Zahrat Al Khaleej – After the opening of the “Loro Piana” interior design store in Milan, Francesco Bergamo: Textiles are at the heart of our home accessories


The prestigious Italian house Loro Piana continues its journey of excellence and expertise, spanning more than six generations in innovation Luxury products that live forever, and developed to expand into the world of interior design since 2006, recently has a store opened The new Loro Piana Interiors in Milan, inside the house’s new headquarters at Palazzo Cortile della Seta. On this occasion, Azhara Al Khalijib interviewed Francesco Pergamo, Director of Loro Piana Interiors Business Unit, to see For more details about this distinctive typeface:

• Let’s start by defining “Loro Piana” for interior designs… For those who haven’t heard of it, what can we say to him?

– The design principle of Loro Piana Interiors definitely fits the principles of the ancient evolution of luxury products in Loro Piana. This means that what we are looking for is quality, a sense of aesthetics, but at the same time functionality. And of course we look at something that is a holistic view, and our goal is to offer our customers a world in which they can live, find themselves in terms of comfort and quality, and in terms of the kind of aesthetics that they like when they buy Loro Piana clothes, shoes or whatever, which means It all starts with fabric, but if in the past, like in the textile department, it was just fabric, now we are moving into the whole lifestyle and home world . Before we move on from fabric, we move on to textile accessories, which are the natural sophistication you can have. So from a piece of cloth we go to plates, throws, cushions and tables, where maybe one day we will know a different kind of product.

• Thinking of moving into carpet production?

– Yes, we go to rugs and carpets, especially since the first product was created for Loro Piana Interiors, and the first step was cashmere rugs. There was a very important challenge from a product development point of view. Since cashmere is a microfiber, anything with microfibers in between, and subject to such stressful use as carpets, presents a major challenge. It was, frankly, mr. Pier Luigi, who pursued this kind of goal, and after several “no’s” he managed to achieve it. So, the idea is actually to create your own world of the same softness, the same fun, the same sense of color, which is very important in Loro Piana, and as you know Loro Piana is all about color. People collect our accessories in many colors; Because we play with colors, we offer a wide range of colors at Loro Piano. This is really the key to the world of interior design. And that’s the key to have these products you know, textiles as materials for different uses in 3D furniture accessories. So, this is the evolution that extends into the entire interior of your home. We are actually involved in some projects that are very complex, so when you want to deliver that level of quality on a project, you have to focus a lot. We don’t get to do many projects, but the few we take on are – most of the time – 360 degree projects..from the ground up.

  • After opening the interior design store

• What was the inspiration and idea behind the latest collection of interior designs?

– If we talk about the latest collection, in terms of furniture, that we just presented during the Milan Design Week, the inspiration is always textiles. Everything is designed with circular shapes; To create the greatest comfort, which gives a feeling of great relaxation and a sense of security. The designs of the third chair came during the “Covid-19” crisis, when people needed to feel comfortable and safe, and therefore not all chairs have sharp corners, and look like the palm of the hand and cocoon.

• “Loro Piana” is known for its craftsmanship and cashmere. How can we see this power in the interiors?

Craftsmanship is also at the heart of creativity; Because it starts with the material, just like the fashion line, and of course the quality is uncompromising.

• “Loro Piana” is one of the pioneers of fashion… How does this apply to interior designs?

– Of course keep an eye on what’s going on in terms of fashion trends. However, we never compromise on our brand DNA. We might play around a bit with the aesthetic in a subtle way. As for the innovations, we created an outline that appeared parallel to the quarantine period, when people had to stay in the comfort of their homes.

• To what extent does “Loro Piana Interiors” meet the requirements of the Arab public?

The brand places great emphasis on detail, in terms of tailoring and embroidery, and we believe these aspects are important to our customers in the Middle East. It is also possible that in the future we will approach Middle Eastern customers by opening a store. Although Middle Eastern customers travel frequently, we would love to get close to them.

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