Emirates News Agency – Inauguration of the first regional headquarters of the Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute in Masdar City

ABU DHABI, 30th August 2020 (WAM) – Masdar City, the regional center for technology innovation, research and development in Abu Dhabi, has announced the opening of the first regional headquarters of the Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute in the Middle East.

The inauguration was attended by Jared Daniels, Global CEO of the Institute, who visited the region as part of a five-day tour, during which he was accompanied by Dr. Mohamed Abu Zahra, Regional President for the Middle East and North Africa Region of the Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute, and Jeff Erickson, General Manager of Client Relations.

The Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute is an international research organization working to advance carbon capture and storage technologies to support efforts to achieve climate neutrality.

The Institute aims to work closely with relevant partners and institutions in the public sector to achieve the goals related to carbon dioxide capture, use and storage in the region over the coming months and years.

His Excellency Dr. Sultan bin Ahmed Al Jaber, Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology, Special Envoy of the UAE on Climate Change and Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Masdar”, said on this occasion: “Thanks to the leadership’s guidelines, the UAE plays a leading role in the use of advanced technology to reduce the repercussions of climate change. An example of this is carbon capture, utilization and storage technology, as the UAE is the first country in the region to implement this technology on an industrial scale.”

He explained: “The establishment of the headquarters of the Global Institute for Carbon Capture and Storage in Masdar City comes as an additional step that supports the country’s efforts in this area, as the Institute’s goal is to accelerate the adoption of carbon capture technologies , is in line with the role that Masdar plays as an incubator and catalyst for efforts focused on technology innovation. We wish the institute to achieve remarkable successes in continuing its valuable contributions in support of efforts to reduce emissions , especially in light of the UAE’s preparations for the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28) in 2023.”

He added: “The opening of the headquarters of the Global Institute for Carbon Capture and Storage in the Middle East within Masdar City reflects the commitment of the UAE and “Masdar” to seek practical solutions to reduce the repercussions of climate change, ” highlights the importance of carbon capture technologies as one of the efficient means the world depends on. In the face of climate change, we see a growing awareness of the effectiveness of these technologies and that their widespread application is a key factor in achieving the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement.

By establishing its new regional headquarters in Masdar City, the Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute will benefit from Masdar City’s distinctive digital infrastructure, advanced legislative frameworks and other research and development initiatives focused on sustainability.

The institute joins a number of prominent institutions and companies based in Masdar City, including the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and Siemens Energy, where the former has a permanent headquarters and the latter a regional headquarters in the city have, what a sustainable urban complex.

Notable names based in Masdar City include the Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence, the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation, Honeywell, and the Technology Innovation Support Unit, which is a start-up incubator and the first of its kind in the region focused on supporting and accelerating. the development of sustainability startups. .

Jared Daniels, for his part, said: “After years of ambitious aspirations, today we see effective utilization of the opportunities available in the field of carbon capture and storage within the countries of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, and the progress being made in this area is promising This region has all the ingredients to play a large-scale leadership role in the CCS market and transformation efforts in the energy sector, and with the establishment of a new regional headquarters for the Institute in the UAE capital , Abu Dhabi, we look forward to contributing an active role in this area.”

Carbon capture and storage is an innovative technology that contributes to reducing the impact of climate change by sequestering carbon dioxide, usually by capturing it from a specific source within an industrial facility and then storing it underground before it spreads and the atmosphere. There are currently three carbon capture and storage facilities in the Arabian Gulf region, accounting for 10 percent of the world’s carbon dioxide captured annually with this technology.

In addition to the institute’s visit to Masdar City in Abu Dhabi to inaugurate the regional headquarters of the institute, the delegation also met with a number of key partners in Dubai and Saudi Arabia to discuss opportunities to expand efforts in the field of CCS .

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