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Germany, which fears a gas shortage, on Wednesday (August 24, 2022) approved a series of measures to save energy, such as limiting the temperatures of heating devices in public administrations and buildings, and urged individuals and companies to follow suit .

“We don’t want to measure temperatures in the bedrooms and individual freedom must be respected,” said German Economy Minister Robert Habeck, but these measures “call on families to take responsibility and contribute” to reducing energy consumption .

And the public authorities intend to set an example: the maximum temperature of heating devices in public administrations and buildings will be set to 19 degrees from the first of September, according to a decree issued on Wednesday, provided the temperature is set to 12 degrees if employees perform intense physical work.

Heating devices will also be turned off in public areas such as corridors, and there will be no hot water for washing hands. In companies, this will lower the minimum temperatures that must be met, which is a way to encourage the private sector to participate in this effort, without forcing it.

Hospitals and social institutions will be exempt from these measures. These measures, approved on Wednesday, will contribute to reducing gas consumption in Germany by 2%. Weeks ago, Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s government called for a national mobilization to save energy, the prices of which have risen sharply, while supplies could be disrupted this winter by the war in Ukraine.


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