The camera enters the palace where Amy Samir Ghanem lives with Hassan Al-Raddad The life of princesses.. the pool alone is enough

Amy Samir Ghanem was known for presenting a number of comic roles, and participated in a large number of films and serials, including: Assal Aswad, Samir, Shahir and Bahir, Bulbul Hiran, with Red Wax, and other successful works.

Amy Samir Ghanem was born on March 31, 1987. She studied business administration at Modern Academy. She loved acting, and her first artistic participation was the series “The Family of Professor Amin” with her late father and mother and sister, artist Donia Samir Ghanem.

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Away from this topic, we take you on a tour of the luxurious home of the artist Amy Samir Ghanem and her husband, the artist Hassan Al-Raddad, in the city of Cairo.

Tech accounts have published details and photos of Egyptian artist Amy Samir Ghanem’s villa, which consists of two floors with an outdoor pool, and enjoys a decor that combines a modern youthful spirit with classic and refined elegance.

The interface .. calm but impressive, by the video published on the social media, and by the photos we could collect from the account of the couple, Hassan Al-Raddad, the hero of the series “The Wife 18” and Amy Samir Ghanem. Elevate her taste and signature engineering touch..

Villa Amy Samir Ghanem and Hassan El Raddad

The facade has a neutral white color that harmonizes with the purity of the air to the point that it merges into this large space, and the daylight here could give a special shine to the building.

Villa Amy Samir Ghanem and Hassan El Raddad

Living room for comfort The living room of Hassan El-Raddad and Amy Samir Ghanem is designed in a modern style, because it comes in the shape of the letter L in Latin. It also enjoys a state of calm and comfort that is hard to deny, and this is evident in its soft colors derived from the colors of the curtains and walls.

Villa Amy Samir Ghanem and Hassan El Raddad

The two stars here relied on a set of colorful cushions that decorate the sofa and inspire joy and vitality, in an attempt to get it out of the peaceful state it lives in.

In the living room there is also a table with a distinctive design, a bright and colorful rug, and a comfortable modern chair without any armrests.

2. living room

Charming dining room The dining room is predominantly brown, and consists of a table surrounded by soft designed chairs, with lighting elements that add beauty to its components.

dining room

From this hall the upper floor of the villa appears through an elegant wooden balustrade which transports the occupants to the bedrooms.


The bedroom of Amy Samir Ghanem’s house is luxurious, because Donia combines light brown and gold with earth tones; To weave an integrated art board.

Hassan El-Raddad explains the truth about his split from Amy Samir Ghanem

Brown kitchen The kitchen may not have a large area, but it is a complete and integrated one that sits in a small area of ​​the villa; Its units are in soft colors like the rest of the house, while at the same time they are practical and comprehensive for all cooking purposes.


The choice of the brown color for the kitchen units is very successful, as it matches perfectly with the color of the floor, and was able to give the kitchen a feeling of spaciousness.

load 2

It is worth noting that Amy Samir Ghanem’s latest work is the “Super Miro” series, which was shown during the Ramadan 2019 drama season, written by Mohamed Mohammadi and Ahmed Mohi, directed by Walid Al-Halafawi, with Amy Samir Ghanem in the main role with the participation of a number of stars, in particular: Hamdi Al-Marghani, Bayoumi Fouad, Mohamed Tharwat, King of Qura, Mohamed Mahmoud, Ahmed Sultan, in partnership with the late star Samir Ghanem.

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