The curriculum has proven its ability to develop students’ behavior, which is reflected in their role in the development of society

  • 121,000 students in 173 schools have benefited from the programme
  • Negative behavior in schools decreased by 56.5% compared to previous years
  • International accreditation certificates «ISO» contribute to sustainability, innovation and quality assurance

The pioneering achievements of the “Together” program to combat violence and addiction is one of the initiatives of the National Plan to Strengthen Loyalty and National Belonging (Bahriina), which aims to improve community partnership and national belonging. With a policy of development and modernization aimed at increasing the level of performance and keeping up with the spirit of the times in terms of the use of modern technologies and systems that help to save effort and time and the level of services provided and improve the tasks and duties required.

Ali Ahmed Amini, director of the program to fight violence and addiction “Together”, indicated that the achievements achieved came from the insightful and future vision of General Sheikh Rashid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa, Minister of Interior, and his wise prescriptions regarding the security role and the emphasis on the continued development of the security strategy from Where organization, preparedness and training are based on performance development by updating the security approach to improve the efficiency of organizational work, and competitiveness between all departments in improve the Ministry of the Interior and the relevant authorities of government and civil institutions.

The Director of the Anti-Violence and Addiction Program praised the acumen of His Excellency Sheikh Hisham bin Abdulrahman Al Khalifa, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior for Nationality, Passports and Residency Affairs and Chairman of the Anti-Violence and Addiction Committee, to implement the directives and aspirations of the Minister of Home Affairs on the ground, set the timetable for it and achieve it by forming a qualified and specialized team To draw up the scenarios, working mechanisms and procedures through which all requirements necessary to the program complying with international standards that are in line with the vision and objectives of the “Together” program will be provided. Thus, the program organizers attempted to make all efforts and invest resources positively, through which several achievements were achieved, represented in the program’s crop of various certificates International accreditation in standards, specifications and standard foundations that contribute to the sustainability of security services provided by the program, which is reflected in the efficiency and quality of security work that achieves crime prevention and limits its rates, which is evident from the performance measurement indicators adopted and scientific systems in statistics, analysis and obtaining results according to Deductive reading helps to develop innovative solutions and effective initiatives to confront any negative or negative phenomena Localize stranger to society, especially in relation to young people and the life challenges they face.

Amini explained that the accreditation certificates obtained through the “Together” program are certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), an organization that raises standards, sets standards, foundations, tests and certificates related to them on a global level in various fields. This organization includes representatives from most countries of the world. It was founded in 1947 with membership of the standards and standardization bodies of member countries, and the central secretariat of the organization is located in Geneva – Switzerland. 158 national members from a total of 195 countries in the world, and the standards are divided into three sections, which are technical standards, classification standards and operational standards organization standards.

The director of the “Saam” program indicated that the certificates obtained by the program, which are among the most important accreditation certificates that the Ma’an program has recently acquired, are the internationally accredited certificate of learning services system outside the formal education system ISO . 29993, achieved through the “Together” program, to be considered the first version of accreditation in the Kingdom of Bahrain and aims. The certificate aims to measure the quality of the training programs and awareness curricula of the program, and the effective sequence of the teaching process, while ensuring the availability of comprehensive outputs of learning services outside of formal education to acquire knowledge and the effectiveness, efficiency and improve transparency of learning services and the awareness program, through all elements such as information provided to learners and needs analysis during design Curricula and mechanisms for the evaluation of all procedures and implementation steps, in addition to methodologies for the final evaluation after the implementation of the training program , improvement policies, credibility in providing the service represented in the training program, and exemplary content that lies in the sharing of organizational knowledge and the collective participation of all students during the application period.

As for learning outside the formal education system, it is a general term for education that takes place outside the organized curricula and differs from formal education provided by government agencies concerned with education. It includes non-formal education and helps individuals to learn skills and values ​​and facts to interact and deal with different life situations and the ability to control them. Informal education is the reaction and interaction with the surrounding environment and the ability to act with confidence and freedom in unfamiliar situations, in addition to learning without obligations or restrictions There is compatibility and complementarity between the methodologies of the “Together” program and the standards of the education system outside the formal education system, which achieves the positive effectiveness of all methods used in the application of the program.

The “Together” program is based on curricula prepared for four decades by accredited psychologists and educators and experts of the International Organization to Combat Violence and Addiction (DARE) and is applied in more than 60 countries around the world and is overseen by four boards, namely the Scientific Advisory Board, the Educational Advisory Board and the Law Enforcement Advisory Board and the Youth Defense Board, all of which are affiliated with the international organization. In addition, the follow-up and periodic evaluation of the curricula is carried out by curriculum specialists in Ma’an program, who have been qualified and approved by the organization to form the integrated training staff of the regional center for combating violence and addiction for the countries of Asia and the Middle East, which is based in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The curricula have been Arabized and Bahrainized in line with our Arab and Islamic values, customs and authentic Bahraini culture to keep up with the social and security features of our society. About the most important scientific theories, especially the theory of Maslow’s pyramid, which explains the learning of priorities and various human needs, in addition to building curriculum lesson activities based on modern teaching and learning theories, taking into account the learning styles of each age stage from kindergarten to secondary school, and the objectives were formulated according to the characteristics. The curriculum aims to prepare a conscious generation capable of making optimal decisions to achieve a social life free from violence and addiction by focusing on various axes, namely skills and beliefs, analysis of situations, training to confront them and how to deal with them properly, achieving personal protection and maintaining safety in addition. The curriculum accepts modern concepts of education that depend on The experiences that arise from the reality of the target group and the scientific and recognized facts. More than 121,000 students in 173 schools in the Kingdom of Bahrain benefited from the program, and the effectiveness of the curriculum was reflected in the decrease in the percentage of negative behavior in schools by 56.5% compared to previous years. Despite the challenges the world has faced since the Corona pandemic, those in charge of the program have tried to develop solutions and create educational systems that keep pace with global development and contribute to the achievement of the desired goals.

ISO 9001 quality management system certification

The completion of the Ma’an program represents in obtaining the certificate in the completion of the requirements and working on it for a period of only five months, since this period is considered a qualitative and unique achievement, since the procedures of the work system in the “Together” program was in great agreement with the systems required in the quality system and work has been in place since the start of the program in 2011.

The ISO 9001 quality management system is the modern and developed version and has been internationally approved by the International Organization for Standardization. The system aims to define transparency of operations, clear responsibility guidelines, internal customer satisfaction, better communication, and to work according to control measures that achieve more documentation of the processes, techniques and methods in force in management and continuous control that contribute to laying strong foundations for decision-making and increasing development potential.

ISO 31000 certificate in risk management system

The Anti-Violence Program “Together” was able to obtain the ISO 31000 certificate in the risk management system, as part of the efforts of those in charge of the program to work according to the highest international standards to develop capabilities in dealing with risks and potential events and to meet advanced global best practices, thereby becoming the first government entity to obtain this type of certification.

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