Higher Education honors the winners of the best anti-corruption research team competition

Today, Tuesday, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the Anti-Corruption Authority honored the students who won the “Best Research Team in Promoting Integrity and Fighting Corruption” competition. Which targeted college and middle school students in the country.

It came with the participation of the Minister of “Higher Education” Mahmoud Abu Mowais, and the head of the Anti-Corruption Commission, Raed Radwan, in the presence of the head of the Accreditation, Quality and Quality Commission for Higher Education Institutions, Muammar. Shteiwi, the vice-president of “Anti-Corruption” Jamal Gash, and a crowd of the families of the Ministry and the Commission, the winning students, and the supervisors of Students and contest judges.

The competition aims to improve the values ​​of integrity and transparency among students and encourage their involvement in scientific research targeting topics related to promoting integrity and fighting corruption, and to support student efforts to develop a to provide outstanding scientific or technical addition within the framework of scientific research. relate to issues of integrity, transparency, governance and anti-corruption; Rely on quality standards.

In this context, Abu Mowais confirmed the Higher Education’s zeal to consolidate and strengthen the concepts and approaches of integrity and the fight against corruption among students of higher education institutions, in a way that contributes to the dissemination of this approach through the students’ efforts and activities in this context. Within the framework of the university and society, appreciation for the partnership with the Anti-Corruption Commission; Especially through the implementation of many activities targeting higher education students in the two parts of the country.

He emphasized the importance of this research work of university students, especially in important areas such as management, media, the role of women, leadership and creativity, and the use of technology in the fight against corruption. And cooperation with the Ministry of Higher Education to include the course “Anti-Corruption – Challenges and Solutions” in the study plans.

He added that the students had the best luck to benefit from many competitions, including the drawing competition “Hand in Hand to a Corruption-Free Home”, and today’s research competition, and that the ministry, in collaboration with the government, move on to higher studies and research.

Abu Mowais emphasized that corruption is a human behavior outside of divine and man-made legislation, and it harms the individual and society, and that all institutions must unite to consolidate the values ​​of integrity and transparency to reflect the beautiful image of the world . about Palestine.

He pointed out that much effort is required to reform and evaluate the consequences and damage that have resulted from corruption as it drains energy, pointing out that the most dangerous type of corruption is the one whose perpetrator feels that it has been reformed and not corruption. .

Radwan, for his part, emphasized that higher education institutions are among the most important state institutions, as they contribute to the formation of societal awareness. Scientific research and its contribution to raising the status of state institutions and the abilities and efficiency of the generation that will lead these institutions in the future leads.

He added: “The importance of this competition lies in its effort to integrate students and strengthen their role and responsibilities regarding the values ​​of integrity, prevention and fight against corruption.”

Radwan praised the outstanding effort to improve cooperation between anti-corruption and higher education, and looks forward to more partnership and achievements to empower university students in anti-corruption issues, whether in terms of teaching courses in this context, to direct student graduation messages to issues of integrity , transparency and anti-corruption, or in terms of participation in competitions students launched by the Authority.

During the award ceremony, the six winning student researches were reviewed as follows: Student Mujahid Jabareen from the Smart College of Modern Education ranked first for his research entitled “The Role of Governance in Reducing Administrative Corruption in Palestinian Higher Education Institutions” under the supervision of Dr . Tasneem Al-Suwaiti, while student Ayat Al-Qawasmi from the College of Professions and Applied Sciences at Hebron University won second place for her research entitled “Manifestations of Administrative Corruption in the Ministry of Health, Hebron Branch and Strategies to Address It to reduce,” under the supervision of Dr. Signs of Takruri.

The two students, Mayar Khaled Issa and Rafah Muayyad Habiba from Al-Istiqlal University, got third place for their research entitled “The degree of practice management procedures in the Ministry of Education from the point of view of female teachers in Hebron Governorate” under the supervision of dr. Muhammad Dabbous, while the student Muhammad Hassan Abu Ryala of the Gaza Training College took fourth place for his research entitled “The Role of Electronic Administration in Combating the Phenomenon of Administrative Corruption” under the supervision of Ing. Nawal Ismail.

Tayma Al-Qawasmi and Muhammad Imad Abu Turk from the College of Professions and Applied Sciences at Hebron University came in fifth place for their research entitled “The Role of Information Technology in Combating Administrative Corruption from the Perspective of the Anti-Corruption Commission in Palestine” under the supervision of Dr. Basheer Al-Takruri, and student Dana Samer Fatayer from Al-Istiklal University won sixth place for her research entitled “The role of information technology in combating corruption, promoting integrity and combating corruption” under the supervision of captain Abdul Karim Khalifa and first lieutenant Ayat Hoshiya .

At the end of the ceremony, the winning students, members of the jury and observers were honored.

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