The dispute between Tehran and Washington extends far beyond the nuclear dossier..accusation of opponents of labor..and the water crisis

The reformist newspaper, Etemad, questioned the reality of the nuclear negotiations. While Iranian officials stated that the Iranian response to what was stated in the US response could take until the end of the week, the Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman returned to say that it was not possible to be sure of a specific date for Iran’s response.

And the European Union’s foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell, said earlier yesterday, Sunday, August 28, that the distance to the end of the nuclear negotiations had become “millimeters”, stressing that everyone is now waiting for the Iranian response, which means that The ball usually passed back to the Iranian court.

These contradictory statements come at a time when Tel Aviv is striving to influence the negotiation process and halt the sanctions. After the visit of his national security adviser and defense minister to Washington, the head of the Israeli Mossad went to the United States of America to discuss the nuclear agreement with American officials.

In light of these developments, the newspaper “Arman Emroz” asked in an article: “Is the station for the revival of the nuclear agreement close?” The problem is that other issues such as Tehran’s regional role in the region and Iran’s missile program as well as human rights issues are among the issues that will cause Washington to continue to pressure and harass Iran.

In another matter, some newspapers pointed to the increasing water crisis in Iran, and the “Payam Ma” newspaper emphasized that the government refrains from identifying cities and regions vulnerable to the water shortage crisis, for fear of protests and social tension.

The newspaper criticized the methods of the ruling authority in dealing with the water scarcity crisis, as it did not rely on the experiences of successful countries in dealing with the crisis, but instead was content with a program to supply water to these crisis cities. provided and did not think of a practical solution and a better management of the methods of water consumption in agriculture, drinking and other forms of use that regularly What is harmful to the water without benefiting the country.

On a separate topic, the newspaper Sharq indicated that the migration of experts and specialists in the technology field has increased since the government’s plan to restrict the work of the Internet was announced. The newspaper said that many of these specialists in the field of information technology and the virtual world have started migrating to countries such as Qatar and the UAE.

We can now read the details of some of the topics in today’s newspapers.

Kayhan: Government opponents accused of collaborating with Israel and the West

“Kayhan” newspaper is one of the fierce opponents of the revival of the nuclear agreement, and despite calls for a quick return to the agreement, the newspaper persistently advises the Iranian government not to return to this agreement, stressing that it will be a disaster for Iran, and will not fix the situation, but rather make it worse.

The reformers believe that the Kayhan newspaper’s position on the nuclear deal is completely in line with the Israeli position, as both of them strongly oppose the revival of the agreement. On the other hand, the newspaper believes that these reformers are working on behalf of Israel and the West. inside Iran and distorting news and facts in favor of Israel.

The newspaper believes that the foreign media’s reliance on the words of these reformers and critics of the government’s performance is evidence of a financial and informational relationship between these individuals and Western intelligence services.

“Arman Melli: The need to change ministers in Raisi’s government and urgently revive the nuclear deal.”

In an article for the newspaper, “Arman Melli”, former member of parliament, Nasser Qawami, said that the failure to make a change in the ministerial composition of Raisi’s government means that there will be no positive change in the current bad conditions be not, adding: “Oh God, unless the nuclear deal is revived in light of fast, frozen Iranian money has been returned domestically and Tehran has been allowed to sell its oil and take advantage of the proceeds to improve current conditions.”

The author emphasized that the government should speed up the revival of the nuclear deal and use Iran’s oil revenues to solve economic problems and strengthen the country’s infrastructure, not to spend these funds on issues of little importance to the country his conditions and his stressful conditions. economic conditions.

Islamic Republic: Take Immigration Crisis Warnings Seriously!

The newspaper Jomhouri Eslami called on the regime to deal seriously and attentively with the immigration crisis from Iran, which has begun to expand to include elites, doctors, investors and ordinary citizens after the worsening economic conditions and the closing of prospects for improvement and exit from the current conditions in the country.

The newspaper mentioned a number of reasons and factors that promote the phenomenon of emigration from Iran among the elite, such as: the neglect of the element of efficiency and earnings in employment, the unemployment crisis, the apathy of factories and production stagnation, due to the extent of severe administrative corruption and the dominance of mafias over the country’s economy, mismanagement and other factors.

The newspaper also pointed to the statements of some officials who demanded from the elites and influencers in the Iranian arena to create hope and optimism about the future among the people. On the other hand, she emphasized that these calls and demands are reasonable and logical when the citizen feels that there are signs of hope, and sees how the work of officials moves in this direction, but what we see today is completely different, according to the newspaper’s expression.

“Sharq”: Bringing traditional doctors from African tribes to the shortage of doctors in Iran!

The newspaper Shargh commented on the head of the Iranian “medical system” about the possibility that Iran will have to bring in doctors from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh due to the doctor crisis in Iran against the background of the increasing immigration in their ranks.

But the newspaper “Sharq” addressed the head of the medical system and said: “No, Mr. President! The country no longer has the ability to hire and attract doctors from India, Pakistan and other countries, no one will agree to work in difficult times. conditions and low returns,” adding: “Perhaps it can be recruited doctors from unreliable universities in the world or traditional doctors from African tribes.

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