Classic cars are back on the market with electric versions

date of publication:
04 September 2022 14:54 GMT

Update Date: 04 September 2022 15:30 GMT

For many people, the image of electric cars is associated with a modern look and an advanced futuristic feel.

On the other hand, automakers with a long legacy in the world of classic cars are racing to introduce electric versions of their old cars.

In doing so, it seeks to preserve the design of the old gas-powered cars, and some of the distinctive elements, which gave it a particular identity; According to the newspaper “Washington Post”.

Dodge Charger Daytona SRT

Among the famous classic cars that companies have converted to electric is the Dodge Charger Daytona SRT.

The 1960 version had an 8-cylinder engine, which had a huge impact on car culture in the early 1970s.

The American company “Dodge” is currently planning to introduce a fully electric version in 2024, with an electronic sound similar to the traditional sound of the car.

The design of the new version took into account the classic car’s look and driving feel, and its electronic sound is the first of its kind in the electric car industry.

Id Buzz from Volkswagen


The classic Volkswagen Microbus was associated with a particular social movement, a rejection of the norms of accelerated automotive development, a symbol of the protest culture of the 1960s, and a vehicle for traveling around the world.

The company launched a new 5-seat version and a new all-electric design in Europe in 2022 for $66,000, and plans to launch it in the US market in 2024.

The European version includes a seat for three people that can be folded, and small folding tables are installed behind the passenger seats, and a range of 415 kilometers per charge.

Its interior design includes a lighting system of 30 colors, and its speed reaches 150 kilometers per hour, and that it does not emit an annoying sound even at high speeds.

Ford F-150 Lightning


The Ford F-150 was a pickup truck that was the best-selling vehicle in the United States for four decades.

The production of a new electric version of it started in April 2022, and its price is 47,000 dollars.

Ford is marketing its new electric car as more powerful than it was, with a slight change to its exterior.

Its engine power reaches 580 horsepower, compared to its classic predecessor with 430 horsepower, and it can reach a speed of 97 kilometers per hour in 4 seconds, similar to racing cars.

The car has the ability to side-charge, to charge other cars or household appliances, and has a range of 386 kilometers per charge.

Ford Mustang Mash E


Ford provided the new version of the Mustang Mash E in 2021, unlike its predecessor, as it became a four-door SUV, with a larger interior space and a mileage of 488 kilometers per hour.

But what distinguishes it is the high performance, due to the use of two electric motors for four-wheel drive, which increases the acceleration of the car, and its price was 49,000 dollars.

Hummer from General Motors


The Hummer has always been known for its high fuel consumption, but the American General Motors Corporation introduced an electric version in 2021 that cost 85,000 dollars.

The car can cross bumpy roads, with many features; Like walking diagonally, as well as the large thickness of the tires, with 3 electric motors, and their range exceeds 400 km.

EQV from Mercedes-Benz


The German company, Mercedes-Benz, launched an electric version of its luxury car “EQV” in 2020, and is currently only available in Europe for $68,000.

It has eight seats, with the ability to fold the seats in the middle and turn it into a table, as well as many features to increase luxury, and it is available in another version that is longer, with a range of 400 km.

Porsche Taycan


The German company Porsche continued its traditional production of its sports cars, but with electric versions, and launched the “Taycan” model in 2019 at an amount of 87 thousand dollars, and its range exceeds 322 kilometers.

The car comes in three different designs, and differs in its capabilities. The Taycan Turbo can reach 97 kilometers per hour in 3 seconds, and is distinguished by its aerodynamic properties over all other Porsche cars.

Mini Cooper SE Electric


The Mini Cooper electric car has an acceptable price of about $30,000, and the American company Mini launched it on the market in 2020.

The car is comfortable to drive in congested urban areas, but its short driving range of 184 km makes it unsuitable for suburban driving.

Jaguar I-Pace


In 2018, the British company Jaguar switched from its specialty in classic sports cars to the launch of an all-electric SUV with a large interior.

The car has a hard exterior structure and an engine cover that reduces noise, and has a range of 470 kilometers, and an amount of 71,000 dollars.

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