special appreciation for the intelligent integration of interior design and architecture. Characterized by the recurring use of strong silhouettes, sophisticated colors and materials, her work is inspired by light, and her best statement is that perfection is overrated!

world of stories

Digital, short stories and illustrated applications are used

What exhibitions have you participated in, and what are their failures?

The prominent problem in our participation in international exhibitions, whether in Italy or New York, is to open dialogue to communicate with visitors and customers in the exhibition, and I usually promote in detail about the exhibition’s location, space and products on Instagram and Twitter.

My goal is to make the product useful above all else. I focus on function and form, and then empathize with the user

How do you see the future of design?

It is something that creates a world of stories, as researchers Joseph and Paul Lindley have suggested. Where we come to what is known as design imagination, in which digital applications, short stories, illustrated, fictional videos, fiction documentaries, catalogs, scraps of academic papers and abstracts are used… Designs of the future will be a critique of the potential future, by creating reflections, often be provocative, scenarios told by craft, and there will be more space for the industrial designer, who takes care of the development of his design from start to finish and presentation, and the algorithm will intervene more in our designs and our business; Where it controls the level of decline and rise of companies.

What do you advise a woman who is inclined to design an oriental house, so as not to fall into the pitfall of randomness?

  • First: Do a simple study in collaboration with the designer, to find from the depth of history what suits your taste, not people or trends; Because they change.
  • Second: Choose oriental decorations to draw them on trays, and some furniture pieces.
  • Third: Use Arabic fonts only on lighting covers and paintings.
  • Fourth: Choose brass accessories, and antique materials, which can be hung on walls or scattered randomly on sessions or tables.
  • Fifth: Put some aromatic herbs, which are in the form of ready-made bags containing dried flower petals and a mixture of spices. The lanterns can also be used with essential oils and candles after they are arranged in the corners of the room or on the tables.
  • Sixth: Choose silver jewelry accessories that can be placed in paintings and hung on the wall or scattered on the tables.
  • Seventh: Do not use white lighting, either direct or indirect, and preferably in yellow to spread its magic in the corners of the eastern house.
  • Perhaps the last advice I would like to understand is that the oriental style is not limited to the Arabs, and every woman should be open to the Turkish, Iranian and Indian oriental style.

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