Egypt is preparing to receive the new presidential plane at a cost of half a billion dollars

Egyptian Air Force One before being painted (Twitter/Simple Flying), a website specializing in aviation affairs, revealed that the new Egyptian Boeing 747-8i, which was purchased last year, flew to Shannon, Ireland last week to be painted by a company. International Aerospace Coatings (IAC). ).

The 747-8i is supposed to replace the 28-year-old Egyptian Airbus A340, registered as SU-GGG.

According to the website’s information, Boeing was building a fleet of new-technology 747-8s for German airline Lufthansa in 2011, but Boeing needed a test plane and requested that one of the Lufthansa planes remain. The 20 were ordered to remain in the United States for various flight tests, but were eventually placed in long-term storage until the fall of 2021.

The website says that the plane was sold to the Egyptian government in that year and registered as “SU-EGY”, and after some tests it was transferred to Hamburg, Germany for a new interior design.

The website adds that Lufthansa has been contracted to refurbish the aircraft in-house as the company is refurbishing the aircraft for use in transporting VIPs. He pointed out that the German company recently re-equipped two A321LR aircraft for the German “Luftwaffe” aircraft to serve as a multi-role passenger transport vehicle.

The Helmut Schmidt unit, at the base, transformed the commercial aircraft, built in 2010, into a “presidential castle” by equipping its double-deck cabin into a presidential residence, consisting of luxurious bedrooms, conference – and meeting rooms, a gym, and a center for the management of military operations, after being equipped with a system Advanced infrared protection against missiles, provided by the United States of America with approximately 104 million dollars. (The dollar = 19.2035 pounds).

The website also indicates that Egypt is not the only country using the Boeing 747-8 to transport presidents, as the United States of America has awarded two aircraft to replace its current 747-200 aircraft, in addition to South Korea, Kuwait, Morocco, Oman, Qatar and Turkey.

The website said that the new Egyptian Air Force One will be painted by “IAC” in Shannon, Ireland, where the “IAC Aircraft Painting” company recently built a second hangar large enough to accommodate the aircraft, and the facility will be 92,000 square feet. .

Finally, once the plane is painted, the Egyptians will finally be able to use the easy-to-use Boeing 747-8.

For his part, the well-known Egyptian political activist and publisher Hisham Kassem criticized the replacement of the Airbus Air Force One, which entered service 28 years ago. He said: “It is only used for the travel of the President of the Republic, therefore the number of flying hours is very low, and like the aircraft of presidents and kings, it is regularly maintained and updated in the maintenance workshops owned by the manufacturers, and therefore the aircraft is suitable for efficient and safe presidential use for another 28 years, and it is, for example, of a better type.” From the plane of the King of Jordan, the “Gulfstream G650”, and even the British state plane that the Queen and the Prime Minister also use in their international trips, and the type is “Airbus A330” and many other heads of state’s planes.

Qassem added: “As for the new plane, it was bought for 487 million US dollars, which means about 8 billion Egyptian pounds (the dollar was 16 pounds), in addition to this amount, the cost of equipping it, which the news did not specify, but it will be available to those who seek, and of course the cost of what New paint (paint).

Qassem continued: “The truth is, no one is able to understand this recklessness… at a time when the state faces the risk of defaulting on debt payments, and it does” an appeal to citizens to austerity and the reduction of road lighting and the suspension of import credits, to save foreign exchange, and the impact of this on the work of the factories that begin to stop and lay off.” workers, and the lack of some goods already, and talk about the imminent disappearance of other goods, and the news will reach the IMF and any other parties that the state tries to borrow from them to avoid the repercussions of the economic crisis, and it will definitely have a negative impact on the loan decision.”

He added, “Will Sisi come out internally like he did when the extravagant costs of the presidential palaces were leaked, and he says in a loud voice: ‘Oh, I bought planes and still buy them, is it for me? ‘

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