More than 30 armed Palestinians riot over Tel Aviv / By: Sam Bahour

Around 04:00 last night, six armored Palestinian jeeps entered the northern neighborhoods of Tel Aviv, disrupting the pre-dawn calm and causing chaos throughout the city. The jeeps eventually approached a two-story house surrounded by more than 30 masked Palestinian soldiers. Using a loudspeaker, a soldier in fluent Hebrew ordered Shlomo Herzl out of his house. When he did not respond, some soldiers smashed the front door and the sound of gunfire rang out throughout. Witnesses at the home later said that Shlomo had now been hit by a live bullet, and was killed in cold blood as he lay in his bed.

Magen David Adom paramedics rushed to the scene, but their progress/movement was impeded at gunpoint until masked Palestinian soldiers confirmed Shlomo’s death by sending a K-9 sniffer dog with a camera into the bedroom. After 45 minutes, the paramedics were allowed to enter the house, but the deceased disappeared, to learn later that the Palestinians had already seized the body, and put it in one of their jeeps.

Palestinian sources said that after more than six months of accurate intelligence, monitoring telephone network and email traffic in Tel Aviv, and in close cooperation with Facebook, Unit 8200 of the Palestinian Intelligence Service identified the Israeli soldier Shlomo Herzl, who was in the Jenin wash. refugee camp on May 11, 2022, as the person who pulled the trigger and killed veteran Palestinian-American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, and the unidentified Palestinian source said that “justice has been served.”

home no more

The Palestinian jeeps left and drove straight to another house on the edge of the Tel Aviv business district. They surrounded another house there, but this time it was a historic one-story house with an Arabic inscription above the front door, “God bless us at home.”

A tall, broad-shouldered Palestinian soldier knocked on the front door and gave the Israeli owner who opened the door a written order to demolish the house. When the owner of the house started shouting to know why his house was being targeted for the demolition order, the soldier explained to the owner of the house that he had a cousin who was the commander of the Israeli army who ordered Israeli snipers to to open. fire on a group of peaceful protesters in Gaza, and the whole family would now pay the price for this act of terror.

The owner of the house was given fifteen minutes to evacuate his family and their personal belongings from the house, meanwhile a Palestinian explosive unit was seen placing explosive devices in the corners of the building. Erg, she has a pink school bag on her shoulder , and drags a blanket behind her on the floor.

As the family stood outside, the Palestinian commander immediately issued a demolition order, and what was an old house in this quiet neighborhood was reduced to a pile of rubble amid the family’s sobs.

last stop

Before leaving Tel Aviv, a group of Palestinian jeeps finally drove to the most prestigious part of the city, broke into the home of Defense Minister Benny Gantz and kicked in the front door after killing several of the Israeli guards protecting the house , arrested with a gun. since General Gantz was behind the decision to launch the increased attacks against the Palestinians throughout the occupied territories.

Gantz’s wife and children were ordered to gather in a bedroom, while Palestinian soldiers broke into the house, pulled out drawers and dumped their contents on the floor, knocked on cupboards, chopped mattresses off beds, threw pillows on furniture and walls with a sledgehammer and punch holes in them, taboos.

Nevertheless, General Gantz was detained, seen taken from his home handcuffed and blindfolded, and put in the back of a Palestinian jeep before all six cars drove out of sight.

It was at dawn on a sweltering summer day, when the six jeeps crossed the Qalandia checkpoint back to the West Bank, and as the jeep with Gantz advanced, it was greeted by dozens of Palestinian refugees from the Qalandia refugee camp, who had gathered did, chanting “Death to the Jews.” Prominent Palestinian Legislative Council settler Abdel Qader leads the chants.

Those who saw Gantz get out of the jeep in Ramallah heard him asking to speak to his lawyer, a request that was ignored, the Palestinian Prison Authority stated that Gantz had been placed in solitary confinement, and leaks from inside the prison revealed that screams were coming from Gantz’s cell suggesting he was being tortured. Then a Palestinian military court issued an administrative detention order for him for a renewable period of six months, meaning Gantz will be held indefinitely without charge. The Palestinian Prison Authority statement warned that anyone sending money orders to Gantz to buy shampoo and cigarettes from the prison canteen would be seen as a supporter of “pay-to-kill” policies and held accountable become


Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas issued a statement saying that this nighttime attack on Tel Aviv came as a direct response to what US President Joe Biden promised during his recent visit to the region. Abbas said: “We promised to fight terrorism, and state terrorism cannot hide from accountability behind The mantle of the state. The Israelis must understand that they have nowhere to hide if they carry out attacks on Palestinians somewhere. “

Abbas went on to say that he expects the US Congress to reward his government with the $40 million Iron Vest Supplementary Appropriations Act S.2830 – of 2022, which would provide every Palestinian with a US-made bulletproof vest, in an effort to to ensure the Palestinians receive a qualitative benefit as a kind of protection against Israeli attacks and ongoing crimes against humanity.

Early this morning, the White House released a statement indicating that President Biden had been briefed on developments that occurred during the night, and the US president said: “Deep down, I am a Palestinian refugee.” Later in the day, the White House spokesman confirmed that Biden was scheduled to meet with several flak vest manufacturers seeking the flak vest grant.


Does this story seem surreal? It should be, because the above events never happened – at least not in Tel Aviv.

However, this type of scenario occurs frequently as the Israeli army perpetrates it against Palestinians, where there are sudden killings almost every day, the bodies of the dead are confiscated, there are nightly arrests of Palestinians who are taken out of their beds in the middle of the night, and Palestinian houses are routinely demolished under the flimsy pretext of illegal construction, or as a means of collective punishment. All this and more, Palestinians suffer all the time – sometimes at night, sometimes in broad daylight – regarding the international community and journalists.

If you are anxious to read this article at the beginning of the story, and then find it interesting at the end – you urgently need to revise your value system, then when the anger explodes and such scenarios begin to happen to the Israelis, and not only to the Palestinians, then why would the Israelis and their supporters in the West get angry?

However, this bleak end must not be reached. Acting now to end Israel’s 55-year military occupation can reverse the course of history and put Palestinians and Israelis alike on a new, shared path of peaceful coexistence. farm.

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