Al-Mansuriya Group..a growing tourist destination looking forward to more development projects

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The coastal strip of the Mansouriya commune is of crucial importance in the field of urban rehabilitation in the province of Benslimane, which has made the local authorities, as well as those concerned with local affairs in the region of Casablanca-Settat in general, think to enrich it with a series of development projects to increase its attractiveness to match the rest of the beaches classified across the Kingdom.

The beaches of the Mansouriya community derive their excellent position from the increasing demand they experience mainly in the summer, when the sides of these beaches and their facilities are filled during the months of July and August with a large number of visitors from within and outside Morocco, especially at the end of the week and at sunset to explore the magic of the artistic painting that The sun weaves by embracing the surface of the sea.

What attracts attention is that the outlets for the territorial influence of this group affiliated with the prefecture of the province of Benslimane are filled to the brim, as is happening this year, as it is overwhelmed like a beehive by various means of transport in a way that call. for the intervention of the royal gendarmerie with the aim of accelerating and facilitating traffic and traffic, especially along the coastal road, which connects It, at a distance of 22 km, between the cities of Mohammedia and Bouznika.

It is also noted that this demand for this geographical area (Mansuriya) according to observers and residents has increased year after year thanks to the measures taken by the local community and its partners, making this area an emerging tourist destination, where the property is flourishing remarkably and is accompanied by a series of projects with a commercial dimension and entertainment.

The interest in this destination is not only limited to lovers of swimming and beach tourism, but also extends to all those tempted by rod fishing and via boats, as well as those looking for worms prepared as bait for fishing, as well as those who have made the “Bozrok” clams a constant resource for their daily existence.

Despite the fact that the rocks invade its shores, the growing passion of the visitors to this area has increased, which has led to the emergence of certain behaviors and practices that offend the ecological divide in general and the fisheries in particularly threatened, since despite all the efforts and measures that have been taken, it is difficult to contain the large amount of waste scattered here and there. Especially in light of the remains and disappearances from the vast construction sites, and the spread of stray dogs in the area is also blamed.

In this regard, the head of the Mansouriya group, Mr. Afiri Ambarek, in an exclusive interview with the M24 news channel and Radio (Reem Radio) affiliated with the Maghreb Arab News Agency explains that two thirds of the territory of this group is characterized by a purely rural character, at a time when this destination paves its way to become one of the The most prominent emerging cities, emphasizing that in light of this transitional phase, the characteristics of the urban components of the Mansouriya group will be completed according to the initial lines established by the design of the preparation for the year 2012 was drawn.

In embodiment of this goal, and as a forward-looking view of the future, and in response to the aspirations of the residents and vacationers, the authorities concerned with local affairs bet that the coastal strip will have a new look in the coming. years, through the efforts made by the Mansourieh Group and its partners to rehabilitate the urban area.

Within this context, from the current year, the preparation and equipment of the first part has been started, which starts about 4 km from the orbit of the summer center (ONEE) on the regional road 322 leading to the “Suwayniyeh” beach. Corniche is about one kilometer away.

Mr. Afiri pointed out that this development project, which is part of a series of structured projects for the period between 2022 and 2027, is one of the most important building blocks in the work program recently approved by the Community Council as it commissioned it. coastal strip a special place in light of the exceptional attractiveness it offers to the region. Moreover, in the last ten years it has been the focus of many investors’ attention as a haven to create wealth and thus make room for more work. opportunities.

He added that the total cost to realize this project is expected to exceed a financial envelope of 68 million dirhams, with the contribution of the territorial community of 18.5 million dirhams, and the council of the Casablanca-Settat region of 42 million dirhams, while the remaining amount is shared by the Military Housing and Equipment Agency (ALEM) and a number of active private sector investors.

The participating parties behind this integrated project mainly aim to improve the aesthetics of the site to increase its attractiveness in the context of territorial competition, similar to the capital’s corniche, and to create a high-quality tourist and leisure product at the level of the exceptional attractiveness of the Atlantic coast. In its infancy, this project, on a two-kilometer stretch between the hill beach and Mimosa beach, included the extension and widening of the beach road with work on providing its lighting and the inclusion of a number of parking spaces for cars and vehicles.

The head of the Mansouriya Group also indicated that the project also includes a series of tourism investments for the private sector, including cafes, restaurants, clubs, shops, collective model kiosks, playgrounds for proximity, health facilities, green spaces, a park for pedestrians , along with roads, rainwater drainage channels and parking stations, in addition to the preparation of public lighting, stairs and zigzag Access to corridors and natural pools fed by tidal waves.

He concluded that the increasing demand for the Mansourieh region stems from the fact that it constitutes a new image in the tourist scene, as well as its strategic location due to its proximity to Casablanca, the largest market for business and financial tourism, besides being rich in natural qualifications which are an outlet for the inhabitants of neighboring cities. This demand is also due to the availability of a variety of services, including the beach, the forest, the railway, Benslimane Airport, Bahia Golf in Mansourieh, near Mohammedia, two horse riding clubs, and other infrastructure that provide comfort and relaxation for expatriates .

In order to make this integrated development project a success, which will be achieved in phases, a tracking committee has been created under the supervision and leadership of the region’s worker and representatives of all involved partners.

All this is determined by the geographical location in which the project is built, since it is the mediator of the contract between the economic and administrative capitals, as well as the nature of its moderate marine climate and its growing attractiveness, as its density. in recent years, especially during the summer season, is estimated at around 6 percent, significantly exceeding the rate recorded at the national level.

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