Huawei shows the latest energy solutions at The Solar Show

Deng: Huawei’s energy solutions support the country’s efforts to digitize energy and access a mix of electricity generation from different sources

Deng: Egypt is a promising market in the field of solar energy, thanks to its strategic location and potential that qualifies it to become a major regional energy center.

Cairo Huawei Technologies, the world leader in information and communication technology, participated in The Solar Show MENA 2022, which will be held on August 28-29 at the Egypt International Exhibition Center. Huawei showcased its latest technological solutions in the field of new and renewable energy, in addition to exchanging experiences and deepening cooperation with institutions working in the energy sector, in addition to providing workshops to share knowledge and best practices on the provide area of ​​digital energy. This comes as part of Huawei’s effort to build a carbon-neutral smart society, contributing to the achievement of the country’s ambitious energy mix strategy 2035 and in line with Egypt’s hosting of the “COP27” climate conference.

In its pavilion at the “FusionSolar” exhibition, Huawei discussed smart photovoltaic solutions that integrate electronic and digital energy technologies, and are cost-effective, risk-free, easy to install and operate, as well as diagnostics and troubleshooting, thanks to Huawei’s latest artificial intelligence and Internet of Things technologies.

On the sidelines of the Solar Energy Exhibition, Mr. Guy Ding, CEO of Huawei’s Digital Energy Business Group, participated in the discussion session held on August 29, entitled “What is expected of Egypt’s energy mix strategy 2035”, during which he emphasized the country’s efforts to digitize the energy sector. Utilizing the latest technological technologies to maximize the role of renewable and clean energy.

Mr. Ding said: “Egypt is a promising market in the field of solar energy thanks to its strategic location and potential that qualifies it to become a major regional energy center. We at Huawei are eager to invest in research and development to achieve solutions that integrate electronic and digital energy technology to build a sustainable low society The energy solutions presented by the company at the conference support our customers and partners from the public and private sectors in Egypt, especially the government’s efforts to digitalize in the sector and maximize the value of natural resources in Egypt to achieve an optimal mix of electricity generation from different sources, contributing to the achievement of neutrality carbon emissions and sustainability, in accordance with the country’s vision for the energy mix 2035 and the national climate strategy 2050.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Atef Marzouk, Senior Energy Advisor for Huawei’s Digital Energy Business Group in North Africa, in his speech during the seminar held on the sidelines of the exhibition on August 29 indicated under the title: “Solar Energy in Egypt: Drivers, Challenges and Solutions”, which he participated in. The company’s vision for the field of solar energy in Egypt says: “With the acceleration of the growth of solar energy in Egypt, as well as the growing capabilities that the state possesses from resources. enabling him to lead in this area in Africa, we at Huawei are eager to share knowledge and exchange experiences with our partners from public sector institutions and the private sector to build a more sustainable carbon-free future, in addition to providing the latest digital energy solutions that contribute to the promotion of digitization to improve energy efficiency and consumption, enabling the transition to new and renewable energy, in line with the ambitious sustainability strategies that the country strives to achieve.”

While the trade show for the solar, wind and renewable energy market in the Middle East and North Africa region “The Solar Show” is held in the presence of a large group of energy experts, and aims to exchange experiences encourage, share knowledge and offer alternative solutions to develop an energy infrastructure that will ensure a more sustainable low-end future.


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