Black Sea Mountains in Turkey.. green castles hugging the clouds

Trabzon (Turkey) / Muhammed Sheikh Yusuf / Anatolia

Every year, millions of people crawl into the mountains of the Black Sea
18 Turkish cities overlooking the Black Sea coast from east to west
Most of the beauty of Turkey is concentrated in the Black Sea coast, which is full of green hills
Investors usually seek to buy real estate units in Trabzon for the summer vacation and to obtain residency and citizenship

The Black Sea Mountains in Turkey are described as “pieces of heaven” for their beauty, height, greenery and views of the sea in a wonderful view, which enchants its visitors with the beauty of the scene and its refreshing air.

Every year, millions of residents, visitors and tourists from Turkey, especially from the Arab world and the Gulf region, crawl to the mountains of the Black Sea, where the beautiful green cover offers them a cool vacation in the hot summer.

Embracing green forests and compact pastures that hug the clouds of the sky, the Black Sea region stretches across several Turkish states, and is characterized by its pure atmosphere and the fertility of its soil, which helps in the production of various agricultural crops.

The borders of the region extend from the plain called “Sakarya” in the west, on the border with Bulgaria, to the borders of Georgia, with a stretch of 1,700 km. Regionally, it is considered the third largest region in Turkey.

green areas

Overlooking the Black Sea coast 18 Turkish cities from east to west, especially Artvin, Rize, Bayburt, Trabzon, Gümüşhane, Giresun, Ordu, Tokat, Amasya and Samsun.

The region has unique advantages because it is an extension of green forests parallel to the coast of the Black Sea, and capes, bays, natural harbors and islands are rare.

The population is densely located on the coast, while their numbers are relatively low towards the mountains, which stand a high rock chain from east to west, and mountains rise in most of the region, and each state has its mountains.

Due to the high mountains, the region experiences rain and cold weather during most of the year, making it a destination for tourists during summer, while snow falls on the peaks in winter.

Grasslands and hills

Many tourists go to the high grassy meadows scattered between the huts, to spend a night or two in the lap of nature, to escape the summer heat in the cities, where the high plateaus are spread in several states.

Among the agricultural crops that characterize the region are; Maize, Turkish tea, hazelnuts, tobacco and others, while green forests dominate the entire region, due to heavy rain and snow in winter.

In winter, the scenery of snowfall and frozen lakes lends a unique beauty to the region, making it a destination for winter nature lovers from around the world.

The Black Sea region is a tourist target for Arabs and foreigners, especially in the states of Trabzon, Samsun and Ordu, and airlines operate direct flights to Trabzon from Arab countries.

Trabzon mountains

The state of Trabzon is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in Turkey, as it occupies an excellent position on the map of tourism programs in several countries of the world, as it alone attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists annually.

Investors usually aim to purchase real estate units in Trabzon for the summer vacation period, and to obtain the benefits that the Turkish government offers to investors, from residency to obtaining citizenship.

Hotels, houses and cottages suitable for tourism are spread in various regions along the Turkish states bordering the Black Sea, increasing the tourism value in these areas.

The Turkish government has established airports connecting the various states in this region to facilitate the arrival of travelers and tourists from outside the country directly or through Istanbul Airport.

A diverse transport network has also contributed to the ease of movement between the states of the Black Sea region, encouraging domestic and foreign tourism.

Various activities

Tourist activities in the area range from eating traditional food, barbecuing in the green hills, preparing cups of characteristic Turkish tea, and wandering among meadows and forests.

In the Black Sea Mountains, enthusiasts can find kayaking, mountain climbing, bush camping, golfing and more.

The different states include many service establishments, such as cafes and restaurants overlooking the sea and forests, and the transition between them is usually carried out by cable car to give them a kind of adventure.

Turkey is full of many historical, archaeological and architectural monuments. In terms of natural wonders, most of the country’s beauty is concentrated in the Black Sea coast, which is full of green hills, picturesque meadows, fertile valleys, glacial lakes and architecture.

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