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Al Marsad Newspaper: If you are bored in your room, it could be a sign that it is time to renovate! In these rules, you will learn about the most popular color combinations for bedrooms in 2022.

With the accumulation of experiences, the best results are achieved. Therefore, Jazeera Paints conducted a comprehensive research to collect the opinions of experts, from color specialists to interior designers, to give a perception about the best three colors, which color experts consider as the talk of the season for this year 2022.

Color philosophy in 2022

In the collection launched by “Al-Jazeera Paints” under the name “Color Fashion 2022”, colorists were eager to appear in characteristic colors that mix purity and calmness, and at the same time fill the room with the atmosphere of fun and life. Audi, one of the color experts in interior design at Al Jazeera Paints, points out that neutrals and pastels dominate other color options this year, and that more color experts are turning to combinations of neutral colors.

In our noisy world, modern man has begun to move away from nature and plunge more and more into the hustle and bustle of modern life. Therefore, the overwhelming desire to return to human roots in nature was the main concern behind the development of the new color range. The philosophy lies in creating the new color group in the concept of “returning to nature”, since the colors in this group, with all its degrees, try to bring man closer to the spirit of nature.

Of course, man cannot be separated from contemporary life, so the best way to take it is to combine modernity with nature to create the required balance in our lives. These colors provide a balance between the calmness of nature and the liveliness of modernity, to create a peaceful atmosphere in the bedrooms.

Below “Al-Jazeera Paints” lists three options that are best for bedrooms, one of which can entice you to make your room a special world that reflects your new self and its ideas.

Neutral colors: to create an intimate atmosphere

Neutral colors were and still are a strong presence in all color fashions. This is due to what distinguishes the neutral color group from the rest of the color groups, as neutral colors and calm off-white shades have a beauty that transcends considerations of time and place, in addition to the fact that neutral colors give the designer a wider scope for creativity without limitation, and they are colors with patterns and finishes different and flexible.

One of the advantages of neutral colors is that they are quiet and elegant, which is why it is preferable to choose them for the bedrooms, because these rooms have a different privacy than the rest of the rooms in the house. Island Paints suggests adding signature pieces of furniture with these colors, such as a brightly embroidered rug, or luxurious bed sheets, to add your own touch to the space.

1. Grey-brown

“Al-Jazeera Paints” puts in your hands the first color of its choices, the color “Steam” which is a grayish beige, it is a different color, and according to the furniture you choose for your room, this color will the atmosphere inside the room, either it is an elegant and neat room, or a room full of life.

The secret of the uniqueness in the coordination of the neutral colors on the walls of the room lies in the small details of the interior decoration. Neutral colors have a shine and warmth that we don’t get in other colors, and these colors allow the furniture pieces inside the room to take their space and show their beauty. So, when you decide to use a neutral color for your room, it is recommended to use furniture full of bold colors and distinctive and luxurious pieces and materials to create a beautiful atmosphere of contrast.

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Steam Color Mode 2022

Pastel colors: a modern classic

This elegant range of muted colors will add an elegant touch of your favorite color to your room without overpowering the color, these muted colors are able to create a sense of freshness while maintaining their elegance. The shades in this collection are playful, lively and strikingly elegant in the bedrooms. It can be said that the pastel color range attracts individuals of different tendencies and moods, whether they are the calm, contemplative type, or lovers of bold and different choices in decor.

2. Glamorous Pink – Pink Rose

Pink has the ability to radiate a sense of tenderness and enthusiasm at the same time, but what makes this color different and difficult to choose is its multiple shades, from soft pink to purple. So, if you are thinking of choosing the pink color to get an elegant and natural look for your room, you should choose a soft tone like this beautiful color from the group, which is the color “Pink Rose”, to giving an aesthetic touch to your interior decoration. This grade combines softness and luxury, giving the room an aura of calm, and this color can also be used for other rooms within the house.

3 clear colors for bedroom paint 2022 from

Pink rose color fashion 2022

. 3 green color – aloe vera

Color experts believe that green, like pink, is very present in the imagination of interior designers this year, but this color in particular is unusual in bedrooms. Contrary to what is common, the green color is one of the favorite colors in the spaces designated for sleep, because of this color of suggestions unique to it. Escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, green is your favorite color!

To create a bedroom that brings freshness and comfort, Al Jazeera Paints recommends trying the color “Aloe Vera” in a soft green, as it is a beautiful color that is in harmony with various options of decor and accessories .

3 clear colors for bedroom paint 2022 from

Aloe vera from the color trend of 2022

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