Our goal is a qualitative leap at the level of competitions and achievements

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Shamma Saeed Al Falasi expressed her pride in being the first person to represent the female component in the Board of Directors of the Emirates Golf Federation as she is the chairperson of the Women’s Committee in the Federation. Her administrative, organizational and scientific experiences, since she has a bachelor’s degree in business management in the sports arena. Shamma Al Falasi also emphasized that the support of the wise leadership has prompted the Golf Federation to put in more effort and redouble the work to achieve achievements in all international sports forums.

Shamma Al Falasi said: We hope that what we are doing coincides with the aspirations and directions of the UAE, which looks forward to the next fifty years full of achievements and giving to UAE sports, and to make a qualitative leap in the level of competitions. making and achievements, as well as raising the flag of the state in the largest international and regional forums, especially that this precious trust We have assumed more responsibilities to continue the work we intend to achieve the desired ambitions through previous successes to consolidate and seek more successes through the game at the level of our services to players, coaches, administrators and referees, because we are also concerned with the rehabilitation of professionally trained cadres.


Shamma Al Falasi confirmed that the sport of golf is reaching a wide distribution, and that the number of practitioners is increasing, especially among the youth, juniors and cubs who benefit from the Federation’s “Talent Discovery” program, which was launched years ago , and testifies to a great expansion in light of the fruitful collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the academies of clubs Golf in the state.

She added, “The gains achieved in our sport in the Gulf, Arab and regional participations represent the positive motivation for us in the Federation to work on strengthening plans and strategies to attract promising players to the Sunni stages because they are the main pillar represents. of the state’s teams in the future, to continue the Gulf and Arab achievements on an individual and collective level.”

Regarding the celebration of Emirati Women’s Day, Shamma Saeed Al Falasi affirmed that the National Day of Emirati Women is a mirror that reflects her presence in society and society’s existence in itself, as she stands tall ​​with her presence, giving, participation and action in the civilized and human scene, to consolidate the concept of social participation among members of society. And to be an active partner in rooting civilization in the self, and the self in civilization, and this is what the United Arab Emirates has been working on since its foundation, which was founded against the background of humanistic philosophy that man empowered in society, without looking at his gender, but by looking at his actions.

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She went on to talk about the celebration of Emirati Women’s Day, saying that it is not just a festive celebration, but a celebration of the achievements that women have achieved through this march, the achievements that their presence at different levels socially, made economically possible. , culturally, politically and athletically, to prove to the world, and to prove to history that they are an effective participant, and a participant capable of challenging all obstacles, capable of innovation, giving and excellence, and able to the bright future of the UAE.

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She added that this year’s Women’s Day, held under the slogan “An Inspiring reality… a sustainable future”, launched by Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, President of the General Women’s Union, President of the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood, Supreme Chairman of the Family Development Foundation “Mother of the Nation”, confirms the relationship between reality and life between the past, the present and the future, and thus the Emirati woman could say herself, through her understanding of the same man, to furnish her own home, her social home and her human home, to become a standard for the civilization of life, and the life of civilization.


Emirati women have also proven their superiority over many women in the world with their achievements and gains, and they have accepted their full responsibilities alongside men through their active contribution to the development process, and their participation in various stages of economic, social, political , cultural, sports transformations and other fields based on equality and equal rights and duties, as Emirati women in their highly unique journey have become an essential partner in sustainable development, and an integral part in achieving nation-building strategies and achieving their vision in 2071 to be the best country in the world.

She concluded her speech by saying: “This is the Emirati woman, walking proudly, with confident steps towards her bright future in the mirror of the nation, to witness history and history to witness her achievements, as she dream and the dream of the nation with her strong presence in all fields, and to be worthy of making history, and making dreams in the homeland of happiness, tolerance and love.” and give


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