My Happy Hearts Jewelry Set

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Jewelry embraces us and expresses the love we have for ourselves. On this basis, Chopard presents the brand new My Happy Hearts jewelry collection, which includes jewelry that touches the skin delicately and beautifully. A motto for a liberated generation, and a sign for the beginning of a new relationship with the self. (My Happy Hearts) jewelry is a gift we give to ourselves, as a relationship of appreciation for ourselves, a touch of tenderness and brilliance that overwhelms us, returns and immerses us in the world around us. The collection derives its most prominent design symbols, represented by the shape of the heart and the dancing diamonds, from the characteristic creations of Chopard, having manipulated its dimensions to present them with different dimensions for new goals and stages, as it ‘ a stage for the expression of intimacy, independence and self-care. As Marilyn Monroe said, “Give a woman the right jewelry, and she can conquer the world.”

Jewelry to gift yourself

My Happy Hearts jewelry is a sign of confidence that comes with freedom of action. Self-love is manifested through soft jewelry that you can have whenever you want, whether to congratulate, thank, encourage yourself or simply feel that you are living your life in your own way; Treat yourself to a piece of jewelry as a testament to and an extension of the love and respect you have for yourself. It is also a statement of independence that gives the soul a way to grow and prosper. This is the function of the My Happy Hearts jewelry collection; Because this is a group that embraces its body jewelry as modern accessories, with hearts appearing as spots of light that illuminate the look with its diverse and captivating appeal.

unique style

These pieces can be worn alone in a minimalist style that highlights the key points of the look Each My Happy Hearts piece of jewelry becomes the embodiment of a principle: fewer pieces; More elegance. The space around each piece enhances her presence and brightens her aura, emphasizing her own style direction of understated elegance. On the other hand, its small size allows you to manipulate the way it is mixed and coordinated with different models and colors, opening up an endless variety of styles to match your mood, clothes, feeling and fashion trends. So the classiness and boldness of My Happy Hearts jewelery lends itself to countless combinations which, when put together as a narrative of the chapters of a poetic novel, in which each jewel becomes a symbolic investment to pamper ourselves and a connect with ourselves.

fine jewelry

Jewelry is used as a fashion accessory that enhances the presence of its owner, like a handbag with the signature of a famous brand or a pair of luxury shoes. In exactly this way, women can use My Happy Hearts jewelry as an element that adds luxury and harmony to any look, no matter how simple, as a precious pillar that increases the value of the look and instantly makes it an original touch and a characteristic give. personal expression. Fine and delicate jewelry you can barely feel, making it look like a beautiful suit and an intimate bond between you and yourself. Jewelry that accompanies you in your daily life without taking it down, and a faithful companion that fills you with the confidence you instill in you. You can wear it to sports classes or glamorous parties as jewelry that adorns your look, enhances your elegance and reveals your personality instead of hiding it all behind redundant metal lumps. They are positioned at strategic points on the body: between the collarbones and as earrings to determine how you lift your head, and dance around your wrist emphasizing the elegance of your hands. This is because My Happy Hearts jewelery exudes unmatched charm and charm.

a heart that protects you

The My Happy Hearts collection captures the undisputed symbol of the heart, which is present in all its collections, from fine jewelery collections to high-end watches and elegant accessories. My Happy Hearts jewelry clearly expresses the meanings of softness and sophistication that we cling to in a world that can sometimes be difficult.

Softness, tenderness, playfulness, generosity, quarrel and overwhelming happiness, all come from the heart, which is a symbol of vitality and calmness. Because of this iconic symbol’s harmony with the zeitgeist, it has been adopted in the fields of fashion, design and beauty as an indispensable element of the language of contemporary graphic art. People love his fiery energy, wit, gentleness, and the way he instantly galvanizes collective support and unites minds and societies, including digital ones.

The “joy of life” is a choice that begins with the attention and concern with which one deepens one’s inner world without feeling ashamed of it. The (My Happy Hearts) collection expresses this way of self-love in a soft, delicate and optimistic way, thus radiating the latent light within us and proudly and proudly contributing to the seed of love in the wide spread the world.

Attractive collectibles

The My Happy Hearts collection features necklaces, chain bracelets, rings and earrings all designed with a single heart made of mother-of-pearl, carnelian or studded with diamonds, in ethical 18 carat white or rose gold. While the collection’s rings and earrings with a sown diamond are also available.

The heart, the dancing diamond and the gemstone setting are iconic symbols of the House of Chopard, displaying them with displays of strength and vitality. Red garnet evokes a symbolic realm charged with the energy of radiance and passion, while pure white silky mother-of-pearl envelops the soul in a tranquil calm. Because the heart is an essential symbol of the House, the House has reissued it by capturing its unique essence and presenting it with a miniature design within the (My Happy Hearts) collection, while the perfect harmony of its shape and curves are maintained, within a vision that pleases the eyes and offers a message of peace and tranquility, which is manifested in a sculpted texture. Delicate and serenely full, it opens up endless creative options for the way the collection’s diverse jewelery can be worn and co-ordinated; Whether alone or in combination, it has to do with your mood, attitude or desire to express an idea in your mind through jewelry.

You can buy the earrings individually for more freedom and creativity, as you can wear them alone or with a group of other earrings in one ear or in an asymmetrical style. Whether with sneakers or high heels, in the office or on the beach, My Happy Hearts jewelry is easy to coordinate with any look, accompanying the lifestyle in every situation, and allows one person to create and arranged in an innovative and free spirit. style. These hearts in all their states, whether gathered side by side or alone in their splendor, point with their end to our interior; It always reminds us of the power of our kindness and tenderness.


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