National News Agency – An-Nahar: The “Representatives of Change” initiative is the first to mobilize the merit

NNA – An-Nahar newspaper wrote: A few days after the start of the constitutional deadline for the election of the new president of the republic, the presidential scene began to see serious milestones in drawing the graph for the process to to crystallize at least a tentative road map that would be the vanguard of positions on which to build assessments of potential candidates for the presidency. The initiative launched by the “Changing Representatives Bloc” was what can be considered the first mediation movement of a parliamentary bloc between the various parliamentary blocs and political forces, with the aim of crystallizing a consensus on a president from outside the assemblies and with specifications that respond to the reality after the popular uprising.

If it is too early to judge the chances of the success of this initiative to penetrate the deep vertical divisions that characterize the reality of the presidential elections, while waiting for the reactions of the different blocs and powers to emerge comes, the reactions to it will be monitored. starting first at Maarab, which will witness this afternoon’s mass and the annual celebration in memory of the martyrs of the resistance during which the leader of the Lebanese Forces Party, Samir Geagea, will deliver a speech that will be characterized by importance and connotations, while at a fatal crossroads for the country is coming. It is not excluded, in the context of Geagea’s handling of the presidential election file, which will be the central subject of his speech, that his speech will include a position on the MPs’ change initiative. It is worth noting here that the Maarab celebration will witness a positive development this year in terms of the decision of the leadership of the Phalange Party to be represented in the central troop celebration, and the party will be represented by MPs Nadim Gemayel and Salim Al – Sayegh with a high-ranking Phalange delegation, which reflects a positive development in the process of dealing with relations between the two parties on the brink of the presidential election.

As for the “Change Forces” initiative, it was based on his determination “to approach public affairs in a productive way to save the nation from this spectacle after the state’s sovereignty has been destroyed and after our Arab relations have been murdered and submerged is in foreign trouble.” The bloc explained yesterday in a press conference held in the presence of its 13 deputies: “The system targeted all the pillars of the state, and we have a historic role today, and one of these roles is the election of a new president of the After October 17, this matter requires joint efforts and a return to the constitution and its implementation, and this is the only solution for Lebanon.” He emphasized that “it is not permissible for any party to lay its hand on Lebanon, and we refuse that parties continue to own Lebanon. In order for our initiative to succeed on the eve of the presidential elections, we must expose others to the reality. we reached out and extended a hand to others and to avoid any vacuum, the merits must be Lebanese.” And the block added: “If the president is not one of the features of our initiative, history will curse us , and based on the importance of this site, the country is in dire need of a president:

– It is rightly a symbol of the unity of the nation in light of the difficult circumstances we are going through and beyond political and partisan divisions.

– Maintain Lebanon’s independence and sovereignty, internal and external, and its unity and territorial integrity, independent of regional axes and international polarizations on the one hand, and able to restore Lebanon’s external position.

– He believes in the necessity of dedicating a state of citizenship away from sectarianism, which is responsible for the protection and defense of all its citizens, the exercise of effective sovereignty and firm authority through its constitutional institutions over all its countries with justice, securing its borders by all national standards, and possessing absolute supremacy over its land, its institutions, its choices and its positions.

– It is in line with the interests of the majority of the Lebanese people and is ready to work on adjusting the balance of power that ensures the accurate identification of losses and the preservation of state assets, fair distribution of responsibilities and the allocation of losses to banks, owners, boards of directors and beneficiaries of financial engineering, while protecting depositors’ money.

– Respect freedom of conscience and belief and religious diversity, reject sectarianism, sectarianism and regionalism, and believe in individual rights and equality between the different segments of society at all levels.

– He turns to the Constitution, ensures the implementation of its texts, exercises his powers and ensures that the laws are respected.

– He believes in the necessity to establish a new economic and social model that is effective, fair and sustainable within a free economy.

– He is able to force the approval and implementation of an economic recovery plan that balances between restoring the efficiency of the economy and preserving the free character of the economy on the one hand, and restoring the state s role in achieving social justice as a constitutional principle stated in the preamble to the constitution by ensuring a social protection network for all citizens.

– Rebuilding state institutions and administrations on modern and modern foundations.

Adhere to public and individual liberties.

– He adheres to the imposition of the reopening of the path of justice in the crime of the century, the tragedy of August 4, to protect the investigation from political interference that obstructs justice, which is the obligatory path to reach the truth, hold those responsible accountable, guarantee the rights of the families of the victims and those affected and all people, and finally end the culture of impunity.

– It works to restore the role, independence and integrity of the judiciary by strengthening the judicial, administrative and financial judiciary.

– It restores on the one hand the sovereign security, defense, financial and economic powers of the central state, and on the other hand supports the implementation of effective administrative decentralization at the level of regions.

– Maintain a united Lebanon with its land and sea borders, protect its wealth wherever it is found, and work towards the demarcation of borders before the competent international authorities in accordance with international laws.

Restore balance to the parliamentary system and to the principle of majority and minority in government, and restore order and consideration to the constitutional institutions so that they can return and be the real decision-making center in the state.

– Unleash the dynamics of calm, rational and courageous research into the nature of the political system

and ways to develop it.

The bloc announced that: “It will start by holding a series of popular and political consultations to present the presidential initiative in Lebanon and the diaspora, starting with groups and parties that believe in the principles of October 17, up to all powers to produce a personality that fits our criteria for the presidency. President, we will turn to popular means of pressure.”

Pending what Geagea will announce today, the “Central News Agency” attributes to Maarab sources and says: “There is no doubt that progress has been made on two basic levels. On the one hand, any president from March 8 is a major catastrophe .The second relates to the specifications that were set, which were basically laid down previously by the “powers that be.” In terms of the president maintaining Lebanon’s internal and external sovereignty, he is sovereign with distinction. strategy and the foreign strategy, or in terms of preserving the assets of the state, that is, being a reforming president which does not squander public funds and challenges corruption, and finally regarding the achievement of justice and equality, which is not applied in Lebanon in the presence of an armed team that uses weapons against the rest of the Lebanese.” .

She added: “These good specifications form a starting point and a fulcrum to achieve a personality that can actually carry these specifications, not poetically and notebook, but to have the ability to put words into actions for all of the above. translated. In terms of presidential specifications and the need for the opposition forces to unite, because without them no party can bring the required president in the face of an armed and corrupt system, which requires some to go further for the sake of the public interest if all their considerations and the Lebanese vote for sovereignty and reforms.

On the other hand, the head of the “Free Patriotic Movement” MP Gebran Bassil will hold a press conference next Tuesday after the meeting of the “Strong Lebanon Bloc”, in which he will discuss the file of government formation and the constitutional clash over the caretaker government. the light of the presidential vacuum, and respond to the positions of President Nabih Berri on the anniversary of his absence Imam Musa al-Sadr.

Then the Maronite patriarch, Cardinal Mar Beshara Boutros Al-Rahi, affirmed: “Our strength is not by bearing arms, but by our steadfastness in faith, prayer and values, as our forefathers lived and prepared for the birth of Greater Lebanon in 1920.” During a tour of a number of towns and villages in the district of Zgharta located within the scope of the Diocese of Tripoli, accompanied by the archdiocese, Bishop Youssef Soueif, he said: “I assure you that our faith is built on the rock is, and therefore we are not affected, even if we are affected financially and morally, but our faith remains as firm as a rock, because our ancestors went through more difficult circumstances.” They persevered with their faith and prayers and were able to build Lebanon, and today it is our turn to persevere with prayer and faith.”


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