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  • Al Nuaimi: Young people skilled in technology, programming languages, machine learning techniques and artificial intelligence applications are able to lead development paths
  • Al Mazrouei: We work with global and regional companies specializing in technology to empower young people with competitive skills

Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Theyab bin Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Head of the Abu Dhabi Crown Prince’s Court and President of the Arab Youth Center, the Center opens the door for registration in the second and expanded version of the “Technical Fellowship Program” for Arab Youth”, which is organized in partnership with the Artificial Intelligence Office at the Prime Minister’s Office in the State of Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, the Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence and major global technology institutions and platforms, and specialized skills provided. to empower Arab youth with the latest skills, knowledge and expertise in the disciplines of advanced technology, artificial intelligence applications and the digital economy. The center also publishes a special research article on the future of Arab artificial intelligence skills of Preparation “Why5 ” the program’s knowledge partner.

The program provides a bridge that keeps up with the rapid progress in the technology sectors, bridges the digital divide and promotes development by taking advantage of the opportunities of the fourth industrial revolution, digital transformation and the new economic prospects it offers to young people. In the Middle East and North Africa, between 20% and 34%, the Arab Youth Center collaborates in the new version of the program with the EYouth platform, the leading educational platform that provides young people with practical and interactive educational programs that they prepare for the labor market and keep up with professional changes. The program combines the theoretical and practical aspects to provide young people with advanced technological skills in order to empower them cognitively, practically and economically and qualify them to compete and excel in the rapidly changing local, regional and global labor markets.

artificial intelligence applications

In this context, His Highness Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, President of the Emirates Football Association, Chairman of the Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman, Vice President of the Arab Youth Center, who opened the candidacy for the new version of the program, confirmed that young people skilled in technology, programming languages ​​and learning techniques The machine and artificial intelligence applications are able to lead development paths and anticipate future opportunities in the digital economy based on technology and innovation.

Al Nuaimi added: The new version of the Technical Fellowship Program for Arab Youth, which enjoys the support and patronage of His Highness Sheikh Theyab bin Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, qualifies a pioneering new group of young people familiar with the latest programming languages ​​and artificial intelligence applications, in order to improve production mechanisms, facilitate services, improve quality of life and create opportunities. New talent for young talents capable of leading a new wave of economic growth in the region and contributing to technological progress in the world, especially with the rise of fifth generation networks, the Internet of Things and the metaverse economy .

digital future

The research paper issued by the center prepared by “Why5” indicates that artificial intelligence technologies could save 13 trillion dollars in the global economy by 2030, and that the efficiency resulting from artificial intelligence technologies will reduce the budgets of Middle Eastern governments with up to 7 billion dollars annually, which highlights that the Arab region enjoys great growth potential, as youth under the age of thirty make up approximately 60% of the population of the Arab world, and they are the most capable of using the digital economy and artificial intelligence -sectors, especially when investing in training young people and developing the skills they need to excel in the future Driven by big data, it values ​​personal and leadership skills combined with technical knowledge and a lifelong learning approach to keep track of being partners in economic growth and development in the s draw

digital economy

For his part, Shamma bint Suhail Al Mazrouei, Minister of State for Youth Affairs and Vice President of the Arab Youth Center, emphasized that qualitative partnerships in the technology sectors are the basis for empowering young people from the vital opportunities these sectors offer, adding: We work together with international, regional and national companies specialized in the field of technology to enable young people to acquire leading competitive skills. The talented, motivated and motivated youth to contribute to the acceleration and sustainability of growth in our region are able to transform their latent abilities into leadership competencies that make them at the forefront of the digital leap projects to which the region aspires.

She added: The value of the digital economy worldwide in 2021 was approximately 14.5 trillion dollars, and this number is expected to rise to 20.8 trillion dollars by 2025, so it is important to empower young people in this important sector and this is what we see in the model of digital empowerment of youth in the UAE, which was the first region to choose a minister of artificial intelligence, digital economy and remote work applications, and the “100 thousand programmers” initiative in 12 months within the “50 projects” launched. last year, and assigned an integrated national digital strategy aimed at taking advantage of future digitization opportunities for the benefit of all segments of society, especially the youth.

She emphasized the importance of training graduates and developing young talents in this field, and of enhancing the contribution of young people and qualifying them to develop artificial intelligence techniques to keep up with the rapid developments and decisions in it, and note the importance of personal skills such as leadership, creative and complex thinking, emotional and social intelligence in school curricula and early education stages, to stimulate work Creative, which needs self-confident, initiative and ambitious personalities, with the importance from the exchange of experiences and successful Arab experiences, to build on what exists and benefit from lessons, and embrace creative ideas and talents, by providing an appropriate enabling environment in terms of capabilities and institutions to implement these ideas and develop and ensure the necessary financial support, and encourage the youth to their establishing own businesses and establishing businesses.

global partnerships

Within the Technical Fellowship Program, the Arab Youth Center has established partnerships with international technology institutions such as Accenture, Google, Twitter, Tik Tok, Cisco, Canon, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Schneider Electric, General Motors, G42, Ericsson, Dubai Internet. City, Huawei, LinkedIn.

This version of the program seeks to empower Arab youth with the skills that qualify them to join and excel in the labor market, find innovative solutions and establish their own projects.

The foundation version of the program trained 100 young men and women from various Arab countries and provided more than 80 training hours and specialized certificates, more than 35 research projects, and many training and employment opportunities, in addition to expanding the network of youth relations with technology companies and experts and the promotion of youth scientific research in the sector. .

The Technical Fellowship Program for Arab Youth of the Arab Youth Center aims to train young Arab leaders in the field of digital technology and technology, and prepare a generation of Arab youth capable of monitoring emerging skills in them, in addition to providing a developmental training platform for Arab youth in collaboration with local and international partners, and provides an opportunity for young people Al-Arabi to learn the experiences of a group of the most important experts in the field of digital technology and technology and review.

The new version of the program, which will be held remotely from September to November 2022, focuses on building youth skills in the disciplines of artificial intelligence and programming in Python, while the first session of the Technical Fellowship Program for Arab Youth focused on 4 strategic tracks: digital transformation, interactive technologies, and information technology, communication, innovation and emerging technologies.

EYouth has based the design of this fully virtual version of the program on studies of the market needs and the skills needed to help the center develop the program so that this version is more focused on the concept of training for employment.

The Technical Fellowship Program for Arab Youth, in its second session, attracts Arab youth from 18 to 35 years old, university students in advanced years within the disciplines of technical engineering and information technology, graduates, people with technical achievements, researchers, young innovators, people with experience and those who are interested in programming and artificial intelligence, those who possess knowledge or practical experience in the field of technology or researchers in it, and those who possess basic knowledge in linear mathematics and calculus, and preference is given to those who have initial knowledge of programming through PYTHON who has a passion to support our Arab societies and support them in achieving a better future for them and their youth.

Young people interested in technology majors and the opportunity to join the second edition of the Technical Fellowship Program for Arab Youth can submit applications for the program through the website of the Arab Youth Technical Fellowship Program technology.arabyouthcenter until September 15. org

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