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Google launched the Pixel Buds wireless headset during 2018, but it could not compete with the big names in this category of devices, and in addition to the Pixel Buds A series wireless headset, the American company launched the model Pixel Buds Pro in collaboration with the launch of the Pixel 6a smartphone.

Here’s a closer look at the new wireless headphones.

The device

The new wireless headphones come in a round matte white casing that houses red Pixel buttons and a battery that’s enough to play music for 31 hours or 12 hours of phone calls, according to the manufacturer’s data.

Google promotes the new wireless headphones by integrating its own voice assistant, which enables the ability to translate spoken language in real time.

In addition, Active Noise Canceling (ANC) technology is available, the charging case is charged via USB cable or wirelessly, and the battery charge of the wireless headset is sufficient for 7 hours with active noise canceling technology on or 11 hours with this technology disabled.


The Pixel Buds Pro Wireless Headset easily connects to playback devices; Where it only needs to open the case and press the button on the back, or the setup process starts automatically, and in extremely rare cases, the user has to set up Bluetooth technology and select the wireless headset manually.

Google Pixel phones come with an app to control the wireless headphones, while other Android phone owners need to install the Google Pixel Bud app.

Once the wireless headset is set up and connected, all Android devices registered under the Android account can access it, allowing the user to effortlessly switch between different operating devices.

The Google wireless headset works with Apple iPhones and desktop computers, but without the support of the Google voice assistant and the direct translation function. The new wireless headset relies on Bluetooth technology, and for audio coding Google relies on Apple AAC technology.


The new wireless headset comes with silicone ear tips of different sizes, so it can be firmly attached to the ear canal, and the teardrop shape allows the wireless headset to be firmly fixed in the ear, but a few rotation movements are required until everything is firmly established, and the user feels the ear is completely blocked Limited.


A wireless headset is used Pixel Buds Pro By clicking on it, the use is done through the external sides of the headset, and at first the user may click the headset incorrectly, but all functions can be done by clicking or scanning movements, whether it is playing, stop, go forward, rewind, decrease or increase the volume.

Switching between transparency mode, active noise cancellation (ANC) and Google Voice Assistant is also done through the touch-sensitive surface, which works quickly and well.

Google’s wireless headphones do not have the same level of sound quality as competing models in the same price category as the Apple AirPods Pro (agencies)

the sound

The Pixel Buds Pro Wireless Headphone has a good, balanced sound, even if it’s not terribly good, and the deep, mid and sharp tones come through noticeably.

But Google’s wireless headphones lack the sound quality of competing models in the same price category, such as the Apple Air pods Pro and the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2.

The user rarely notices the difference in sound quality when listening to music or watching movies, and the case is different when playing podcasts; The sound is clearly visible, as is the case when you make phone calls.

The wireless headset offers 3 different operating modes, the first is as a traditional headset without any functions, the transparency mode and the active noise canceling function mode, this function works perfectly; It completely blocks ambient noise, helping the user to work focused in noisy metro stations.

But the transparency mode is a downside of Google’s new headset; Where the user does not receive less ambient sounds compared to competing models such as Apple Airpods Pro and Samsung Galaxy Buds 2, but during testing this defect was significantly improved by a software update, the user however hears Strong wind noise while jogging and cycling .

And the new wireless headset from Google allows many other functions such as reading messages, notifications, recordings, voice input and many functions similar to the Google voice assistant, as expected, the dictation function works well with English and Spanish, and the voice assistant understands what other people say and translate it instantly Unfortunately, this feature does not work well with less common languages.

Who needs it

If the user relies on Google services, the Pixel Buds Pro Wireless Headset is the right choice for him; It looks elegant, is comfortable to use, works smoothly with Android devices, and plays music well, but not in good quality.

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