“Secure the future” .. Private universities are Egypt’s hope to modernize the higher education system and link it to the labor market

A huge leap is being seen by various sectors in Egypt, under the directives of President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, to achieve comprehensive development. Among these sectors, the university education file is of crucial importance and an excellent position, as it is the fuel. for development and the path to progress.

The state paid great attention to the modernization of educational programs and the establishment of new specialized universities to bridge the gap between the outputs of the education process and the needs of the labor market.

Recent years have seen the establishment of a number of private, technological and other universities, opening new and diversified paths for holders of a high school diploma or its equivalent.

The new technological education contributes significantly to link academic study with the industries in the market, with the aim of providing a trained workforce armed with the latest educational programs and practical applications, contributing to increasing the quality of education and the modernization of the various productive sectors.

In the following report, Al-Dustour provides detailed information about each university, the main study programs and sketches for future plans in the education file.

current universities


In the city of El Galala, Ain Sokhna, which is administratively affiliated with the Suez Governorate.

El Alamein

In El Alamein City, Matrouh Governorate.

New Mansoura

Between the cities “Gamasa” in Dakahlia Governorate and “Baltim” in Kafr El-Sheikh.

the king Salman

In South Sinai Governorate it has 3 branches, in Sharm El-Sheikh, Ras Sidr and El-Tur.

Mansoura National

Minya civil

Menoufia civil

The new Ismailia Ahlia

Helwan Ahlia

Assiut eligibility

Universities that will start studying next October

Zagazig civil

Banha eligibility

South Valley nationality

Alexandria National

Beni Suef nationality

East Port Said National

The study programs offered by the new private universities in the academic year 2023/2022

Mansoura National

■ Faculty of Human Medicine.

■ College of Oral and Dental Medicine “Oral and Dental Medicine Program”.

■ College of Pharmacy «Clinical Pharmacy Programme».

■ The College of Engineering offers programs “Artificial Intelligence Engineering, Sustainable Architecture, Mechatronics Engineering, and Building and Construction Engineering”.

Banha eligibility

■ College of Engineering: Offers programs in “Manufacturing and Materials Engineering, Mechatronics and Automation Engineering, Communication Systems Engineering, Medical Engineering, Building Engineering, Housing and Community Design.”

■ College of Computer Science: It offers “artificial intelligence and machine learning, computational linguistics, data science, software and application development, and virtual and augmented reality”.

■ Faculty of Economics and Business Administration: It offers programs “Business Administration and International Relations, Statistics and Insurance, Digital Marketing and E-Business, International Economics and Finance, Accounting and Business Informatics.”

■ College of Visual Arts and Design: It offers programs “interior and furniture design, media and media art, sculpture, architectural formation and restoration”.

■ Faculty of Medicine «Human Medicine Program».

Menoufia civil

■ College of Engineering

“Smart cities planning and construction program”.

■ Computer College

And artificial intelligence

“The Internet of Things

And big data analytics.

East Port Said National

■ Faculty of Medicine and Surgery «Program of Medicine and General Surgery».

■ College of Engineering «Construction and Building Engineering Programme».

Zagazig civil in the city of the tenth of Ramadan

■ Faculty of Human Medicine.

■ College of Oral and Dental Medicine and Surgery “Oral and Dental Medicine Program”.

■ College of Engineering and Applied Sciences: offers the “Mechatronics” and “Structural Engineering and Construction Management” programs.

■ Faculty of Computers and Artificial Intelligence «Aviation Information Systems Program».

South Valley Ahlia in Qana

■ Faculty of Medicine and Surgery.

■ Faculty of Physiotherapy.

■ Faculty of Computing

and artificial intelligence.

Assiut civilian in the new city of Assiut

■ Faculty of Human Medicine.

■ Faculty of Dentistry «Program of Oral and Dental Medicine and Surgery».

■ College of Pharmacy and Drug Research «Pharm D Pharmacy Programme».

■ College of Engineering and Applied Sciences: offers programs “Aeronautical Engineering, Architecture, Biomedical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Construction Engineering and Management, Electrical Engineering and Petroleum Engineering.”

■ College of Al-Alsun and Applied Languages: It offers “English, French and German” programs.

■ College of Financial and Administrative Sciences: It offers programs: “Economics, Political Science, Management Information Systems, Business Administration and Human Resource Management.”

■ Faculty of Computing and Artificial Intelligence: It offers programs: “computer science, information systems, artificial intelligence, data science, computer and bioinformatics.”

The new Ismailia Ahlia

■ Faculty of Medicine.

■ Faculty of Dentistry «Medicine and Oral and Dental Surgery».

■ College of Pharmacy program «Apteek Pharm D».

■ Faculty of Nursing Program «Nursing Sciences».

■ College of Applied Health Sciences Technology, which offers two programs: “Medical Laboratory Technology, Healthcare Services Management and Informatics”.

■ Faculty of Engineering «Artificial Intelligence Engineering Programme».

■ The Faculty of International Trade and Languages, which offers two programmes: “Digital Marketing and E-Business” and “Markets and Financial Institutions”.

Helwan nationality in Ain Helwan

■ College of Art and Applied Arts, which offers two programs: “Digital Advertising” and “Interior Design”.

■ College of Humanities, Commerce and Business Administration, offering programs: “Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, Business Informatics and Digital Transformation, Logistics and Supply Chains, Business Intelligence and Analytics.”

■ College of Engineering, offering programs: “Robots and Mechatronics, Applied Electronics, Smart Systems, Digital Factories, Architecture and Environmental Design, Site Coordination and Urban Design.”

Alexandria National

■ Faculty of Medicine.

■ Faculty of Dentistry «Program of Medicine and Oral and Dental Surgery».

■ College of Pharmacy «Pharm D Pharmacy Programme».

■ College of Engineering, offering programs: «Architecture and Construction, Computers and Communication, Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering».

■ College of Computer and Data Sciences, which offers two programs: “Cyber ​​Security” and “Smart Systems”.

■ Faculty of Natural Sciences «Software and Multimedia Industry Programme».

Beni Suef Nationality in the new city of Beni Suef

■ Faculty of Human Medicine.

■ College of Oral and Dental Medicine “Oral and Dental Medicine Program”.

■ Faculty of Physiotherapy «Physical Therapy Programme».

■ College of Engineering, which offers two programmes: “New and Sustainable Energy, Architectural Design and Digital Architecture”.

■ Faculty of Computers and Artificial Intelligence, which offers programs: “Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, Cybersecurity Engineering and Medical Informatics.”

■ Faculty of Natural Sciences «Material Science, Technology and Cinema».

■ Faculty of Information «TV and film production».

■ Faculty of Commerce «Business Information Systems».

■ Faculty of Arts “Clinical Psychology”, and “Survey, Maps and Information Systems”.

■ College of Nursing.

■ College of Navigation Sciences and Space Technology «Applied Space and Navigation Sciences».

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