Think of “Al-Raghayah”, the beauty of Zayed.. This is what her grandson does with black and white films!!.. and the surprise with her sister and daughter, the famous artist!!

The artist was nicknamed Jamalat Zayed with several fun titles including “Al-Raghaa”, “Queen of Zagarit” and “Queen of Popular Comedy”, and she is the only artist who participated in the longest running radio series in the Egyptian radio is known.

Which has been broadcast for more than half a century and is still broadcast until now, which is the series “The Family of Marzouk Effendi.” The performer, Jamalat Zayed, is one of the stars of secondary roles and the most famous “comedy extra”. ” in the cinema of the time of beautiful art.

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It was a real competition for the artist, Zeinat Sedky, but she did not give her the appropriate space and did not play a bigger role to show her talent. The artist, Gamalat Zayed, is in the Sayeda Zeinab on February -neighborhood in Cairo born. 16, 1919, and she belongs to an artistic family. Zayd.

The nature of the characters represented by the two sisters is different, as the artist Jamalat Zayed was known for playing the role of a talkative woman who talked constantly, as well as for the roles of the spinster, the wife, the match, and many leading comic roles.

On the contrary, actress Amal Zayed appeared in calm and broken roles, and this was evident in the film “Between Kasserine” when she appeared with a calm personality in the role of “Amina”, and she was known for the roles of the mother and the mother-in-law.

The artist Jamalat Zayed started her career with acting on the radio.

Her last movie was “Aishin for Love” in 1974 with Nelly, Hani Shaker, Youssef Fakhr El Din and Mohamed Awad.

The artist Jamalat Zayed married the artist Mohamed El-Deeb and worked with him in the Najib Al-Rihani theater and then in the theater of the comedy star Ismail Yassin, and they presented a number of works of art, including “With his safety I want to marry, Professor Fatima, Hassan, Morcos and Cohen, Ataba Al-Khadra.”

The artist Jamalat Zayed died on September 12, 1980, leaving behind a balance of over 100 works of art. It is reported that her husband, the artist Mohamed El-Deeb, left our world at the end of 1979, that is, a few months before the death of Jamalat.

And her grandson is the young Egyptian Mohamed El-Deeb, who grew up in an artistic family, whose members were some of the most famous artists in the world of black and white cinema.

His grandfather is the Egyptian artist Mohamed El-Deeb, one of the stars of Naguib El-Rihani’s theater, who starred in Ismail Yassin’s films, Najib El-Rihani’s plays and others in the thirties.

The artist Gamalat Zayed found him one of the stars of her generation, in addition to his father, who worked as a production manager for a number of famous Egyptian series, such as the Sheikh Al Shaarawy series.

All of them are artistic factors that shaped a creative environment in which El-Deeb grew up, saturating his love with the magic of old films, to his unique initiative to colorize black and white films with high quality, aided by she works in the field of information technology.

In a press interview published on the “Al-Rou’ah” website, Al-Deeb said: “I graduated from the Faculty of Computers and Information, Cairo University, majoring in information technology in 2008, and ‘ obtained a master’s degree at the University of Cairo in the same specialty in 2011.”

He continued, “I worked in Egypt as a software engineer, then moved to work in Finland as a researcher at the University of Joensuu, and then received a scholarship to do a doctorate in Belgium from the University of Gent to study in the field of image processing and artificial intelligence, and I currently work as a software engineer and researcher in an American company that develops artificial intelligence technology for car companies.

He added, “I noticed that people were fascinated by the old image that some people on social media had colorized, so I combined my interest in cinema and used my technological expertise to colorize old heritage videos, including songs, films and plays.”

Mohamed El-Deeb had done the same before with his family’s artistic pictures, he restored the pictures of his grandfather, grandmother and their friends from the stars of the time of fine art, so he wanted to use his experience to color them and to see. share the photos on social media.

About this he says: “I have been working for more than a year to color pictures of stars. Then I started making videos with small clips of songs from famous films and plays, and each time I tried to color to develop and restore the same.

Then we started coloring the first movie and it was Ghazal Al Banat, and when it was published on social media, it got huge approval and fascination with the idea, so I decided to repeat it again, with a team consisting of a group of software engineers and researchers in artificial intelligence.”

With his team, they color the films chosen by his followers on Facebook, especially the famous ones, such as Ibn Hamido, Ghazl al-Banat and other film brands.

Or he suggests the name of an artist from the age of fine art, and the audience chooses his most prominent films to color, as El-Deeb and his team color 60 films and 3 plays.

He continues: “It takes two to three weeks to color the film, and the treatment depends on several factors, the most important of which are the cost, quality, purity of the image and ownership.

But when YouTube refuses to show the movie after it has been colorized due to intellectual property rights, we delete it and only show excerpts from it on Facebook if possible.

Despite some criticism of El-Deeb’s initiative, who see the “sweetness” of old films in their form and antiquity, he believes that the purpose of his initiative is to preserve heritage.

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