The Prime Minister continues his tour of the projects of the “Long Live Egypt” complex in the village of Sidi Abdel Rahman

Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly and his companions continued their tour in the village of Sidi Abdel Rahman in the city of El Alamein in Matrouh Governorate, which today testifies to the inauguration of a number of sustainable development projects in it, implemented by the “Long”. Live Egypt” fund in partnership with “Emaar Misr”.

The Prime Minister completed an inspection of the sustainable development projects in the town and expressed his happiness with the scope of the achievement and the remarkable level in the implementation of the projects there The digital society of the inhabitants of the town, which saves time and effort for the citizen and the employee, by using information technology to simplify, facilitate and secure procedures and improve the services provided to our people in the towns.

In turn, Dr. Hala Al-Saeed, Minister of Planning and Economic Development, expressed her happiness with the opening of more public service complexes in the governorates and towns, within the framework of the state’s interest in establishing sustainable development goals in the governorates. , achieving integration between development efforts in rural and urban areas, and bridging development gaps between regions.

Mohamed Amin, Advisor to the President of the Republic and Secretary of the Long Life Egypt Fund, for his part emphasized the role that civil society institutions play in supporting the state’s development efforts, by participating in the implementation of development and service projects that improve the quality of services provided to citizens in various sectors. , in a way that contributes to the improvement of their standard of living, which expresses its happiness with the strategic partnership between civil society and the private sector, which aims to achieve the objectives of the state in providing a decent life for all citizens, and points out that these efforts coincide with the announcement of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, the General President of the Republic current year for civil society.

Tamer Abdel-Fattah, Executive Director of the Long Life Egypt Fund, for his part indicated that the Fund has prepared integrated studies on the requirements of sustainable development in the village of Sidi Abdel Rahman, in partnership with all parties involved, in order to provide make for integrated services that take into account the human dimension for the residents of the region, with the emphasis To ensure the sustainability of these services with the same quality, especially that the development plan was in consultation and coordination with the community leaders in the village of Sidi Abdel Rahman to provide health and educational facilities and services of a high standard to the residents of the area.

For his part, Emirati investor Mohamed Alabbar, founder of Emaar Properties, confirmed that Emaar Misr is very interested in the development of the communities in which it operates through permanent partnership with the Egyptian government, and his happiness with the partnership between Emaar Misr and pronounced the Tahya Misr. Fund To implement a number of development projects, also emphasizing that real estate projects have no value without considering human life, requirements and aspirations for a better life, and the facilities and services he needs, especially those related to health and education.

The Prime Minister and his entourage inspected the youth sports city in the village of Sidi Abdel Rahman, which was implemented in collaboration and coordination with the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Dr Ashraf Sobhi, Minister of Youth and Sports, indicated that the city includes the playground -area, swimming pool, gym and children’s playroom.

In this context, Dr. Mostafa Madbouly became acquainted with the rest of the city’s components from a high vantage point, where dr. Ashraf Sobhi indicated that the city has a football field, a five-a-side football field, a semi-Olympic swimming pool, a children’s play area, a commercial services area, restaurants and two social buildings. They have halls for fighting games, individual game rooms, a fitness center and a first aid room.

During his inspection of the projects of the village of Sidi Abdel Rahman, the Prime Minister and his entourage visited the “Tahya Misr” primary school, which was built and equipped by the “Long live Egypt” fund, as part of the implementation of the educational complex, where he listened to an explanation from dr. Reda Hegazy, Minister of Education and Technical Education, about the components of the school, noting that it includes 29 classrooms that house 1015 students annually, a playground area and a kindergarten building, as part of an effort to reduce the density of reducing one classroom from 105 students to only 36 students, adding that it also includes a hall for entrepreneurship and handicrafts and a visiting clinic. The health facility, the radio hall, the computer laboratory and the five -a-side stadium.

During his visit to the Tahya Misr Primary School, the Prime Minister held a dialogue with a number of school students who were present to display many of their handicrafts.Dr. Mostafa Madbouly praised the high craftsmanship of the students’ products, which clearly artistic cans .

During his visit to the “New and Developed School Complex”, the Prime Minister listened to an explanation in which it was pointed out that the complex includes schools that meet the requirements of the town, and is characterized by the availability of the latest advanced technologies. Strictly electronic and secure through modern computers and fiber cables, in addition to providing educational curricula through electronic media. These schools are also equipped with the latest computer labs and language labs. The use of these facilities is being studied in providing rehabilitation programs for village youth in languages ​​and computers offering certificates accredited to help them enter the labor market.

It is worth noting that the new and developed school complex in the village of Sidi Abdel Rahman also includes the “Moadh Bin Jabal Preparatory Girls School”, which has 9 classrooms that house 315 students annually. The complex includes the Sidi Abdel Rahman School, which has 12 classrooms for the preparatory stage, accommodating 420 students annually, and 9 classrooms for the secondary stage accommodating 280 students annually, where the secondary school building has been re-equipped, with the construction of a new school for the preparatory stage, and the creation of a building to increase the school’s capacity to meet future needs.

The Executive Director of the Long Live Egypt Fund indicated that an educational application platform has been provided in partnership with Vodafone Egypt, where the platform contains many topics that suit the needs of students at different academic levels, as well as interactive videos, a question bank and summaries to help students study In addition to content that develops their digital skills such as programming, robotics, electronics and other scientific fields and modern disciplines, as well as a variety of interactive digital books in Arabic with the “Young Thinkers” company to help students develop abilities to read the Arabic language and raise awareness of its importance.

At the end of his tour of sustainable development projects in the village of Sidi Abdel Rahman, the Prime Minister visited the Family and Pediatric Medicine Unit and listened to an explanation from Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Health, who indicated that the development observed by the old health unit came within the framework of upgrading the level of services. The health care provided by it explains that it has been rebuilt, the provision of human cadres to increase its level of service, and the management of all the necessary medical equipment, noting that it includes the emergency department, dental clinic, observation rooms and outpatient clinics, as well as a family medicine unit, a blood analysis laboratory and a pharmacy. And a division for registering births and providing vaccinations for children.


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