The Working Women Forum recommends the formulation of a legal framework that guarantees the rights of female entrepreneurs

Adopting strategies to improve finance and digital financial services

The Second Arab Forum for Working Women recommended focusing on the formulation of a legal framework that guarantees the rights of female entrepreneurs and regulates work within the framework of digital economies, and the promotion and creation of enabling environments to support digitization by the rehabilitation of the Arab labor force, especially for women, to face the challenges posed by the age of artificial intelligence and the technological revolution, and the development of the statistical system and gender-responsive indicators with the aim of policies and programs to develop and evaluate what is needed to improve the presence of women in the digital economy, and to create and develop infrastructure to expand information and communication technology services and make them available to all without discrimination.

The forum also recommended the need to adopt financial inclusion strategies aimed at improving women’s access to finance and related digital financial services, and to improve social dialogue between social partners on various issues of concern to working women, especially the development of joint programs to improve women’s skills in data analysis, and to develop their capacities in Entrepreneurship and prepare society to accept the idea of ​​women’s contribution as entrepreneurs, provide professional support, overcome obstacles and orient students to the principles of gender equality in work, production, innovation, design and project management, adopting an early educational approach with the importance of entrepreneurship for women and for society as a whole.

He also recommended nurturing a sense of entrepreneurship and a culture of self-employment, developing its basic skills, changing the stereotype that women are not successful entrepreneurs, and developing educational pathways for entrepreneurship and to design which includes a special target for women, to consider the current challenges and obstacles that women face and ways to overcome them, and to encourage young women to learn in Technological branches and artificial intelligence, the integration of the concept of entrepreneurship in educational curricula to facilitate women’s access to information and communication technology in order to build digital skills for working women, and the need to provide social support to working women through the family and society to increase their ability support to balance their dual responsibilities in work and family care. Especially since job burnout is one of the biggest challenges facing working women, and activating the role of emerging financial technology companies in the region, working to accelerate the development of digital payments and the inclusive digital economy and capacity for women build entrepreneurs, and provide opportunities for communication with supporters and donors that provide opportunities for practical application of project ideas Women entrepreneurs, develop appropriate assessment tools It helps them to identify challenges and opportunities for improvement, and the advanced skills they need to develop their projects, and the need to focus training programs for women entrepreneurs on advanced skills, and to continue to develop and modernize them and link them to social, economic and technological variables, and the need to government agencies, donors and civil society b within the framework of a Comprehensive training umbrella to connect several national partnerships to support women entrepreneurs’ projects and build a comprehensive understanding of women’s needs as users of digital services, based on taking into account the multiple roles of women taking into account, setting more flexible arrangements for remote work, creating new opportunities via the Internet, developing the e-commerce environment, paying attention to modern means of communication and their role in spreading a culture of equality and non-discrimination , the presentation of a media discourse that responds to gender, and works to expand horizons and bridges of communication between female entrepreneurs in labor markets and women with entrepreneurial intentions at the national or national level to have successful experiences in the field of women’s entrepreneurship in the Arab region to lead. .

The forum came under the title “The future of women’s entrepreneurship in the light of digital economies”, which was organized by the Ministry of Labor in collaboration with the Arab Labor Organization at the Millennium Resort Salalah.

During his stay, he addressed several topics in the institutional and legislative frameworks for women entrepreneurship and building the capacities of women entrepreneurs: “Digital Education and Training”, in which a number of officials, specialists and decision makers participated through working papers in depth on work to improve the contributions of the private sector to attract and increase the number of female entrepreneurs. women working in digital business, and setting up a scientific and training base to push women to play a greater role in the digital workforce, equip them with the tools and skills they need, and barriers to women’s participation in reducing the workforce by developing more flexible arrangements for remote work, and creating new opportunities through the Internet, developing an e-commerce environment, and awarding flexible programs aimed at female entrepreneurs who adapt to the digital environment and technological tools used.

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