The Ministry of Communications launches the first cloud data center district in Qatar

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, in partnership with Microsoft, today launched the first large-scale cloud data center area, in a ceremony held in the presence of His Excellency Mr. Mohammed bin Ali Al-Mannai, Minister of Communications and Information Technology.
This is Microsoft’s 55th region in the world, as it will join the largest cloud infrastructure in the world, improving the competitiveness of the State of Qatar at the regional and global level, in line with Qatar National Vision 2030, and consolidating the country’s leading . position in the process of digital transformation.
The Microsoft Cloud Data Centers area was inaugurated during a celebration held under the title “Qatar’s Digital Journey to the Future”, in the presence of a number of Their Excellencies the Ministers, various senior managers in the public and private sectors , and Microsoft officials in the region and the world.
The new Microsoft Cloud data center zone contributes to promoting the growth of the local economy, supports the country’s efforts to achieve economic diversification, embrace talent and attract foreign investment.
His Honor Mr. Mohammed bin Ali Al-Mannai, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, said in his speech during the opening ceremony that these centers began in 2017 through intense and very positive discussions with Microsoft, which culminated in the signing of an agreement to to be established in July 2019.
His Excellency added that the launch of the centers today is an important milestone in the process of transforming the State of Qatar into an advanced and pioneering digital center in the Middle East and the world, as this process was inspired by the Qatar National Vision 2030, which aims to establish a diversified and competitive national economy.
His Excellency the Minister of Communications and Information Technology has announced the launch of another global center for cloud data in the State of Qatar in the near future, to join the group of cloud computing development projects and to be an opportunity for companies involved in Qatar based to grow and expand in the country and the region, and for private and government entities to better provide their services, amidst an environment of high operational flexibility and ensured with the best tools and practices to meet the necessary provide protection against cyber risks.
He emphasized that these pioneering projects in the field of digital transformation, communication and information technology would not have been realized without the great attention given to this vital sector by our wise leadership and our government, which believes in its crucial role in the development of other economic sectors.
His Excellency pointed out that this interest is embodied in the zeal to provide a legislative and legal environment that regulates the sector and increases its attractiveness, as the government has enacted many laws and legislations that encourage investment in the field of the digital economy and encourage pioneering initiatives and projects therein, the latest of which was the approval of the Council of Ministers in its regular meeting held on 1 June 2022 on the Cloud Computing Policy Framework Document.
He also pointed out that the Act on Protected Data will be issued in the future, which is currently under preparation, to form a qualitative addition to the set of laws and legislation that regulates the digital sector, contributing to its development to improve.
The Minister of Communications and Information Technology explained that Qatar is less than three months away from the start of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, and “We are proud of our confirmation of the readiness of the ICT infrastructure and digital services to host the first tournament serve. in the Middle East, and to provide an unforgettable experience on all levels.”
With the launch of the Microsoft Cloud Data Center Zone, local and global companies of all sizes and in various sectors will be able to host their cloud data in Qatar, benefiting from reliability and high performance. Hybrid cloud in a secure and advanced cloud environment, in addition to the ability to use Microsoft 365 for the global productivity cloud that delivers the best productivity applications seamlessly through cloud services.
The Microsoft cloud offers more than 100 certifications and compliance certificates, the largest set of certificates provided by any cloud, enabling organizations and companies to meet many compliance requirements and laws, including the National Information Security Standards Compliance Certificate from the National Cyber ​​Security Agency in Qatar that it was acquired by Microsoft earlier this year.
In this regard, Mr. Ralph Haupter, President of Microsoft Europe, Middle East and Africa, said that Microsoft customers across Qatar have started using the secure and reliable Microsoft cloud to innovate, achieve their goals and achieve a lot with less effort, noting launching the first large-scale cloud data center region in the State of Qatar, which will provide it with more opportunities to accelerate digital transformation.
In her turn, Ms. Lana Khalaf, general manager of Microsoft in Qatar, said: “Thanks to its history of achievements and being one of the first countries to rush to adopt technology in various fields, Qatar has been able to adopt the cloud and revolutionize entire sectors to a achieve new and advanced digital economy. Cloud data centers today enable the country to transfer these remarkable innovations to the world, establishing Qatar as a leader in digital transformation and a hub for innovation.”
A number of government agencies, companies and institutions across Qatar have begun to take advantage of the services of Microsoft’s cloud data centers to develop their digital capabilities and innovate in their fields, including the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology through its national programs such as the Qatar Smart Program “Tasmu” platform and Qatar Digital Government, in addition to the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy, and many others.
In 2021, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology developed, designed and operated the Qatar Smart Program “Tasmu” platform on the Azure cloud in cooperation with an alliance of global technology companies led by “Urid” in which Microsoft plays a major role, a platform that is considered a unique smart city solution. In implementing its commitment to support Qatar’s digital transformation agenda.
In her turn, Ms. Reem Mohammed Al-Mansoori, Assistant Secretary for Digital Society Development at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, said: “The State of Qatar has become a regional center for digital transformation in the region, and has an attractive infrastructure for investment in the digital economy , which has motivated international companies and entrepreneurs to launch quality projects that will undoubtedly contribute to the improvement of Qatar’s journey in the digitization and information technology sector.”
The Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy chose the Tasmu platform to take advantage of the technical services it provides, such as digital twin and intelligent data analysis to manage transport operations and manage the entire crowd for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, as the committee is working to organize a world-class tournament that will enhance Qatar’s global standing, including through the use of the most advanced technologies.
In a press conference held before the launch of the cloud data centers, Ms Mashael Ali Al Hammadi, Acting Assistant Undersecretary for Information Technology Affairs at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, said: “Empowering the Microsoft Cloud Data Centers region in Qatar companies of all sizes and in all sectors, by providing them with the necessary infrastructure to accelerate innovation and economic diversification in line with Qatar National Vision 2030, which is a long-term investment that gives Qatar a competitive advantage, and confidence in Qatar’s position among the digitally leading countries in the Middle East, Africa and the world.”
She added that “cloud data centers in the country will be an approved platform for cloud computing services for companies and institutions from the public and private sectors in Qatar and the world, and this is the beginning of a new chapter in Qatar’s journey to a global center for innovation.”

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