“Youssef’s room” .. The memory of the house and its mirrors

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“In the mirror … we avoid the awkwardness of silence and the difficulty of speaking, and for the last ten nights the mirror alone has been worthy of rejoicing. The night still stands, and the atmosphere is clouded with the call to question…” (AMS)

Address room

“Youssef’s room” is the title of the literary writings of its author, the poet friend Ahmed Issa Al-Asam; And “The Address” is a publishing house owned by its owner, the storyteller Mohsen Suleiman, who took over the publication and distribution of the book in the first half of this year 2022. So where is the place of the spatial and temporal expression of “Youssef’s room” the title, in “Youssef’s room” the book.. ?!

Is this the “sea room” in the old house of the Al-Assam family, including the sleeping utensils belonging to his father and his mother, the photo album belonging to him, and the sea shells that were in a box forty years ago is hidden?!

Or is it the “middle room” that Ahmad Al-Asam wanted (to be without a door or a window, and to have its roof open to rain, sun and life, and to be illuminated from the heart with love and pleasure of the breasts. It pushes them to certainty, and makes them multi-tolerant, alert. They do not look at fault, They transcend narrow situations to a wider horizon, unresolved, with the titles of their happiness, to a to write a winter song.. ?!

Or is it (the room – the hall) in which Ahmed Al-Assam put a small fridge as a gift to him by his cousin, the Emirati director Hamad Saghran. The hall that Al-Assam dedicated to writing his biography: (In the hall is the warmth of space. There is no fear of a poet’s anguish. Sincerity is an open text that overflows. And things. The past seeks a glimmer What leaves possibility in a watch?).

To my uncle Yusef: Maybe I see you in my dreams, and I refer to you in a book.

So, frankly, the poet Ahmed Issa Al-Asam presented his literary writings “Youssef’s Room” to his uncle “Youssef”, who paved the way to enter the literary atmosphere of the room by saying: “My uncle Youssef, Dr. Muhammad bin Yusuf is my maternal uncle. He died far away and left his bones in other lands, and he did not have a private room in his house, and he had this book.”

You see.. who is uncle Youssef? When and where did he die?!

This is how we knocked on the door, and this is how the answer came to us: “Youssef Muhammad bin Yusuf Al-Zaabi, and I think he died in the forties of the twentieth century, and it was said in Bahrain .”

creative house

Joseph’s room; A new creative house attributed to the writer poet Ahmed Issa Al-Asam, in which there are rooms, divination, confessions, customs and rituals at different times of life, so that “Youssef’s room” remains the name room, and the mother room from what retelling the stories over 228 pages, starting with the inciting title. To search and examine the interior of its eight letters, and its seven points floating between the lines of the following speech about the attitude of the poetic soul of the owner of the House ; And even his redundant saying, or redundant dream: (I learned that courage is not the absence of fear, but the ability to overcome it).

Joseph’s room; It contains rooms filled with events and conversations, stories and weaving, about times and places in various occasions of life and the accompanying causes of existence and reasons for existence. It is a room full of secrets of a social, social and cultural biography of Ahmed Issa Al-Asam, with all its ambiguities and symbols, and with all the names it abounds that are closely related to Al-Assam, who in every creative work invokes him. special names in his thick career with high accuracy and precious family stories that are close to Al-Asam.. Grandfather and grandmother, mother and father, wife, sons and daughters, brothers of womb, blood, descent, breastfeeding, kindness and humanity.. Stories of friendships, literature, work and hope for a life of peace and peace of mind.

mother room:

“I tried to turn off the light in the room, but at night he opened the window.”

therefore; Joseph’s room, the mother’s room; In more than one place, and on more than one subject, the poet Ahmed Al-Assam spoke about names related to the mind, and in the heart that accepts contentment and acceptance, and about homes that are still in his life . memory, and vital in his circle of interest, and about rooms he overlooks from time to time. And he visits her in the reality of his days and in the realms of his dreams.

Here he talks to his late father in 871993: (Oh, if you would only come back for a moment to kiss your pure hand and talk to you about things that belong to me alone, about the biography of a city and the absence of my mother and her quick and bitter departure… I also talk to you about my brothers “Ibrahim, Khawla and Adib,” and the beautiful boys And that, after you and my mother are gone, we go to my sister’s every Friday house gather, and may God reward her husband Abdullah with goodness, who opened his heart to us so that we could continue the meeting, we wander in the memories, open the memory and fill the mood with love, and we say to the children : We are the sons of “Isa Al-Asam”).

He speaks about the sister “Fatima”: (May God have mercy on her in the death of Fatima, a great pain like the one that afflicted me when I lost my father and mother, may God have mercy on them and have mercy on the dead Muslims). He talks about the departure of his mother and cousin “Fatima”, who was happy to support his wife “Maryam” for his grief over her: (Maryam, my wife, was affected. one high).

Al-Asam speaks with gratitude about his father “Khalfan” and his mother “Sheikh”: “Those who carry us on our shoulders to a home better than their home in this world, so we must be patient and calculating.” (Abu) Khalfan.. Only the language of his silence is words, and looking into his eyes is peace. And my mother is an old woman, the silver of the soul and the guardian of details.

And here he sends a message to his friend, the gentle and noble man, Abd al-Wahhab al-Hamr, may God have mercy on him: (A calm and honest conversation after praying on a comfortable chair in the ” Liwan of the Mosque of the Mother of the Faithful”… It contains our hearts and we are reassured.

And he writes a letter to the pioneer of voluntary work, Father Ali Abdullah Al-Dabbani, may God have mercy on him: (My dear teacher: I write to you and silence puts a sticker on the mouth, life hurts me without you, and the path I walk to you in the Saturday meeting and the beautiful conversations, and the bundle of disclosure that we exchange conversations about the children and the family, and your question about old and young, about culture, book fairs and interesting talks about the heritage of the Emirates, the dear homeland, and about the latest publications and work).

Ahmed Al-Asam writes his letters to the deceased in the Khalifa Hospital in Ras Al-Khaimah, father Salem Jassim Al-Bagham, may God have mercy on him: (You did not die my dear father Salem; Life, we make ‘ open a big box, throw our worries into it, and remember God. Many of you.. honesty, justice and kindness. I love you, father and teacher.. God bless you.)

And he writes about his late middle cousin Salem Rashid Al-Sharhan, may God have mercy on him: (Salem, the virtuous journalist who did not dry his pen and did not dry his heart of love and people, the father of calm and the impossible, who hid his tears and showed them in his silence, who refrained from reacting to the worst abuse in his echo and damage. The nerves, and Salem is the most valuable, influential and shining in his heart, the pure and light.soul in the place he attends).


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