Couple creates amazing witches hats with floral arrangements and fake mushrooms

Artist couple Jamie and Frederick Addington, from Springfield, Massachusetts, have created beautiful witches’ hats decorated with floral arrangements and fake mushrooms.

• Innovative hats in a world of wonder, magic and imagination

Witch hats – photo from the official page of Jimmy and Frederick on Facebook

Jamie and Frederick Addington are inventive American professional hatters, making hats completely from scratch, from the base to the top, with every detail and accessory, no matter how delicate and intricate, easy and complex, or even fancy and fancy, all designs are not. are available and all ideas can be implemented using high quality materials and traditional methods. Court of Objections according to an exciting magical world of good fairies, mysterious witches, stories of creatures and exciting adventures in a world of wonder, magic, fantasy and legends.
“I love two things: hat making and incredible access to the legendary fantasy world,” says Jamie on Disillusioned with our real world, Jamie takes refuge in her fabulous fantasy world.
Jimmy grew up in her childhood influenced by stories of good fairies and how they help people, and she stayed with this feeling until she grew up and realized that she was one of the few who saw the world this way, she saw magic in everything from the birds in the nest outside her window, to children who dream of Santa Claus and his gifts, and even adults who get lost in their own wonderful dreams and worlds, where each person has a dream that he does not leave until he achieves it not , and transfer it from the world of fantasy and unreality to the world of reality.

• Start of entering the world of witch hats from the Halloween festival

Jimmy makes witch hats – photo from Jimmy and Frederick’s official Facebook page

About the beginning of entering the world of hats according to enchantedlivingmagazine-com, before she entered the exciting world of witch hats, Jamie owned a small fashion company that mainly specialized in vintage clothes and gowns, but she soon tired of it affected and began to hate this job, and in the meantime she met a friend. And he wanted to help her show her creativity and bring out her pent-up artistic talents, and friends were going to host a big Halloween party, and so I suggested to them that she make and sell some things just to to keep up with the occasion with some creativity and to bring out some of her creative potential and express herself.
Jamie made some gowns for witches with good art direction, Victorian elements and some nice details.

Frederick wears witch hats in their gallery – Photo from Jimmy and Frederick’s official Facebook page

“If you’re a witch, you need a hat..” says Jamie on the previous site.
With the help of her husband Frederick, Jamie created a box full of amazing wild hats for all her friends who took part in the festival, and the innovative designs were a huge success, opening a door of incredible creativity that Jamie was not didn’t know much. And witches and fictional mythical creatures since that moment.
“I don’t think of it as an accident so much as a magical fate where the universe is pushing me in the right direction,” says Jamie.

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• The witch hat is particularly attractive

Witch hats – photo from the official page of Jimmy and Frederick on Facebook

According to thisiscolossal-com, Jamie finds the witch hat particularly attractive for several reasons. Witch hats symbolize something more than just fairy tales and legends. One theory about where the modern witch hat came from is that it was from the 17th century Puritans, who had a very similar shape to men’s hats at that time, the woman wearing her husband’s hat had freedom, in a time he does not appreciate the woman, so the hat is a symbol for all women (and some men) throughout history who have been subjected to persecution.
“I like to think that every time people wear witch hats today, they’re honoring those who suffered, so we can wear them with pride and without fear,” says Jamie.

• strangest hat

Witch hats – photo from the official page of Jimmy and Frederick on Facebook

Regarding the weirdest hats the couple have made, Jamie says via the previous site: “It was a ‘big’ hat for the Salem Black Hat Society’s ‘Borah,’ and we worked on designing a rat’s nest in the hat, leaking from legs, and Venus flytraps. The internal structure allowed the hat to be cut and opened And split them until the mice seem to come out. It was a challenge, but the end result was worth it! “
Jimmy and Frederick not only make witch hats for festivals and events, but also Cloche Hats, Boleros, Fedoras, Sinamay Straw Hats, Derby Hats and Braided Hats.

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