The new insurance system is a “lifeline” for Egyptians. It provided medical services to 4.6 million citizens within 3 years

“July 2019”.. Also on the sixth anniversary of the June 30 revolution, Egypt officially launched the largest national health project in its history, which is the implementation of the comprehensive health insurance system of Port Said Governor, on an experimental basis, to officially start in September of the same year the system’s work officially, after It President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi issued a decision to start implementation, to see the light of this major project after a hiatus of almost 10 years.

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The launch of the new national comprehensive health insurance project comes as a continuation of the series of achievements achieved by the political leadership and its executive bodies in the health file.


The launch of the project came after the final approval of the Parliament in December 2017, and from that time the Ministry of Health and Population immediately began to prepare for the implementation of the law, the implementation bill of which varies between 80 and 120 billion pounds , according to the actuarial study, and its implementation within 12 years in all governorates of the Republic in At that time, while President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi intervened, the period of its implementation would be 10 years in the governorates.

The new new insurance system plays a major role in the development of health facilities in Egypt, as well as the services provided to patients, as buildings are built or developed with a unified design at the level of the governorates of the Republic, which the ensuring provision of all medical services to citizens without distinction between one governor and another, or a city, a village or a region, remote or borderline.

Numbers in 3 years

Three years after the introduction of the new new insurance system in Egypt, the Health Care Authority, one of the three bodies of the system, provided almost 14 million medical and treatment services to the beneficiaries of comprehensive health insurance within the health facilities of the Authority, including 214,418 operations and operations using the latest treatment technology according to Global medical practices.

The total number of outpatient cases reached more than 1.8 million cases, while the total examinations reached more than 5.3 million examinations, and the total number of primary care cases in family medicine centers and units reached more than 6.5 million cases.

The Health Care Authority has also provided beneficiaries through the new health insurance system to more than 4.6 million citizens, and that health care services are provided to beneficiaries, at its three levels, through 156 health facilities, including medical complexes, hospitals, centers and family medicine units.

The capacity of hospitals affiliated with the General Authority for Health Care in the governorates of comprehensive health insurance has so far reached 1,514 inpatient beds, 389 intensive care beds, 195 nurseries and 503 dialysis machines.

The total number of health facilities accredited and registered with GAHAR standards has reached 108.

Beneficiaries’ satisfaction

The percentage of satisfaction of beneficiaries with the medical and treatment services provided in the health facilities affiliated to the government in the governorates came to 87%, and the percentage of completion of the resolution of the complaints of beneficiaries of the comprehensive health insurance which received by the united government was complaint system in the Council of Ministers exceeded 97%.

The Healthcare Authority will work through 6 main axes during the coming period, which are “completion of the application of digital transformation systems, the management of the revenue cycle, the spread of a culture of quality and patient safety in health facilities, registration and accreditation of health facilities, the implementation of the objectives of the mandatory training program, clinical operational excellence and the activation of the role of the council’s Medical Advisory Board”, in addition to working on a project to implement the concept of green hospitals in the governorates of comprehensive health insurance, including the presentation of Sharm El-Sheikh International Hospital as a model for the first green hospital in Egypt, as part of Egypt’s preparations for hosting the United Nations Climate Change Conference COP27.

future plan

The Health Care Authority is also currently working through a future plan to expand the comprehensive health insurance system in less than 10 years to the rest of the governorates, in the implementation of presidential mandates to compress the project schedule to comprehensive health coverage for all Egyptians during the next 8 years, as a basic pillar to achieve sustainable health development goals. Egypt Vision 2030.

Al-Ahram Gate monitors the important stations in the history of the comprehensive health insurance system, which was launched in June 2019 in Port Said, and came as follows:

– October 2017. The government finally approves the health insurance bill and refers it to Parliament.
– November 2017. The start of the first session of discussion of the new insurance law in Parliament.
The provisions of the law were discussed over 16 sessions in the Health Committee of the House of Representatives.
December 2017 The House of Representatives finally approves the new health insurance law.
– July 2019 The government announces the start of the implementation of the comprehensive health insurance system of Port Said Governorate on an experimental basis for a period of two months.
The draft comprehensive health insurance law is mandatory for all Egyptians.
– Implementation of the new health insurance law initially within 10 years.
The bill for the implementation of the new health insurance law varies between 80 billion and 120 billion pounds.
The citizen bears 30% of the medical service in the new law, compared to 70% currently.
– The state pays the contributions of those who are unable, and their number varies between 30 and 35% of the citizens.
The exemption of pensioners, widows and people with special needs from contributions
According to the law, 3 new bodies were created: “Finance, Healthcare, Control and Quality”.
The new health insurance law does not cover the individual, but the whole family.
The return of doctors working under the health insurance account amounts to 30,000 pounds per month.
The new law allows contracting with private hospitals to provide medical services with “conditions”.

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