Corruption: a report against an unknown person! *

September 6, 2022
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Informational news – the queue spoilers are increasing day by day and its new pioneers are as usual more hungry and less shy.
And each new corrupt generation is less cultured, less human and far from any concept of responsibility.
On the other hand, a more persistent and less tolerant generation is rising, accepting nothing less than wiping the table, memorizing names and facts, and defying all means of deterrence and lessons of protective preaching for the symptoms of the asymptomatic.
Corruption in our country, which defies all economic theories and the general morality of mankind, is a great nation with its majestic history, its solid culture, its feared religion, its great glories, its guerrilla heroes and its brave opposition.
Our corrupt state pursues a brutal liberalism, with insidious socialist doctrines, which protects the people from approaching public money and transforms all economic theories into weapons of genocide, with missionary selectivity, managed by the genius of the undeclared.
# Our dreaded state of corruption, the British version of civilized Islam, which goes along with the democracy of “communication” of the masses with the chaos of creative jihad, embraces soft missionary methods that improve their “continuous” progress to all the mechanisms of society’s progress to cling to its backwardness that saves from the consequences of the age of “deadly scientific development” 0
The protected history of corruption in our country begins in the middle of the reign of the great conqueror, the son of the obedient, who transformed the monopoly of coal into an economic theory to tame peoples to humiliation and complacency, and over the Asmar deal or slap it the correct way, and the crime of tax stamps to substantial evidence of the validity of his (tested) theory. .
The glory of corruption in our country is more than can be counted, and its heroes are national flags, with an international reputation and skills, to the extent that (the Great) Mauritania boasts, boasts, the seventh place internationally in the area of money laundering. ..
Opposition to corruption in Mauritania is a school of corruption and corruption, with no friend worthy of loyalty and no enemy worthy of enmity, carving the page of the worst moral commitment. And the good Mauritanian then – if he does not “communicate” with them – is the dead Mauritanian..
# Of every tyrannical country that wreaked havoc in this country during the decade of destruction with its satanic agenda, you will find no one to apologize to these people for the crimes they committed against them.
You will not find anyone to admit the slightest mistake, not even within the limits of the humanitarian work that comes with it.
And on top of all this you will not find anyone who does not try to convince you that he was not like the others and that God testified that he did not own more than ten houses that were in his possession before the appointment (with false dates), false testimonies, false witnesses, false mediators and management bribed to the core..
# The spoilers in our country think that we are stupid and try to convince us that what we see and think about their conditions are just illusions fabricated by our sick imagination and even challenge us to the son of Abdul Aziz, to find any trace of his booty, forget about the blocks, the police school, the headquarters of military music, the old schools and an area The Sahrawi (a quarter of Nouakchott) and its palaces that on the map of the homeland and its luxury apartments in Morocco, Spain, Turkey are distributed. , Dubai and France, and his accounts full of hard currency and the army of nicknames used in the process of his sources of wealth and caches.
Corruption in our country is old school; To steal or express it through the administration, because it constitutes a real obstacle to the cycle of corruption and its closed circle.
# Pampering buying villas in Spain is not just an aristocratic fashion like golf courses, but a preventive operation high on the top priorities of Plan B in their secret agenda; Owning a house in Spain makes it easier to obtain residence and naturalization, and these people do not know when the hour of their end will come at the hands of those who do not believe their tricks and lies.
The stupidity of the spoilers is more evident in their belief that we can believe their false fabrications because they betrayed them, as if we were not here..!
The stupidity of the spoilers turns into naivety when they try to make us understand that their work can cover their extravagance, build their palaces and own quads that surround the walls of their houses.
The stupidity of the spoilers, degenerated into ridiculous comic hysteria, when they register their property in rental names and try to convince us by looking at what looks like modest property, which only evokes pity for their conditions.
The stupidity of the spoilers exposes its companions when they wear clothes that humiliate the queues of the poor in front of the gates of their guarded houses and the business enterprises that pass through Ankara and Dubai.
The stupidity of spoilers leaves its wide traces with queues of family members, friends and in-laws in the departments that “had” the leadership of any of them to leave it at the gate of bankruptcy after being appointed on a higher mission of a bankrupt other victim. ..
Nothing in existence compares to the greed of the Mauritanians.
There is nothing like their panic.
Nothing in existence compares to their greed.
# Corruption in our country has assumed all forms, all sizes and all colors and spread in all directions and engulfed all depths.
* I do not know what sin we have committed in this country to inflict such a curse on our people?
I wonder what sin we have committed, as if I did not spread witchcraft, charlatanism, trade in religion, defilement of “honour”, lies, fraud, hypocrisy, false witness, fraud, forgery, deceit, dishonesty, the distribution of drugs, society’s escape from social restraints and the predominance of vice And pimping, the misuse of public money and the tyranny of deceptive material appearances (…), all of which have become prominent signs in bold print on illuminated billboards, are all that adorn the path of our progress to our tragic, deserved end..
# I will not return to explain the ordeal and its causes, for these are advanced matters in our collective guilt: all the sins of the earth are committed in this country today in the name of religion, morals, virtue, honor, Arabism and Islam..
I do not know today in this country (and think about it), any religious, worldly, intellectual, political or elected man (…), we can say, if he stands in any pulpit, it is a man who entrusted his trust..
Isn’t that something that scares you?
I do not deny and I need not deny the honor of any of you, but I assure with certainty, that none of you honor honor, rather none of you will enter (entering right and wrong) into the pure and generous house of honor; And do not look for any exception in this country if he does not have the privilege of “the sky is empty for you…”
We’ve all tried:
The best of us today are those to whom the doors of conversion have not yet been closed
# Corruption has permeated everything..
Corruption has ruined everything.
Corruption spoils everything.
What is happening in Mauritania has crossed all borders.
This is no longer corruption: it is revenge against our people with the highest degree of hatred and malice.
It is utter chaos in a forest burning with hatred, deviance and revenge for the poverty among you who are not whose pit still occupies the bottom of his belly:
The dealer is a criminal
The pharmacist is a criminal
The doctor is a criminal
Professor is a criminal
The imam of the mosque is a criminal
The “God’s” world is a criminal
The judge is a criminal
The policeman is a criminal
The state is a criminal
people are criminals
Organizations are criminal
Parties are criminal
Even innocence in our country is criminal
Even meekness in our country is a criminal
We have no choice but to shout out loud:
Oh God, your forgiveness is wider than our sins Please spare us from our work

* Sidi Ali Balamesh

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