The Minister of Higher Education inspects Zewail City of Science, Technology and Innovation

Dr. Ayman Ashour, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, inspected the Zewail City of Science, Technology and Innovation this morning, accompanied by Dr Mahmoud Abd Rabbo, Acting CEO of Zewail City of Science and Technology, and a number of leaders of the Engineering Authority, and dr. Adel Abdel Ghaffar, Media Advisor and Spokesperson of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research Alami, Dr. Hisham Farouk, Assistant Minister for Digital Transformation, Dr. Anwar Ismail, Executive Director of the Technical Consultancy, Studies and Research Fund, Dr. Hussein Farid, Director of the Private Universities Project, and a group of city leaders.

At the beginning of the inspection tour, the Minister congratulated the family of Zewail City of Science, Technology and Innovation for obtaining international accreditation from the American International Accreditation Authority (ABET), which became the first Egyptian university to receive this accreditation in the programs (communication and information engineering, environmental engineering, nanotechnology engineering and nanoelectronics, biomedical science).

During the visit, the minister inspected the city’s administrative and cultural complex, which includes a leading theater equipped with the latest technological systems and able to accommodate more than 1,000 people. He also inspected the new academic building, which was built on an area of ​​110,000 square meters, and includes a large number of halls and laboratories equipped according to international standards. He visited the National Bank of NATO Technology Institute, and the Helmy Institute for Medical Sciences.

The Minister also listened to a detailed explanation about Zewail City of Science and Technology, and was assured of the availability of the appropriate environment for innovation and creativity, through the application of the latest educational technologies and the active participation of students in the educational process away. of memorization and indoctrination, as the city is interested in deepening understanding by taking advantage of laboratory capabilities capable of Developing students’ skills.

The minister praised the scale of the city’s achievements and emphasized the importance of its scientific, educational and research role in Egyptian society, noting that this reflects the amount of large investments pumped by the state to build leading universities across the Republic. establish, and to provide an appropriate educational environment that stimulates creativity and innovation, emphasizing that Continuous follow-up by the political leadership of all projects implemented to develop the education and research system.

Dr. said. Adel Abdel Ghaffar, media advisor and official spokesperson of the ministry, said that the university grants bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees in modern and distinguished academic programs. The programs offered by the university include the following strategic disciplines: (nanotechnology engineering, new and renewable). energy engineering, communication and information technology engineering, environmental engineering, biomedical sciences, nanoscience, materials science, earth and space physics).

The official spokesperson added that nearly 950 international research articles have been published in prestigious scientific journals with a high impact factor, and to infer the quality of scientific publication in Zewail City, according to Nature Index statistics, the city ranks first among Egyptian universities listed. in terms of the number of citations International research and the third place in terms of the abundance of scientific production, 9 patents were registered in areas corresponding to the strategic directions of the state, and the city received funding of more than 100 million pounds from research support agencies in order to conduct applied research that can be converted into an industrial product and thus localize the Egyptian industry and own Right to Know.

The official spokesperson explained that Zewail City of Science and Technology is closely linked to research institutes, as each academic program corresponds to a research institute equipped with the latest technological devices, including a four-dimensional microscope designed by the venerable scientist Dr. Ahmed Zewail, through which the movement of atoms and electronics can be monitored, as well as a clean room for the fabrication of micro-systems, with an environment that stimulates innovation and creativity, and the deepening of understanding by providing laboratory capabilities that students’ develop skills.

It is noteworthy that Zewail City for Science and Technology is built on an area of ​​200 hectares in the October Gardens area, and more than 5 billion pounds have been invested in its construction so far, and it aims to provide an excellent educational experience based on understanding and innovation.


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The Minister of Higher Education inspects the city of Zewail

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