Minister of Immigration: The Egyptian citizen abroad is one of the priorities of the Egyptian state

Ambassador Suha Gendy, Minister of State for Immigration and Egyptians Abroad, held an extensive meeting with a group of journalists responsible for covering the work and activities of the ministry in a number of press institutions, to introduce the Ministry of Introducing Immigration’s work strategy during the next phase, as well as the most prominent files on the minister’s table, in addition to learning about Ambassador Suha’s plans Soldier, to serve Egyptian citizens abroad.

Ambassador Suha Jundi and Immigration at the beginning of her speech expressed her deep gratitude to all journalists and media professionals who have a working relationship with the Ministry of Immigration and praised the important role of the media in supporting the role of the Ministry of Immigration to emphasize and the introduction of its activities and efforts, as it is one of the instruments of the Ministry of Immigration to communicate with our citizens abroad.

The Minister of Immigration added that she is keen to hold a meeting with the various journalists who cover the work of the Ministry as representatives of their press and media institutions, to be an opportunity to learn about the Ministry of Immigration’s work strategy during the coming period, to ensure that the needs of Egyptian citizens abroad are met, and their interests in countries are maintained.

Ambassador Suha Gendy emphasized that accepting the portfolio of the Ministry of Immigration is a mandate and responsibility of which I am very proud, and the confidence of the political leadership and President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, the President of the Republic a medal on my chest, which will motivate me to achieve the vision of the Egyptian state by working in the Ministry of Immigration.

The Minister of Immigration added that the Egyptian state pays great attention to the Egyptian citizen abroad, as it places him at the heart of its priorities at the current stage, and meeting his needs is a necessity that cannot be tolerated cannot be The introduction, and attention to all segments and specializations, emphasizing that we must pay attention to everything related to Egyptians abroad.

On the coordination and cooperation between the Ministries of Immigration and Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Suha Gendy, Minister of Immigration, said that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is my wonderful home and I am proud to belong to it, and the next phase will be more constructive testify. cooperation and permanent coordination between the two ministries for the benefit of the Egyptian citizen abroad, and she continued: “I made sure that my first official meeting would be After taking the oath with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sameh Shoukry , as an expression of gratitude and appreciation to His Excellency and the great entity of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Minister of Immigration also expressed her deep gratitude to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sameh Shoukry, who confirmed that there is full support for the Ministry of Immigration because its success is the success of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, adding that the Ministry of Immigration. Immigration works daily with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as Egypt’s foreign missions are the arm of Egypt abroad and all ambassadors are my friends.

The Minister of Immigration emphasized that Egyptians abroad are a national wealth as they vary between workers, experts, politicians, academics, students, children and others, and are keen on balance and diversity in the provision of services, and look after to the interests of our citizens.

The Minister of Immigration added that we strive to connect our children to the homeland, and preserve their identity, history and Arabic language, so that they can communicate with their family and peers at home, and so that they become part of sustainable development plans.

The Minister of Immigration added that the Egyptian citizen is intelligent, able to integrate in various societies abroad, and can acquire skills, and there is also benefit from the participation of our experts in national projects and the sharing of experiences with his counterparts abroad.

The Minister of Immigration emphasized that the Egyptian is connected to his family and roots, and therefore he is eager to return to the homeland and contribute to its development and revitalization, pointing to the development in information technology that is very much Egypt missed more.

The Minister of Immigration emphasized the acumen of the political leadership to launch the country into the future and achieve sustainable development, in the light of the new republic. That is why we launched Egypt conferences that can implement presidential directives through benefit to draw from the experiences of Egyptians abroad.

The Minister of Immigration explained that our language is part of our heritage, and therefore we are eager to develop it, and teach it to our children abroad to connect them with their roots and history, hence the presidential initiative ” Speak Arabic” to take care of this, points to the praise of the youth participating in the Logos Forum, for the boom in the development of slums and the construction of cities for the generation.. Fourth, and other national projects.

The Minister of Immigration added that the media is a weapon that we must use well, and that there are many impressions that some take about Egypt due to false rumors, and we must proudly publish the positive, and that our children in the foreign ambassadors are. of the truth.

The meeting carried messages about the importance of registration in insurance for Egyptians abroad, as it contributes to all the many problems, as well as the importance of Egyptians abroad following the media and knowing what services are provided, in addition to sharing of any questions or suggestions to work on its implementation and praise the role of Egyptian entities abroad to stand by Egyptians abroad.

The Minister of Immigration appreciates the cooperation between ministries and government institutions for integration in providing services to Egyptians abroad, and points to the meeting of various ministers and officials to overcome any obstacle faced by Egyptians abroad, and the mechanisms for their integration in the homeland and its revival. .

The Minister of Immigration explained that we are eager for continuous communication with all Egyptian entities abroad, in cooperation with state institutions, and we emphasize the importance of communication starting from common denominators. She witnessed the presence of specialists from various groups and stressed that personal communication is important and essential, worse than direct meetings, that electronic communication, and about moving to the headquarters of the administrative capital, made it clear that the final procedures for the transfer will be studied, and there is a visit next week.

Regarding the previous role in Africa, the Minister of Immigration confirmed that there are great investment opportunities in the African market, and this can be maximized in collaboration with the Agency for Development in Africa, and by taking advantage of the Al- Azhar mission and the Church, emphasize that the investment movement is important, to lead an industrial revolution in various areas to meet our needs, within the framework of an agreement African free trade, and the exchange of products in African markets and some of them.

The Minister of Immigration explained that the coming period will show cooperation and work protocols leading to more incentives for Egyptians abroad, and to improve cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to benefit Egyptians abroad, and in line with global development, as well as cooperation with the Ministry of Communications, to provide more services electronically to Egyptians abroad, and the importance of liaison with Various ministries, as well as communication with the Minister of Youth and Sports to discuss various aspects of cooperation, including the illegal immigration file.

And she added: “There is a proposed action plan to provide support to Egyptians living in the Gulf countries, and also regarding banking transactions for Egyptians abroad in general.”

The minister added that there was a meeting with the Minister of Finance, the Governor of the Central Bank, and a number of bank heads to increase remittances from Egyptians abroad, and to achieve a greater boom in these remittances, with knowledge of the postal services. with its powerful services, as the Egyptian Postal Corporation is one of the oldest services in the world, EBU, Egypt is a founding member of the International Postal Union, and has recently contributed to the formulation of some postal services, to build citizens’ confidence to invest more spray.

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