“Mj. Informatika” offers comprehensive scholarships for study abroad expenses for high school students.

31/08 21:26

Misr Informatics University celebrated the first high school graduates during their reception and their families at the university headquarters in the city of knowledge in the new administrative capital, in order to offer them full scholarships to study and join the academic system which is offered by the university. study programs dependent on theoretical and applied study in its laboratories designed with the standards and specifications of international universities Advanced international classifications in its specialties.

Egypt Informatics University is the first university in the Middle East and Africa specialized in the fields of communication and information technology and the areas affected by them. The latest fields of information and communication technology, and it is based in Knowledge City in the New Administrative Capital.

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The full scholarships obtained by the high school graduates of the Misr University of Informatics include expenses and transportation, as well as room and board for expatriates, in addition to travel costs for a year in the final year to partner universities in the United States, in the academic programs to which the agreements apply, including an international graduate who has the potential to work professionally after graduation.

At the beginning, Dr. Reem Bahgat, president of the Egyptian University of Informatics, and Dr. Mohamed El-Sharqawy, vice president for academic affairs, welcomed the high school graduates and their families and congratulated them on their impressive performance in the study phases. Appreciating the role of the family in this excellence they achieved, Dr. Reem told the parents: “I congratulate you for reaping the rewards of your efforts with your children, and I congratulate your children for this outstanding achievement, which made us happy. and makes you happy.”

It came in the presence of dr. Amr Al-Masry, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Hoda Mokhtar, Dean of the Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences, Dr. Sama Morsi, Dean of the Faculty of Business Technology, Dr. Ashraf Zaki, Dean of the Faculty of Digital Art and Design, and Dr. Amani Issa, a teacher at the Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences, and a business development officer at the university. And Dr. Fatima Hamdi, a teacher at the College of Digital Art and Design, and a group of faculty members and university officials.

Dr. Amal El-Gamal, Head of the Department of Software Engineering at the Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences and Head of International Relations, has the capabilities of Misr Informatics University in terms of advanced academic programs, laboratories and agreements made by the university with the largest universities in the world, which falls under the directives of the President of the Republic to sign a twinning contract with the most prestigious universities to improve the quality of education, saying: “I am happy to welcome you and your excellence, which in aligned with our leading university in its specializations, which has a rich and diverse mix of communication sciences and specialized technology, as it is aligned with Egypt’s Vision 2030, which is a rich academic experience and an important part of the university’s mission make out.”

Dr. Reem Bahgat pointed to the diligence of Dr. Amr Talaat, Minister of Communication and Information Technology, to follow up the educational process at the university and its ongoing directives by focusing on the latest teaching methods, providing the best educational environments and the latest scientific curricula, keeping up with the development which is observed by this vital sector on a continuous basis, and offers all kinds of support. With the aim of localizing technology and its industry in Egypt and filling the labor market’s need for specialists in the latest fields of data science and communication such as: artificial intelligence and data engineering, the fourth industrial revolution, electronic industry, communication sciences, financial technology, e-marketing, business analytics, animation art, user experience and electronic game design. She explained that these full grants come as a highly feasible investment in the qualified human element to shape and make the future.

Dr. Muhammad Al-Sharqawi, Vice President for Academic Affairs, for his part emphasized during his speech that a good education for our students is the real investment for the future, which depends on brilliant and qualitative skills like you, expressing his thanks the parents and the role of the family, and for that the credit for their children’s arrival at this level. Of success, excellence and excellence.

El-Sharkawy added: “I would like to inform our new students that perseverance and hard work during their academic journey at Misr Informatics University will undoubtedly equip them with a valuable skill, which is flexibility, so that they are ready to face any challenges on their graduation, because here we are keen to help students during their academic career, to encourage them to seize opportunities inside and outside the university with passion, vitality and boldness, as well as to encourage them to continue to find new and adopting innovative ideas during the study period, and improving their abilities to build a promising and more sustainable society.

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